The Babysitter - Part 2
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 1

(July 12, 2004)

It's been 2 years since Andrew had seen daylight..And he was finally out. His son Adam now 17 years of age...was waiting.
"Dad." He yelled when he saw him.
"Adam," he said, running to him.
They hugged, taking looks at one another. They hadn't seen each other in three years, except for pictures.
"Dad, I'm so glad your out." He said.
"Me to son." He said.
His wife walked up.
"Andrew....I told you." She said.
"Yes you did," he said.
Hug, kiss. Adam was happy to see them together. They went home as a family, where later that night Adam sat down to talk with his father.
"Dad, guess what?" he said.
"What?" He asked.
"There's this couple down the street from where me and mom live and the're getting married as soon as the guy turns 21. He is 19 now." He said.
The ages set off in his mind.
"What are there names Adam?" He asked.
"Um....Jennifer and Zachary I think. Anyway since he is closer to my age, I asked if he could help me get my life together. He has helped a lot." He said.
"Adam..do you have a picture of them?" He asked.
"Yeah sure. Hold on." He said.
He got one of me and Zac together at the park. Andrew looked at the picture seeing us so happy. It killed him inside and he got really mad.
"Adam I forbid you to ever see them again." He said.
"Why? I am looking for the people, who put you in there." He said.
"Adam how stupid are you? These are the two who put me in there." He said.
"They are? I didn't know they were cops." He said.
They were young and never said it." He said.
Furry raged through his veins at my face who at court stated my statement and Zac's. The one who put him behind bars.

It is morning here at the Hanson household.I got up. Zac was asleep beside me. Josh never liked the idea of me sleeping in the same bed. Think what he would do if he knew what else we done, in that bed. He would flip. Zac still feared Andrew and I knew it. He still had nightmares and I never told him Andrew was out. He had been out for one week.

(July 9th)

Zac turned over and opened his eyes.
"Good morning." I said.
He smiled.
"Had a better night." He said.
"I know." I said.
He sat up and yawned.
"Did you sleep good?" I asked.
"Do I ever?" He asked
"No." I said.
He laid his head over.
"I'm so tired." He said.
"Go on back to bed." I said.
"No." He said.
He got up and put his clothes back on. Yawned. He got a suit.
"You want me to get you one?" He asked.
"Yeah Go on." I said.
He did. I sat my head on my knees and watched him. I didn't want to tell him about Andrew, for then he wouldn't sleep at all. The three months he was in the county jail he barely sleep. It effected his life and his families. Those months he went to Hawaii, he drove himself nuts. He admitted it later he was to scared to enjoy the vacation. He smiled holding up a blue bra.
"Do you ever get any other colors?" He asked.
"You choose them." I said.
"True." He said
There was a kncok at the door. I laid down and pretended to be asleep.
"Yes Josh?" Zac said.
"I know she's up I heard her." He said.
"What is it Josh?" I asked.
"Taylor is here." He said.
"Okay." I said.
"What does Tay want?" Zac asked.
"I don't know." I said.
He smiled.
"He can wait." He said.
I got up.
"What a bath now?" I asked.
"Muhuh..it's been a month or two since we took a bath together." He said.
I got my housecoat.
"Let me go see what he wants.You wait right here." I said.
And went out the door, I went down the steps.
"Yes Taylor?" I asked.
"Came to see if you three were up for a movie tonight." He said.
Zac came downstairs, "I am. Jen you?" He asked.
"Sure Josh?" I asked.
"What the hell." He said.
"Good." Tay said, then he left.
I went back up with Zac.
"Jen remember we have that meeting in three hours." Josh called up to me.
"I know." I said.
Zac got the water ready in the hot tub. Forget the shower. I got in after he did.
"Hot." I said.
I leaned back into his arms.
"We have at least two hours." I said.
"Well." He said.
This is our talk time. No one will interupt.
"Zac, there's something you should know." I said.
"What?" He asked.
"It concerns you and me and the past. Do you want to know?" I asked.
He thought a minute. "It is for the best," he said.
"He's out Zac. He was let out for good behavior." I said.
"Andrew?" He asked.
"Yes Zac." I said.
"Out? What stupid judge let him out?" He asked
"The stupid one who gave him life." I said.
"Stupid judge." He said.


I leaned back.
"He won't get to you. I won't let him." I said.
"I know." He said. He kissed the top of my head.
"Jennifer...where are you?" Josh asked.
"In the tub Josh." I said.
"Ain't Zac in the tub?" He asked.
"Nope. He is in the shower." I said.
"Where?" He asked
"In here dumb butt." I said.
"Oh." He said. He walked out..

We took two hours just relaxing, enjoying the bath. Then got out and got dressed. The meeting had to look good. I put the black skirt on with the white shirt, I buttoned up. A black tie and a black jacket. I went to button it up.

"I must have Amanda's." I said.
"Why?" Zac asked.
"It won't snap." I said.
He checked. "You do." He said.
I got my other one and put it on.
"This suit makes my butt look big." I said.
"Does not." he said.
"Oh hush..." I said.
I sat down, put the stocking's on and pulled them up.
"Zac, can you get this snap?" I asked.
"Sure." He said.
I laid down on the bed and let him snap the stockings to the garder. Josh opened the door.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Snapping it." Zac replied.
I looked at the door.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Phone." He said.
I picked up. "Hello." I said.
"You have my jacket." She said.
"I know you have mine." I said.
"Turn over and I'll get the front snap." He said.
I did. "Oooooohhhhh what ya doing?" She asked.
"Letting him snap the stupid garder." I said.
"I prefer to unsnap, but hey." He said.
When he got done, I sat up. I got up and pulled it down and sat down to put the shoes on. I slid them on.
"Well, what are you doing?" I asked.
"Finding my other one." She said.
"I can bring you yours. We both have to go." I said.
"Yeah I know." She said.
"Deal then?" I asked.
"Deal." She said.
"Ok." I said. I grabbed hers.
"Tay back yet?" I asked.
"Yeah." She said.
"Well, how was last night's movie?" I asked.
"Eh.good." She said.
"Ok." I said.
"Told Zac yet?" She asked.
"Yes." I said.
"Ok." She said.
We hung-up.
"Jennifer come on." Josh yelled.
"I'm coming....still have to fix my hair." I said.
"Oh lord....another six hours." He said and sat back down.
"Oh hush." I said.
I fixed it in a ponytail. Zac sat back and watched. I then got my purse.
"You gonna be ok?" I asked.
"Would you mind if I tagged along?" He asked.
"No. Come on." I said.
He got up and followed. I went down the steps. I walked to the living room.
"Lets go." I said.
He came. "Finally." He said.

Zac had Amanda's jacket. We drove to the meeting place and we met her. Zac waited in the lobby. They wouldn't allow him in the main room, so he waited with some of the others, who either brought their teenage daughters and son or others who were just there. We all filed into the room where me, Amanda, and Josh sat down together. They started the two hour meeting. After one hour I got up.
"I'll be back." I said.
I stepped to the door and found Zac, sitting there watching some babies playing. Probably thinking of Zoe or Mackie. I went back and sat down. After the grueling boring two hour meeting with absolutely every case they have. They finally let us go. I walked out. Zac was asleep. I smiled and walked to him.
"Zac?" I said.
Shaking him a little. I knew to always keep talking.
"Zac, come on get up. Time to go home." I said.
He opened his eyes.
"Come on." I said.
He came with me. I took him home. He was so tired. Once home, instead of letting him go on and do whatever, I walked him up the steps.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"You're going to bed." I said.
"No." He said. He stopped.
"Zac." I said.
"No, I'm not tired." He said.
I popped him once. "Go on." I said.
He stood there and stuck out his lip which looks so cute.
"Ya know it makes ya look so cute. Now go." I said.
"But you won't stay." He said.
"Zac, I'm right here downstairs. I can hear you ya know." I said.
"I don't like the dreams." He said.
I walked over to him.
"Come on... I'll lay down with you." I said.
"You will?" He asked.
"Yes. Now go." I said.
He went on up the stairs. He got down to his boxers and laid down. I sat down and turned the TV on. All ya had to do was shake him when he starts moving a lot. For four
hours he slept without moving. Then he started moving. I woke him up.
"Thanks." He said.
He laid hiding his head on my shoulder. I kissed him on the forehead.
"You're alright ya know. You have Josh and me." I said.
"I know." He said.
"Then why are you so worried?" I asked.
"I guess because I know he has hurt me before.." He said.
"Zac,don't worry. He won't get to you. If I have to kill him first." I said.
"That is good to know." He said.
"Yeah I bet it is." I said.
He laid back down and went back to sleep.

(August 27th 2004)...

Zac woke me up at 4:45 am.
"What is the big idea of waking me up so early?" I asked.
"Come on." He said.
Literality pulling me out of the bed. I got up and blinked a few times, then got my housecoat and followed him.

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