The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 1 - Continued

He took me downstairs and he went to the car.
"Zac, what are you doing?" I asked.
"Just get in. Don't worry about clothes. You have your pajamas on." He said.
I got in. He drove for 45 minutes. The sun was getting ready to come up. He stopped and got out.
"Come on." He said.
He dragged me down the hill to a gazebo, in the middle of the park.
"What is the big deal?" I asked.
"Just watch." He said.
I turned my head in the direction he had pointed. The lake was there.
"Zac. I'm getting cold." I said.
He pulled me closer to him.
"Well, stay warm." He said.
At 5:45 am, the sun started to rise.
"I said one day the two of us would see a sunrise together with no one around. No one is around and it is just us." He said.
"I know." I said.

Watching the sunrise as it hit the water and shown brighter, causing a bright streak down the middle. Perfect picture. Perfect moment. At 6:30, after watching it and setting it in our heads, we decided to head back. Once back home, Josh met us at the door.
"Where did ya'll go?" He asked.
"No where." I said.
"Ok." He said.
He went on to the kitchen. I went back to bed for an hour or two. At seven o'clock Zac woke me up again.
"FBI needs you." He said.
I took the call.
"Agent Mayo. We need you to do a surveillance." He said.
"Now?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"Sir...tomorrow I have plans. I can't." I said.
"We need you. Your the closest." He said.
Zac watched me.
"When? Why?" I asked.
"When? After tomorrow. Why? To watch a suspected person rape and maybe kidnapping." He said.
"Ok." I said.
"Ok. Report six am, day after tomorrow." He said.
"Six am?" I reasked.
"Yep." He said.
"Yeeash." I thought.
I hung-up.
"Sometimes I hate my job." I said.

I got up. Everyone was planning something for the next day. Zac spent half the day drawing. Amanda called for Josh a 100 thousand times.and Josh called her about as much.
"I'm going for a jog." I yelled with no one paying attention.
"Oh forget it." I said. I got dressed in jogging pants and a sweat shirt. I grabbed my radio and put my shoes on. I then walked out the door. I started the radio and set out on my three mile jog, running down 4th street. I turned the curve and headed down the alley I always went through. Just something was a lot different. I changed my mind and went the long way. Public roads. I passed Emily.
"Hi." She said.
I waved. She joined me.
"Running this late?" She asked.
"Yeah." I said. I stopped.
"So, what brings you out?" I asked.
"Fresh air and happy birthday early." She said.
"Thanks." I said.
"So, what you planning on doing for a career?" She asked.
"Maybe the FBI." I said.
"Yeah you would fit." She said.
"Thanks." I said.
I looked up and passed her. Adam stood there smiling and watching. I waved. He waved. Then Andrew walked out. They started talking.
"Emily I have to get going." I said

Turning, as Adam looked at me and pointed. I stopped looking back. Andrew stood there watching and smiling. I couldn't go back now. He would follow. I had to lose him. He and Adam started walking towards me. I knew Adam could catch me. I started running, glancing back. Andrew had quickened his pace to keep up. I looked back once. Adam was fixen to run. The chase had begun. He was closing in fast. I turned the corner and ran faster with no people around. I had left the gun at home laying on the kitchen table. I went around the block and came out behind Andrew. I stopped slowing to a walk. He hadn't seen me, yet. I was about five feet from him. I knew if Adam ever saw me so close he would scream or something. I went as far as I could to the road and ran past him. I then stopped and looked at him.

"You want me? Come get me." I said and ran. He couldn't find Adam so he did, running down 44th street now.
"Damn... he must have worked out." I thought.
Running at top speed, and I noticed he was to and gaining. I stopped for a minute.
"Damnit." I thought.
I went left, then right, then another left, ending up on 90th street.
"Sheesh." I thought.
I could hear him walking. I leaned up against the building and stood still, holding my breath and not moving.
"Adam how could you lose her?" He asked.
"Dad, I know where they live... God." He said.
"Dad?" I thought.
"Come on, it'll take her a good two hours to get home." He said..
He walked away. I went down the alley to a phone and called the house. Busy. I tried til I got one of them.
"Taylor?" I asked.
"Yes.What is it? Where are you?" He asked.
"East 90th street. Um...take Zac and leave. Take him to Ike's house. Don't let him out of your sight. Andrew and Adam on there way." I said.
I felt the needle in my arm.
"Taylor hurr..." I trailed off as it kicked in.

Trap. They just waited til I came out, when I came to a few hours later. Sitting up in a chair, I looked up. I was in the middle of the alley all alone. I looked around. Well, almost at least.
"Mommy." I thought.


I looked at the dog that sat there quietly, chained to the chair, which was bolted to the ground. I sat quitely working at the ropes. Finally getting my hands free, I leaned over easliy. He looked at me and I swallowed hard. Froze. He then looked away. I fiddled with my feet. I Looked around to find out which way I should go. I saw a ladder that was low enough for me to get out. I glanced at my watch seeing it was 5:55 pm. After I was free I had to distract him. I took the rope and threw it. He looked in that direction and I went for the ladder. Jumping to get it and holding on, it slid down.
"Sheesh." I thought.
I frantically climbed up and pulled it up. The dog was barking, showing those razor sharp teeth. I sat down.
"Now only fourty flights to climb." I thought.
I started up. I found and opened a window and went in. I went through the building and left out the front. I went and found a phone and called Ike's house. He picked up.
"Issac?" I asked.
"Jennifer." He said and then was silent.
"Jen,.where are you?" Zac asked sounding frantic, panicky, worried, and crying.
"I'm ok Zac. Give the phone back to Ike." I said.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"I'm positive." I said.
Sitting down feeling a dizzy spell. He did.
"Yes Jen." He said.
"Ike. Um...I'm at 104th street. Wow. And 103rd. Can Amanda or Josh come get me?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"Tell them to bring the're gun and a metal detector." I said.
"Metal?" He asked.
"Yes and tell them to hurry, but don't let Zac know." I said.
"Ok." He said.
He hung-up and I waited there, looking at the small cut on my arm. Fourty Five minutes later the black van pulled up. Amanda opened the door and I got in.
"Thanks." I said.
I got in the back and got the detector over my arm. It beeped like crazy.
"Amanda drive away from Ikes." I said.
"Ok." She said.
She started out. I grabbed the small knife as she drove steady and easy. I cut the section again following the same lines and grabbed the tweezers. I got the small chip out of my arm that was cased in plasitc. So not to hurt me or it, I glued it to a brick and at the first sight, I threw it out the van window. I fixed my arm which I bandaged and all and went home. Upon arriving, I had to face Zac. Now that is a lot worse then facing Andrew. He was standing right by the door, when I walked in.
"Where have you been?" He asked.
"Wow." I thought.
"I went for a run and ran into trouble. Last time I go running." I said.
I went past him to the kitchen, to get a glass of water. He followed.
"Ran into trouble? What kind of trouble?" He asked.
"Nothing to worry about...I'm fine." I said.
"Your fine? Yet you have a bandage on your arm." He shot back.
"Fine. Andrew and Adam had me tied to a chair with a dog. I had no choice. I made a run for it. I knew he put a bug in my arm. He always does so I had Amanda or Josh. They both have the right things to get rid of it. Are you happy now?" I asked.
"Andrew? Adam?" He asked.
"Yes Zac, Adam is Andrew's son. That is why your staying here with Ike and do not tell me you're not. I will bring you some clothes and things you need." I said.
"Don't I get to say where I stay?" He asked.
"Zac, your choices are here or a hotel. Take your pick." I said.
"Here." He said.
"That is what I thought." I said.
I walked back to the living room.
"Ike, watch him." I said.
I then headed for the door.
"Where are you going?" Zac asked.
"To get you some clothes etc....." I said.

I used Ike's truck and went home. I walked in keeping my back against the wall. I then went up the steps. I went to the attic first going through papers. I found his suitcase and went back downstairs. I went to the bedroom. I dusted it off and laid it on the bed. I opened it and dusted it out. Aired it a little bit. I was leaning over getting socks out of the drawer. A tape fell out of my pocket. I picked it up. On the side it had 'listen to it.listen good.' I put it in the tape player and while it played I packed his bag.

"Jennifer, or Zac, which ever I get this to first, I'm out and by now you know Adam is my son. Yes indeed... pride and joy. Well, as you can tell I know where you are. And Zac? If she allows you to listen to this, I did have a great time. Seeing the pain. The pain. Yes one day I will see it again. One day soon. Very soon. Zac you hear me? Soon. And Jennifer? Well it seems Adam here has a slight crush on you and he likes Zac a little too. If ya know what I mean?" Andrew implied.
"Hi Jennifer. Adam here. And I want you to know I feel the same toward both. You don't have to be afraid I won't hurt you or Zac for that matter. Hey, I know how much you care for Zac. If you want him safe (stops looks at radio) come to east 124th street as soon as you can. Bye now." He said.
The tape played a few minutes, then it stopped. I sat down.
"Meet him. What could he possibly want with me?" I asked.
I got up. Underwear. I almost forgot. I grabbed as many as I picked up, whichever I picked up. I then grabbed a toothbrush etc and zipped it up. I got his boredom bag and his portable computer and the extra nintendo/TV he had and took them to the truck I put them in and got in. After locking the house, I then went back to Ike's going the long way and loosing quite a few people. I drove up and parked in the garage and closed it before getting out. I then got out grabbing the four bags and went in. I closed the door. Tay helped grabbing the suitcase.

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