The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 4 - Continued

"If you were any mother at all you would have left her to run her life." She said.
Then they got up to go to gift shop. Zac followed the doctor down the hall. He walked a to a window. I layed on the other side, hooked up to several machines.
"Um. What is that hooked to her?" He asked.
"Monitors. They help the staff see if the anitvenom is gonna work. Given the fact one cobra bit her on the leg. Now the one on her leg was all the way. That is why it was so fast. It sped up her heart rate and all. She fell into a deeper sleep then we thought and we couldn't get her wake up. So, we will have to wait..." He said.
"Doctor give it to me straight. Will she live?" He asked.
"We don't know yet. It depends on how she reacts to the medicine." He said.
About then the red light went off above my door. The medicine caused an allergic reaction it had value in it. A type of drug that was suppose to slow you down but not me. I'm allergic to it. It sped me up. My heart rate was through the roof.
"What happened?" He asked the nurses.
"I don't know." She said.
Zac watched as they worked to get me back to normal. He leaned against the glass sadly.
"I should have stayed with you." He said.
He turned away and walked away from the glass. But didn't go to the waiting room, for he knew mom would be there. He got on the elevator and went to the maternity ward. He walked to the window, seeing the babies there. Some awake, some sleeping.
"She sacrificed herself for my first child. She really cares and so do I. But if she dies..." He said.
"You will be mine." Andrew said from behind him.
He turned around seeing Andrew at this hospital, at this time.
"Ya know I never knew how vulnerable she was until a few minutes ago. Laying there so helpless and you you can't do anything to help her." He said.
"My first child." He said.
"What?" He asked.
"You wanted my first child. You're not getting my first child. I don't care what you do to me. You will not get my first child." He said.
Exact reason he didn't need to know as he thought. It was awfully strange for him to be there to begin with.
"Why are you here?" He asked.
"I came to see how she was." He said.
"No. You did it. You put the snakes in the house." He said.
Then he attacked. Taylor was coming up also with Jessie who insisted on seeing the babies. Her and Avie both. He looked up in time to see Zac attack him. He turned them around and sent them back to mom. He told them the maternity ward was closed. They both went back. He walked up. He pulled Zac back, though he was doing good. He swung at Taylor and missed. He leaned back.
"Zac, quiet." He said.
"He. And then...he said." He said
Andrew knew it was getting to him. Taylor grabbed Zac's head and held it still between his hands.
"Zac, you're doing what he wants you to do. Stop it. Right now he is not what matters. Jennifer is." He said.
Zac snapped from being mad to realizing what Tay meant. He looked at him.
"Do as you please to Adam, but I am not yours." He said.
He pulled a gun on them.
"You are now." He said.
Getting Zac and telling Tay to back up. Zac let go of Tay. He backed up. Fear ripped at Taylor's heart knowing he could get him outside and kill him for nothing. Or he could take him away and they would never see him again. Taylor thought quick, but decided getting the gun could get them both killed. Zac kept telling Tay to let him go. Eventually Taylor allowed that and listened to Zac. Once they disappeared around the corner he flew downstairs as fast as his feet can take him. He slid to his dad, so upset by now. Walker heard Zac and take, out of the whole sentence. He stood there baffled. Ike got up and talked to Tay fast also. Walker was looking back and forth. He looked at Diana and shrugged. She shrugged back.
"Boys." He said
They both looked at him.
"Um, I'm not sure about this. But last I checked we're on earth and I think you two are on mars. Slow down so I can understand please." He said.
"Zac, was taken by Andrew." Ike said.
Then back to the fast talk. Well now Walker understood it. Diana to. They had stablized me and when the toxic screen came back it showed the sadative Andrew and Adam used a lot.
"Doctor.. I know why it countered on us. Give her this instead." She said.
He looked at her.
"Um. Why?" He asked.
"Look, they are countering each other. You cancel one. You cancel both, then she'll be a okay in a few hours. Maybe a day." She said.
He took the bottle from her.
"If she dies it is in your hands." He said.
He took a needle and walked to the room. He walked to the side of the bed and gave it to me. My heart rate went sky high again for a minute or two, then slowed down dramatically to about thirty beats a minute. He stood back wondering what the hell just happened. The drug flooded my blood stream and just absorbed everything then chewing it up and leaving nothing. He ran a screen again. He asked for flash results getting the result he almost passed out. He thanked the nurse, putting the status to stable. All through the night and most of the day I slept.

November 5th

As I opened my eyes I first saw Taylor's blue eyes. He was sitting by the bed, looking very worried and very tired. He must have stayed awake. I turned my head to the left and saw Ike sitting there the same way. I relaxed a bit. My head was spinning. I closed my eyes neither one had noticed. They were both in a trance of some type. I opened my eyes again to see Taylor's eyes again filled with so much pain. Yet so much fear and dread. I didn't understand. I looked over at Ike, yet again he looked to be worried. His eyes showed he was hurting too. I looked back at Taylor. My throat was dry. My head spinning and my leg hurting a bit. I looked at my hand where the IV was.
"T..a..y..l..o..r." I said slowly.
He snapped back, leaning up. He ran his hand over my head.
"Welcome back." He said.
I looked around.
"Z..a..c.." I said slowly.
Then their heads fell. I closed my eyes again. It was about 12:30. The doctor came in and checked.
"Well, she is awake. Just probably in some pain, a little dizziness to be expected due to the value speeding the heart rate up. But she should be okay in a few hours maybe four, five." He said.
I heard every word. I rested for three hours, until the dizziness and all went away. When I opened my eyes neither was there. Just Josh. He was standing by the bed reading the chart. I reached for the IV and pulled it out.
"Aw." I said.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"I hate IV's... you know that." I said.
Still a little woozy he handed me a glass of water.
"Here." He said.
I drank it. Well a few swallows. An hour later at 4:00, Mom came in with dad. I was fully aware of my surroundings now. I was awake moving and got up. My leg hurt a bit, but I still couldn't find out where Zac was. I knew Tay and Ike were still there. Josh told me the whole family was still here. Well except the little ones were at their grandma's. Mom started in first thing.
"I told you that job of yours will get you killed." She said.
I looked at her.
"Mother shut up." I said.
"Don't talk to your mother like that." Dad warned.
"Both of you just shut up. I don't need the speech." I said.
Josh sat there and listened.
"Why can't you be like Josh. Except the job...it's a man's job dear." Mom said.
"Oh fuck a man's job.. if he can, so can I." I said.
"Watch your language." Dad said.
"Oh shut up. I don't care. I like my life." I said.
"And what is this about a boyfriend?" Dad asked.
"Oh so you met Zac. Good for you. And don't tell me 21. I don't care." I said.
The doctor came in.
"I'm gonna have to ask you three to leave. If you can't do anything but annoy her. And you calm down." He said.
I smiled and laid back. They all left. Ike and Tay came back but still no Zac.
Taylor sat down where Josh was. I looked at him.
"Where's Zac?" I asked.
He looked at Ike. He nodded.
"Andrew took him yesterday. The police can't find him." He said.
He explained it all.
"I'll find him." I said.
The doctor released me to mom and dad's care. Yeah right. I went home with Ike and Tay, who took me to Ike's house. The command center for the search. I walked in seeing the police everywhere. Not a single FBI agent. I went upstairs and changed to my uniform. Black pants and a white t-shirt with FBI written on it with my name on the front.
"Stop." Taylor said.
"I'm not laying up here and just give up." I said.
I grabbed my jacket and badge and then went downstairs.
"Listen up." I said.
They all looked at me.
"Agent Mayo. FBI. This search is now under my command. Go easy or you will be off the search. That grid should be for ten miles twenty... all directions. He left the state last time. I want woods, roads, allys, house, garages everything searched. Phone taps. He is bound to call for me. Fast trance. Hook it up right to the computer. It is faster then the old fashion way." I said.
They just looked at me.
"Don't make me do it myself.. The longer you sit and stare the worse he may be. NOW GET TO WORK!" I yelled.
They started then.
"How do you hook it to the computer?" One asked over the rest.
I walked over and took the wire. Directed it. Typed in a line. I did a few modifications.
"There." I said.
Taylor walked up to me.
"Jennifer, I recall the doctor telling you to stay in bed for a while. This is not in bed." He said.
I looked at him.
"Taylor, screw the doctor, the nurses, my parents. I don't care anymore. Zac is the only thing right now that I am worried about. If I die trying he will be safe from now on." I said.
I walked to the side. I picked up a set of keys.
"Which car?" I asked.
"458." An officer said.
I walked out, stopping at the door. I got in and set the cb radio to the station and pulled out. Ike stopped at the door and watched. I set out knowing about where he would take him. I tried all usual spots and found nothing. I stopped and thought.
"Snakes had to have something to do with it. No, not the snakes. He was talking fear. Fear of what? My fear of snakes. Zac doesn't have a fear of snakes. Taylor does, but not Zac." I said, out loud to no one. No one was around when the radio came on.
"Jennifer? This is Ike... pick it up." He said.
I leaned in and grabbed it.
"Go on Ike." I said.
"Listen and listen good." He started.
I watched a white van go bye.
"Go on Ike." I said.
"Taylor, he is gone. I can't find him." He said.
"What do you mean gone?" I asked.
"As in left. He left. The last tranmission he made was from... 126th street. Your on 134th. You're the closest to him." He said.
"Yeah. So I am. I'll get it." I said.
I laid it down and got in.
"Keep trying maybe he stepped away." I said.
"Okay." He said.
I drove to the street.and went down. There were two parks there. One on each side. I pulled in and went through one, then crossed and went through the other.
"Ike what car was he in?" I asked.
"His red one." He said.
I pulled up beside it and stopped. I cut it off and got out.
"Ike be right back. I found the car." I said.
"Ok." He said.
I walked to the car and opened the door. His wallet fell out. I picked it up. His ID and drivers license. He wouldn't leave without it. A note fell out as I flipped through the papers and cards he had. I leaned down and picked it up. I held it up. 'Jen' it said. I opened it and began to read.

I know. It's very unusal. Here you are with a snake bite. Zac's gone, Tay has disappeared. Hum....let me think. I have them. All of them. By the time you reach Ike he will be with me also. So give up. Turn yourself over to me.

PS: Adam really does care. He will know better after tonight.

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