To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 1 - Dirtbike Fun

"Yeeehaaaa..." Zac screamed with joy as he sped past Taylor and Ike down the trail on his dirtbike.
"This is great! Where did you find this place?" Taylor asked sitting on his bike as he looked at Ike who was staring off into the distance watching their younger brother go around a bend.
"Pete told me about it. Nice and private huh?" Ike chuckled as he slipped on his helmet. They heard Zac coming around again.
"Well let's go Tay!" Ike shouted starting up his bike. Taylor hurried and put his helmet on also when Zac zoomed past them again. They both laughed and took off following their younger brother. The wind whipped across Taylor's face. He fell behind a little from his brothers enjoying the solitude of this barren stretch of land. He saw Ike spin his bike in a circle with the dirt flying to the left as he spun his wheels to the right. Taylor smiled watching Ike pick up speed again trying to catch up to Zac.
"Guess I better get going here." Taylor thought to himself as he too picked up speed. He turned around a bend and noticed his brothers weren't anywhere in sight.
"GUYS?!" Taylor yelled looking around him curiously.
"Come on TAY! Move your butt!" Zac shouted as Taylor turned his head to the right looking in the direction where he heard Zac's voice was coming from. He saw both of them in the distance and waved to them. He picked up speed wanting to catch up.

"Such a slow poke." Zac laughed watching Taylor coming at them going very fast.
"Look at the dirt fly." Ike smiled watching the cloud of dust just behind Taylor.
"Ohhhh... no!" Zac moaned suddenly with fear bolting through him.
"What?" Ike asked turning to look at Zac's worried expression.
"Tay..Taylor doesn't see the bump. NO! Tay!? Watch it!" Zac screamed as Ike suddenly saw Taylor heading for a huge hill in the trail.
"He can't hear us." Ike mumbled and started up his dirtbike again.

Taylor was enjoying the speed feeling like he was free as a bird. He smiled as he saw his brother's were racing toward him. He noticed they were slowing down a bit and Ike was waving his arm at him. He crinkled his eyebrows wondering what his brother was trying to tell him.
"Tay! Watch OUT!" Ike screamed.
"The BUMP TAY!" Zac added waving and pointing.
Taylor looked in front of him and suddenly saw what they were trying to warn him about. He tried to shift and turn but he couldn't take control of his dirtbike and he was going way to fast to brake away.
"I can do this!" Taylor thought with fear as he approached the small hill. There was no way he could stop in time to avoid the bump. He felt himself hit as his bike rose up with fear raging through him as he flew into the air. Zac and Ike cringed seeing their brother's bike and him flying out of control.
"Make it Tay! Please land right!" Ike prayed out loud.
Taylor was dropping as he tried to lean back to take control of the landing that was coming in seconds. He felt the front tire hit turning in a odd direction. He flew into the air as he came down hard, landing on his left side sliding several feet along the ground before he stopped. Everything around him spun in colors as pain bolted through his body.
"TAY!?" Ike and Zac screamed dropping their bikes and ran toward Taylor who wasn't moving.
Zac reached his brother first dropping to his knees beside him. His heart pounded with fear seeing his brother crumpled up on the ground.
"Taylor? Please...." Zac moaned as Ike bolted up next to Taylor on the other side.
"Tay? Can you hear me? Taylor?" Ike begged touching his shoulder and carefully rolled Taylor onto his back. Zac slowly and gently took Taylor's helmet off.
"He's out...but he is breathing." Ike said in a trembling voice as tears welled in his eyes.
"Wake up Tay. Oh God he hit his left side Ike. I hope he didn't break anything." Zac stated sadly knowing it was the side that took months to heal after the accident when he fell off the cliff over a year ago.
"I know. He's waking up." Ike groaned watching Taylor's eyes flutter open.
"Ohhhh... what?" Taylor moaned still feeling dizzy as he gazed up into the worried faces of his brothers.
"Take it easy Tay. Don't try to move." Ike declared noticing Taylor was trying to sit up.
"I'm fine. Just the wind knocked out of me." Taylor mumbled taking in a deep breath.
"Are you sure? You really took a fall there Tay." Zac questioned feeling concerned.
Taylor slowly sat up feeling a bolt of pain enter his left hip, but shrugged it off and smiled.
"I'm fine." Taylor said as he looked down at his left hand noticing that his palm was skinned up from sliding across the ground. "My hand hurts though."
"Doesn't look to bad. I'll get the first aid kit to clean the wound." Ike said bolting up and ran toward his bike.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Zac asked still feeling a little concerned. Taylor looked down at himself and then looked up seeing his dirtbike smashed up on the ground about ten feet away.
"Yeah... but Dad is going to kill me for wrecking the bike I think." Taylor answered swallowing hard. Zac smiled and nodded his head as Ike came back and sat down next to Taylor opening the box. He pulled out some wipes and gently grabbed his brother's hand dabbing it across the cuts.
"Ahhh... that..that stings!" Taylor cringed as his hand shook.
"Well I guess this ends the day. We should pack up and go home." Ike said as he gently rolled some gauze around Taylor's hand.
"I'm sorry guys. I just didn't see the hill before it was to late." Taylor said sadly casting his eyes up and down.
"It isn't your fault. I'm just glad you didn't really hurt yourself. You really scared me there." Ike chuckled patting Taylor's back to comfort him.
"Well let's getting going. Oh man! How are we going to explain....." Taylor began.
"Don't worry about. We will just tell Dad what happened...that's all." Zac cut in standing up taking a deep breath.
Taylor turned to stand and felt a pain surge into his left side again. He swallowed hard and stood up rocking a little backwards. Ike grabbed him until he regained his balance.
"A little shaky there huh?" Ike smiled as Taylor smiled back nodding his head.
"Ah yeah." Taylor said brushing off his pants that was covered with dirt.
"Let's load up the bikes!" Zac bellowed lifting his off the ground.
Taylor took a step and frowned. He rubbed his hip biting his bottom lip trying to hold back the pain.
"It's just the fall. Nothing is wrong." Taylor thought to himself desperately not wanting anything to be wrong with his hip. He shook his left leg and put his weight down gingerly noticing he only felt a slight twinge as he took a sigh of relief.
"You okay?" Ike asked watching Taylor intently.
"Yeah. Yeah fine. Just getting the kinks out." Taylor smiled and walked up to his smashed bike running his hand through his hair shaking his head.
"It's fixable." Zac chuckled coming up next to him.
"Right." Taylor murmured and bent down with Zac helping him to lift it up. They both rolled it over near the van doors. They all lifted it placing it into the back with the other two.

"Did you guys have fun?" Walker asked as his sons came through the back door into the kitchen. He frowned when he noticed Taylor had a bandage around his hand.
"Yeah it was great!" Zac exclaimed hanging up his coat on a hook.
"What happened to you?" Walker asked as Taylor gulped hard looking down at the floor.
"Well I... took a fall." Taylor mumbled under his breath and looked up into his father's eyes shyly.
"Fall? Are you okay?" Walker asked with concern.
"He is....but his bike didn't come out of the accident to well." Ike chuckled then dropped his smile when his father gave him a stern look.
"You wrecked the bike?"
"I didn't see this hill coming and I couldn't stop in time. I went over and didn't land to well." Taylor explained swallowing hard. Walker put his hand on his shoulder.
"How much damage Tay?"
"The front tire and frame is twisted up pretty bad."
"Well I guess as long as you are okay." Walker smiled as Taylor looked into his eyes.
"I'm sorry for...."
"Tay? It's okay. We'll get it fixed. Don't worry about it. Accidents happen." Walker stated as Taylor nodded relieved that his father wasn't to mad about the damaged dirtbike.
"Get cleaned up because supper is almost ready." Walker said watching them all smile and walk out of the kitchen.

Taylor sat on his bed bowing his head noticing his brothers were grabbing some clean clothes. Ike went into the bathroom to wash up and change. Zac sat down into a chair and looked over at Taylor.
"You look beat." Zac said smiling at him.
"Guess the fall took more out of me then I thought."
"Are you sure you are....."
"I'm fine Zac. Stop asking me that. I'll be okay."
"Just making sure. I noticed you were limping."
"Well I did come down on my hip. Just hurts a little."
"Maybe you should call Jason." Zac said standing up when Ike came out of the bathroom.
"Why?" Taylor asked watching Zac grab up his clothes.
"Cause he...."
"No. I don't want to bother him. He has a lot on his mind with the new baby coming and everything." Taylor said smiling remembering how a few months back he received a call from Jason and how thrilled he was telling him that Alice and him were going to be parents.
"What are you guys talking about?" Ike asked slipping on his shirt over his head.
"Taylor said his hip was hurting him." Zac answered walking into the bathroom.
"Your left hip?" Ike asked with concern.
"I'm okay. I think it was just bruised from the fall. Man! I'm fine really. If it was that bad....I probably wouldn't be able to walk. I'll be okay." Taylor exclaimed standing up and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Ike watched Taylor walk near the door to the bathroom noticing he was limping.
"Zac? Almost done?" Taylor asked through the door.
"Yeah!" Zac answered back and opened the door walking out while pulling his hair back into a tail. Taylor went into the bathroom and shut the door quietly.
"You think Taylor is alright? I don't like how he is limping." Ike said with concern looking at Zac nod.
"Well he said he is fine. I guess we should leave it at that before we get him mad." Zac smiled sitting back down on the chair.
"We really didn't tell Dad about the whole accident. I mean that Taylor was knocked out and everything." Ike explained feeling somewhat concerned.

Taylor pulled off his pants and sucked in a sharp breath when he saw the giant bruise on his upper outer left leg. He closed his eyes feeling a little dizzy. He grabbed the sink trying to regain his composure. He swallowed hard and pulled down the top of his underware slightly on the left noticing the bruise covered his hip also. He licked his lips nervously with tears welling in his eyes. He gingerly pressed his hip with his fingertips and cringed. The pain wasn't to bad he thought and turned his head not wanting to look at the wound anymore. He carefully pulled on his clean pair of jeans. He pulled off his shirt and turned on the water bending over filling his right hand and splashed the cold water on his face. He sucked in a breath and looked into the mirror at himself noticing he was a little pale.
"I'll be alright. If it gets any worse then I will say something." Taylor thought darting his eyes back and forth thinking deeply. He pulled on his t-shirt and stood up straight walking toward the door. He opened the door and put a smile on his face.
"Let's go downstairs. I'm starving." Taylor exclaimed happily walking toward the door trying to walk as normal as possible without limping.
"Guess you are okay." Zac smiled following.
"Yep." Taylor said as they went down to eat dinner.

Hours later Taylor was tossing and turning in bed as his hip throbbed. He layed on his back fearfully looking up at the ceiling.
"This can't be happening. Why now?" Taylor thought angrily as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He knew tomorrow they were scheduled to do a promotional concert for a local radio station. He sat up slowly as a dizzy spell made him rock backwards slightly. He grabbed his head sucking in a deep breath.
"Huh?" Taylor jumped hearing Zac's voice in the dark.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Just a bad dream. Go back to sleep." Taylor whispered not wanting to wake Ike.
"Oh....." Zac moaned and rolled over onto his other side.
Taylor looked up and blinked his eyes wondering if he should say something about how he felt to his brothers and father. But he didn't want to disappoint everyone.
"I'll say something after the concert." Taylor thought and layed back down with tears welling in his eyes. He thought about Jason. If anything was wrong with his hip he only wanted him to look at it. Slowly and fitfully he fell back to sleep.

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