The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 4

I sat down outside. Of all the days to forget the house key. I sat in the hammock in the front yard. One in front and back yard. I swung waiting on someone to come home. I looked up and saw the attic window was open a bit. I got up and climbed the tree. And eased out on the branch I have done it before. But it was a year ago. I dropped down on the roof and eased my way to the window. I peeked inside. Something was moving and it wasn't me. Lighting.flashed overhead scaring me to death.
"What clouds? We weren't suppose to have clouds. Great." I thought.
I kept watching. It was moving. Or the whole floor was. I pulled the attic window shut and climbed back over to the branch. I jumped to get it. Pulled myself up. As thunder crashed, I eased back to the trunk as I started down it started raining. Well pouring. I got down and got under the roof of the porch and sat down in the dark, so no one would see me. About 2:20, Ike and them drove up. I was almost asleep, however only Tay and Ike were there. I got up.
"Where is Zac?" I asked.
"He's with mom." He said.
Tay unlocked the door and I walked in, but stopped very fast.
"Stop. Don't move." I said.
"Why?" Ike asked.
I reached for the switch to turn on the light.
"No." I said.
I heard hissing. He turned it on anyway. Sitting right beside my leg a king cobra, ready to strike. I froze. I hated snakes. Tay also. Ike didn't mind them, but when you have 400 or more yes you get scared. But the door was clear so he just picked Tay up and sat him outside. But I had walked to far and stood in the middle.
"Jennifer, don't make any sudden moves." He said.
"Na duh Isaac. I intended to kick it." I said.
"Funny." He said.
I inched a little back but it moved a little closer.
"Maybe not." I said.
I just stood there. But the longer I stood the more they got around me.
"Do something Isaac." I said.
"What? Get a waterhose and hose them out?" He asked.
"That would help." I said.
"Funny." He said.
"I don't care what you do. Just get me out of here." I said.
I inched slowly backward. Centimeter by centimeter. My heart was racing. My breathing was shallow. Light breaths. I was so tired and sleepy. Dizzy.
"Ike. I can't stand here much longer. I feel so sick." I said.
"Keep inching back." He said.
Inch by inch but it was doing no good. The more I went back the closer that cobra got. Three others were ready to. If I move on one leg two will get me. If I move the other one will get me but the other two will follow. I eased one foot back.. About 5 inches. To move that one. Hey one snake is better than two anyday. Heck none is the best. The phone rang. I looked over. Some got agitated at that. It picked up.
"You have reached Jennifer, Zac, and Josh. Please leave a message at the beep. Thanks bye." It said.
"Jennifer this is mom and dad we're on our way sweetie. Josh asked us out." She said.
I stood there fixed to the spot.
"No." I said.
"Ok. I'm going to go down the street to get Taylor, who is going coo coo." Ike said, and ran off. I stood still, inching still backward. I heard the car pull up. Ike and them got back the same time my parents got there. And when mom opened the door screaming Ike tried to stop her. The two on the left struck. One missed but the other didn't.
"Aw." I screamed.
My automatic response was to grab my leg. It hurt now. The third struck but missed.
I went back and stumbled over the table and wall. Beside the door, Taylor screamed, mom screamed, and dad screamed. Ike was like my ears. He got a broom and pushed them back. Time was slow for me, only fixed on one thing. The picture of me and Zac, which laid beside me. Ike finally managed to get to me. He picked me up, doing the best he could. He looked back.
"Taylor. When I leave the house lock it up and put a note on the door. Mr. and Mrs. Mayo.... I'm using your car." Ike said.
"Oh no you ain't." He said.
"Deal with it." Ike said
He put me in their car on the passenger side. He didn't even wait on my parents, spinning the wheels, going down the drive way. He pulled out in front of five cars, all going about 55mph.. and I swear he was doing 90. The cops got behind him with their sirens blaring.
"Ike....your gonna have to stop." I said.
"No. Don't talk. Your going to be okay." He said.
He went right past his parent's house. Zac was standing on the front porch. He watched. Then Tay called him. He went inside and grabbed the keys to the van and just took it.
"Zachary Hanson!" His mom called.
As he pulled out much like Ike did, he somehow caught up with Ike. How... I couldn't even get. He drove good for wild driving. He only hit a garbage can with the van. Ike spun the car in the hospital parking lot. I was so scared by then and vowed I would never drive with him again. Never. Though he stopped first. Zac was right beside the car. He was out and had the door open. Ike pushed him out of the way, knowing what had happened.
"Hey." Zac said.
"Hush and follow." He said.
He carried me in. Zac had my hand from the back, but I couldn't stand to look back. Just as he laid me on the stretcher and was coming down, Zac had stopped.
"Ike. Watch after him. Don't let anyone hurt him anymore." I said.
"You can do that." He said.
Letting go and letting them take me back. He was done telling them what kind and when and all. He stood there as the doors closed. He remembered Zac and went back. He was on his knees on the floor. He thought Andrew had done this to me or something. Far worse then Andrew. Ike grabbed his arms and pulled him up.
"Zac, she'll be alright." He said.
"Tay said she was hurt. What happened?" He asked.
"Zac, she was bitten by a cobra. One centimeter." He said.
"What? How?" He asked.
"Somehow the house was filled with different kinds and when she walked in she stopped." He said.
They walked and sat down. Shortly after arriving Mom, Dad, and Josh along with Hanson's family got there. The police had given them both a ticket. No charges were brought up against them because of the emergency. He was watching Josh as he hugged dad and mom.
"Ike, who are they?" He asked.
"I think her parents." He said.
Zac got up and walked to them.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"Zac." Walker said.
"I want to know." He said.
"Her dad. You?" He asked.
"Her boyfriend." He replied.
"Boyfriend? She's not allowed to date. Not til she is 21." He said.
"Oh well." Zac said.
He started to walk away.
"Say you're the one that was raped." He said kind of loud.
Zac froze as Ike got up.
"Excuse you. Can you watch what you say? He was not." He said.
Walker glared at him getting up.
"Ike lay off." He said.
Ike grabbed Zac. Walker was gonna handle it.
"Excuse me. I don't know who you are, but your not gonna control my son. I suggest you lay off. Say another word and you will be next to her in the bed. In worse shape." He said.
Then he grabbed Zac. Zac meanwhile had listened to Ike protest but not Tay. He looked at Taylor who smiled and got up.
"Excuse me dad. May I say something?" He asked.
"Yes Taylor." He said.
"And no sir. I don't usually ask my father for permission to speak. Just I didn't want to get in trouble. When I say your probably the best father to Josh but you have to remember Jennifer is not Josh. At least my parents don't show favors. And leave my little brother alone." He said.
And then walked to Zac. Diana was like...'Ok guys stick together.'
Amanda soon arrived.
"Where is she?" She asked.
"They haven't let us know anything yet." Tay said.
Tay had called her. Josh sat off by himself thinking. Dad and Mom sat near him. And the Hanson family and Amanda sat on the other side with Zac looking up at them and they occasionally looked back. They smiled one or two times. The doctor walked out and looked around, then walked to Ike.
"Um. I need to know who to talk to?" He asked.
"Us." My parents cut in fast.
Walker knew they wouldn't tell him or any of the others.
"Sir, I request you not tell no one. Except Zac." Walker said.
"Um. Why?" He asked.
"Sir. I'm her boyfriend. I have a right to know." Zac said.
"Come with me." He said.
He led Zac down the hall. He looked back seeing his mother fussing at Walker. Diana stood up.

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