Tuning Delicate Strings

Chapter 13

Taylor and Zac cancelled the get together and went to the hotel lobby to find the girls. They found them in the hotel restaurant, sitting and chatting with one another.
"Hey." Taylor smiled.
"Hey, why don't you two grab a seat." Phyllis said and waved them over. The brothers sat down and looked at Phyllis and Amanda.
"Sorry about everything." Taylor said awkwardly.
"Don't worry about it, it'll all be resolved soon." Phyllis said, taking a sip of her water.
"Soon?" Zac questioned, raising an eyebrow.
"We saw Nikai walk in about five minutes before you guys met us, she's heading to her room right now." Phyllis answered, not even changing her expression.
"We…we…" Taylor started to stammer as he got up from his seat.
"Relax, it's going to take her awhile to get all her stuff together, plus we have to pay the check. Oh, and I think you should call your brother and tell him that you left something in Nikai's room…" Phyllis added and took another sip of her water.
"Right Man?" She said and turned to Amanda.
"Right." Amanda smiled. Taylor grinned and reached into his pocket, pulling out his cell phone.

"Hello?' Ike answered.
"It's me." Taylor's voice came through.
"What do you want?" Ike asked harshly.
"Don't hang up, even though I know you want to. I left something in Nikai's room and I was wondering if you could go and grab it for me?" Taylor said frantically, gripping the phone in his hand.
"What did you leave?" Ike asked, letting out and exasperated sigh.
"Uh…uh…my…my wallet…yeah…it's in the bedroom." Taylor answered, desperately trying to think of something.
"How could you leave your wallet?" Ike asked suspiciously.
"I…I just did, could you please just grab it for me, I'd really appreciate it." Taylor said and glanced at Phyllis, Zac and Amanda.
"Fine." Ike mumbled and hung up. As soon as he put his phone away, Amanda got up to pay the check.
"Well, we might as well get our asses up there." Phyllis grinned.

Ike left the room and walked down the hotel hallway slowly.
"Damn. " Ike grumbled. He finally got to the room, noticing that the door was opened slightly. He didn't even think about it and walked straight in, towards the bedroom, head low so that he could follow his feet with his eyes.

"ISAAC!" Ike immediately looked up to see Nikai standing there, clothes in one hand and guitar in the other.
"Ni…Nikai." Ike stammered. Nikai immediately dropped her things on the bed.
"What are you doing here?" They both said in unison.
"I'm here to grab my things so I can leave." Nikai said in monotone.
"Taylor left his wallet here." Ike said afterward.
"Oh…" Nikai said, and looked down at the floor.
"I'll grab his wallet and leave you to pack your things, I know you don't want me here." Ike said, saying the last part in a whisper.
"Fine." Nikai answered solemnly as she started to stuff her clothes in her suitcase. Ike noticed she was back in her normal clothes, a baseball hat on her head. Ike walked over to the dresser and looked all around, not seeing anything. He walked all around the room, searching and searching but didn't find anything.
"DAMN IT! That bastard!" Ike said angrily.
"What?" Nikai asked, not even looking up.
"He tricked me. He didn't leave anything in here." Ike said, grinding his teeth.
"No surprise." Nikai mumbled. Before anything else could be said, the bedroom door suddenly shut and what sounded like body's were resting against it.
"DAMN IT TAYLOR!" Ike yelled and hit his fist on the door.
"OPEN THE DOOR!" He added.
"NO! Not until you come clean!" Taylor's voice came through.
"Yeah bro…go on." Zac added.
"JUST WAIT TILL I GET OUT OF HERE!" Ike yelled angrily.
"I take it, we're trapped in here?" Nikai said non-chalantly as she continued to pack her things. Ike just rolled his eyes.
"THAT MEANS YOU TOO NIKAI! ADMIT IT!" One of the girl's voices came through.
"WHAT?" Nikai said, suddenly looking up, wide eyed as she finally managed to finish her packing. As soon as that was said, Ike immediately moved out of the way as Nikai ran to the door, slamming against the door, attempting to open it.
"THIS IS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!" She screamed. Ike just watched.
"ADMIT IT NIKAI! YOU DO! YOU KNOW YOU DO!" Phyllis was distinctly heard on the other side of the door.
"You do what?" Ike questioned, turning his head to the side. Nikai froze then attempted again to open the door.
"Damn it Nikai, tell me!" Ike said angrily and grabbed her by the arm. When she looked up, tears were welling in her eyes. She wrenched herself away from him and finally hit the door with such force, it pushed the girls, Taylor and Zac out of the way. She ran out, lugging her things with Ike hot on her heels. The four survivors sat in the varied spots along the floor and looked at one another.

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