To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 1 - Dirtbike Fun - Continued

"Come on Tay! We're going to be late if you keep taking so long!" Walker shouted as everyone else was in the van waiting for him. Taylor quickly walked outside as he bolted toward the van. He felt happy and noticed the pain in his side was feeling a lot better today. He got in the back next to Zac and slid the door shut.
"Sorry Dad. Just forgot my sunglasses." Taylor breathlessly said smiling at his father, hooking the glasses onto the front of his shirt.
"Are we ready then?" Walker asked looking at his sons in the back seat. They all nodded and he turned around facing the front as one of their bodyguards started up the engine and headed for the radio station.
"Feeling better Tay?" Zac asked in a whisper searching Taylor's face.
"I'm fine. I feel good. I'm a little stiff but that's all Zac." Taylor smiled as his brother nodded smiling back at him cheerfully.
A few minutes later they heard the sounds of screaming girls as they peered out the window looking at the crowd that formed in front of the radio station.
"Big crowd again!" Ike chuckled as they slowly pulled up in front. The girls screamed louder holding up signs. Their bodyguard climbed out as security was taking control of the crowd opening up a path for them to the front doors. Walker smiled turning around looking at his sons as a security guard opened up the door on Ike's side. Ike climbed out first and waved to the fans as Zac and Taylor followed behind.
"Hi!" Taylor shouted to their fans and smiled as they screamed in delight. Taylor headed for the stairs and turned quickly to wave again before he went inside. He frowned as he thought he felt something pop in his left hip sending a stream of pain down his leg. He swallowed hard as his father came up behind him wondering why he was hesitating.
"Go Taylor!" Walker shouted over the screaming fans.
Taylor's forehead beaded with sweat as he turned and took a step hoping he would be able to walk. He cringed feeling pain throb in his left hip with every step he took. He bit his lip resisting the urge to scream out in agony. In his heart he didn't want to disappoint the many fans that showed up to hear them on the radio and then later to do a mini concert for them outside.
Security led them to the sound booth as they sat down by some mikes. Taylor quickly took the weight off his leg noticing it felt better when he did. He ran the back of his right hand along his forehead wiping off the sweat. He felt dizzy and shut his eyes sucking in a breath hoping no one was noticing.
"Well guys welcome back!" The disk jockey named Steve said merrily.
"It's good to be back!" Ike bellowed chuckling.
"Quite a crowd out there today. They are looking forward to the concert later." A female disk jockey stated looking at Taylor smiling.
"Yeah.... it's great to see so many fans show up today." Taylor smiled back ignoring the pain he felt.
Zac turned wondering why Taylor was looking suddenly pale.
"What happened to your hand?" She asked as Taylor looked at his bandaged palm.
"Oh this? Just a little accident yesterday. Fell off my dirtbike." Taylor chuckled licking his lips.
"How did that happen?" Steve asked as Taylor shifted slightly.
"He went over a hill and landed wrong. You should have seen it! Taylor really flew. It was something to behold." Ike joked as everyone laughed including Taylor.
The interview went on for an hour as they talked about their music and other various things and took some questions from the call in fans. Steve felt content knowing that they had a huge listening audience today due to Hanson being their guests for the day. After the radio show they all stood out in the hall as the press wanted to take pictures. Walker was proud of his sons as usual as he looked over at them. He started to feel concerned about Taylor noticing he was sweating a lot and looked kind of pale. The cameras flashed as they smiled and answered a few more questions with the press.
Finally they were going to go out to the back and sing a few songs for the crowd as promised. Walker noticed that Taylor was limping badly.
"Tay?" Walker asked grabbing his son's shoulder and turned him around. Taylor gluped hard looking into his father's concerned eyes.
"What Dad?" Taylor asked casting his eyes up and down with sweat pouring down his face.
"What's wrong?"
"You don't look so good." Walker whispered with concern filling his voice.
"I'm fine. Really." Taylor smiled weakly as he turned watching his brother's walk outside.
"Why are you sweating like this?" Walker asked running his hand over his son's forehead noticing he felt extremely hot to the touch.
"Dad? I have to get out there." Taylor said anxiously pulling away from his father. He didn't want him to worry. He limped out the door smiling holding back the tears of pain that was welling up inside him. He just wanted to get through this for him and his brothers. The crowd screamed with delight as Taylor walked up to his mike and grabbed his tamborine. He smiled looking at the huge crowd before him. Ike turned seeing their father behind them intently staring at Taylor with a expression of fear covering his face. He turned back looking at Taylor next to him and a bolt of fear went through him seeing his brother sweating and looking very pale. He stepped back pulling Taylor with him. Zac wondered what Ike was doing when he too felt worried seeing Taylor looking very pale. Taylor crinkled his eyebrows together wondering what his brother wanted.
"Taylor? You don't look so good. Are you okay?" Ike whispered with concern.
"I...I...no. My hip is...is...we have to sing Ike. Please? Not here. Let's just get this over with." Taylor pleaded searching Ike's face hoping he wouldn't make a scene in front of their fans.
"Are you sure?" Ike whispered. Taylor nodded noticing Zac was looking concerned also.
"I can do this." Taylor whispered back reasuring his brother.
"Okay." Ike glanced back at their father who was watching sadly. Taylor limped forward cringing feeling a bolt of pain surge through his leg again. He shrugged it off looking out into the crowd before him.
"Are you ready to ROCK?!" Taylor shouted in the microphone as the crowd roared.
They started to sing 'A Song To Sing' with Taylor putting everything he had into it as he felt dizzy spells hit him at intervals but he willed them away. Ike looked at Taylor after the song and thought maybe he should take the lead feeling worried that Taylor couldn't make it through another song if he had to sing lead.
"Love Song!" Ike announced as Taylor looked up at him with shock knowing this wasn't the next song that they had planned to sing. Ike gave him a stern look as he nodded understanding that his brother only did this out of concern for him. They began when Taylor bowed his head feeling extremely sick to his stomach. He suddenly stumbled backwards losing his balance feeling faint. The crowd grew silent as Ike and Zac stopped turning around quickly.
"TAY?!" Ike shouted as Taylor collapsed passing out with Walker bolting forward catching him before he hit the floor. The crowd gasped in fear watching Walker lift his son and quickly carried him inside with Ike and Zac following. Steve walked up to the mike and apologized to the crowd as some girls started to cry feeling afraid for Taylor Hanson. The crowd stood in shock wanting to know what was wrong.

Walker layed Taylor down onto a couch in a lounge room in the station.
"Taylor?" Walker fearfully begged slapping his son's face gently trying to wake him.
"Why didn't he say anything? Oh God Tay." Zac moaned squatting down next to the couch.
Taylor stirred jerking awake as tears spilled down his face.
"I'm sor..sorry." Taylor cried looking up at his father and brothers.
"What's wrong? What happened out there Tay?" Walker asked with his voice cracking with emotion.
"The accident yesterday. My hip Dad. It's killing me." Taylor whimpered as his father raised his eyebrows.
"Why didn't you say anything?"
"I thought I just bruised it. It was feeling pretty good this morning, but I heard something pop when we were walking in here. I..I..." Taylor moaned as Ike petted his forehead gently wiping off the perspiration.
"You should have said something." Walker stated as Steve walked through the door.
"How is he? Is he okay?" Steve asked wondering what happened.
"I didn't..didn't want to disappoint everyone." Taylor mumbled starting to shake.
"It's okay Taylor. Is it your left hip?" Walker asked swallowing hard. Taylor nodded biting his bottom lip gently. Walker undid Taylor's belt to his pants and opened up the front pulling down the pants a little on the left side and sucked in a sharp breath seeing the massive bruise on his son's hip bone. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut tightly, turning his head away, feeling ashamed.
"Oh man! It..it looks bad!" Walker exclaimed standing up with his heart racing. Taylor's heart started to pound rapidly with fear.
"We should call an ambulance." Ike suggested with concern feeling scared knowing that the bruise was probably worse then it appeared.
"NO! Please?" Taylor pleaded hating the thought of the fans seeing him like this.
"Tay... we can't let you walk out of here. I don't want you walking any more on that hip. You have to go to the hospital and get it checked out." Walker declared as Steve nodded heading out the door to call an ambulance.
"I want Jason! Please... I want Jason." Taylor begged with tears misting up in his eyes, as he shook with fear.

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