The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 15

October 23rd

I woke-up around 9:30. Zac was ordering something.
"Ahh… I told ya she'd wake up." He said.
He showed me a picture of the baby. I hadn't been able to fully absorb everything the night before the drug had kicked in good. He had a head full of blond hair. I couldn't see his eyes though seeing that they were closed. I ordered enough for my side. Zac on his side sat down.
"I just sent the baby back to the nursery. You want me to have him brought back?" He asked.
"Why did you send him back?" I asked.
"Well, Zoe was in here and making a lot of noise. He couldn't sleep." He said.
Zoe was in the bathroom. When she came out Zac sent her back to her mom. He had the baby brought back. He handed me the baby which at that time only went by Hanson. No other name.
"Have the parents…?" I asked.
"Yeah, through the nursery window." He said.
"How mad are they?" I asked.
"It'll pass in a few years." I looked down at the baby.
"Five pounds four ounces. Twenty one inches long." He said.
"Yeah I saw that. He's awfully small." I said.
I laid him on the bed and uncovered him while I counted his toes and fingers. Ten toes, ten fingers. He moved when I laid him down and guessed at what he wanted.
"A name." I said.
We discussed it. She brought the birth certificate laying it on the table. I read over it and signed it. He signed it too.
"We need a name." I said.
He wanted it to be his but I didn't want a junior.
"Joshua." He said.
"Okay." I said.
I thought some more.
"Joshua Walker." I said.
"That's fine with me." He said.
I put the name down. She came and got it. She brought me a small bottle as I smiled.
"Thanks." I said.
He woke up shortly feeling hungry. I picked him up. As I was feeding him .Zac called my name. I looked up and he took a picture.
"Zac." I said.
"I already had mine taken. Taylor blinded me with mom's camera." He said.
"Oh." I said.
The nurse came back in. He asked her to take the picture. He got beside me. It was the first picture of us both with the baby.

That weekend he let me go home. Not the baby though. I had a week to make the world safe for him. I knew where they were. I took a picture of the baby and went there. I had the gun. Zac's clothes fit pretty good for a few weeks. It was the doctor's orders. Andrew opened the door and smiled.
"Ahh… Adam kept the deal." He said.
I showed him the picture.
"My grandson." He said.
"Hell no." I said.
He looked at me.
"That's not Adam's baby." I said.
"Then who's?" He asked.
"Zac's. His son, his precious son." I said.
He had that gleam but not for long. Ashley was in the background crying.
"Don't get idea's. Get this… you're NOT gonna touch him." I said.
I took the picture back and put it in my pocket. I walked in. I sat Ashley outside and tied her to the banister. I closed the door. I smiled looking at Andrew.
"Ya know… Adam probably hasn't called you in a while." I said.
"He's been busy with the baby." He said.
I shook my head.
"October twenty third at around 3:09 am he was born." I said.
"So." He said.
"Zac delivered him in the back of a van going eighty miles an hour." I said.
He then had a death look.
"And Adam?" He said.
I picked up the gun in my pocket.
"You see the red dots here and there?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
I smiled a devil's grin.
"Your son's blood. He's dead." I said.
"And how would you know?" He asked.
"He kept me for five months. I worked it all out. No one knows the truth but me." I said.
"About what?" He asked.
"I killed him. I shot him twice. One in the shoulder and once dead in the heart." I said.
I could see the pain in his face. He knew I wasn't lying. I shot him once in the same spot as Adam. I walked next to him.
"You thought you were so smart. You'd hurt Zac double time by keeping his baby and killing me. Sorry I don't think so." I said.
He begged.
"Andrew, you taught me to be fearless. You're the enemy. I have a son to protect. Not just a lover. A son Andrew… someone who will not turn out like you." I said.
I shot him also right in the heart. I dragged him aside and waited on John. It was after dark. I had Ashley inside and way in a back room. He came in.
"Andrew? Where the hell is she? The house is gone." He said.
He flipped the light on.
"I'm right here." I said.
"Where's Andrew?" He asked.
"Sleeping." I replied.
"Ashley?" He asked.
"Asleep." I said.
He came in. I had a gun laying on the table, not the one I used.
"Take it." I said.
"No." He said.
I got up holding the one I just used. My arm was covered in blood.
"John, you hurt me and my niece." I said.
I walked to him.
"I can't let you hurt anyone else." I said.
I shot him in the shoulder like the other two. I walked up to him.
"Ashley wasn't yours. Amy was your daughter. You took her baby and you would have taken mine too. I don't think so." I said.
I pointed the gun.
"Three types of blood on one person… they'll never know who done it." I said.
"Three?" He asked.
"Adam was first, Andrew second and you're the third." I said.
I turned another light on. Andrew sat at the table, gun in hand.
"He was an easy one. Adam to Agent Morris, whom I will get to shoot you. In turn you shot him back." I said.
"You're clever. Where did you get it? The killing ideas." He said.
I smiled.
"FBI files you idiot." I said.
Agent Morris came in through the back. He planned to fuck up my plan. I shot John just as he was. I then turned around and shot off three shots and EX Morris was gone.
"Damn it." I thought.
I rearranged them and fixed the guns.
"Much better." I said.
I went home.

November 27th, 2006

We all had a family get together. Joshua was doing well. Better then anyone thought. He was up-stairs asleep right now. Zac was also up-stairs. I went up the steps and I walked in and stopped. Zac was holding him standing at the window. I could hear him.
"I won't let anyone hurt you. You're my son. No one will do you like they did me. I promise you that. I love you." He said.
With the last three words Joshua opened his Hazel eyes. No one knew where he got them from, but he had them. The doctor said because he was early. I walked over to him.
"You okay?" I asked.
"Yeah I was gonna lay him down but didn't want to. To scared." He said.
"Zac, they're gone." I said.
"What?" He asked.
"They're gone." I said.
"How so? Adam I know but not the others." He said.
"Zac trust me you're both safe." I said.
"What did you do?" He asked.
"Let's just say I handled the deal and I made sure no one would EVER hurt you again or Joshua. That's my job Zac. Not as an FBI agent but as a mother and a wife. You're both safe." I said.
"But how?" He asked.
"Two shots. One in the shoulder to let them I meant it and one in the heart." I said.
He laid Joshua down in the baby bed. I stood on one side and him on the other. We looked down at our son as he looked back up. As we went down stairs I was even afraid to leave the room. I remember the extra basinet was down stairs. I went back up. He was crying now anyway. I picked him up.
"You didn't think we'd leave… now did ya?" I asked.
I took him down stairs and laid him in the basinet. He was happy then and just laid there, looking around. Taylor walked over and picked him up the next time he cried.
"You get to change him." Zac said.
"I don't mind." Taylor said.
He took him to the changing table in the living room. We had two of them. He came back and Walker said he had Taylor's eyes for a reason that he was driving at. And that he would have a bit of Ike's personality because he helped also. Taylor liked to hold him. He loved too. I guess it was because he was the first nephew. Isaac did too. In the time he was at home I haven't gotten one picture of Taylor and Joshua. Zac handed me the camera. I got up and aimed.
"Taylor… look." Zac said.
He turned around I snapped it.
"Hey!" He said.
I smiled.
"I told ya one of these days I'd get my pic. Now I got da whole family." I said.
Smiling Taylor handed Isaac Joshua and I got a picture of them. I stood back. Once Taylor came back I set the camera on its stand and angled it. The whole family was there and mine too. I opened the wide screen.
"Everyone get together." I said.
I made sure everyone was in the photo. I set it for thirty seconds and joined Zac in the middle holding Joshua. The camera snapped at thirty seconds for a family photo. Over the years we had several family photos. Every time one had a baby in it we took one. It became a tradition. Preferable. The child first was a major holiday.

(What happened later on in life)

Taylor got married. He married Amber and they had five kids.
Isaac got married. He married Tiffany. He met her after Joshua was one year old. They have five kids also.
Zac and me were married and had Joshua. Zac had forgiven Andrew. We had seven more for a total of eight.
Clarke Isaac, Jordan Taylor, and Zachary Walker Hanson gained agent ship on December 29th, 2006.
Amanda married Tommy and they have three kids.
Jennifer, Zachary, Taylor, Amber, Isaac, Tiffany, Amanda, and Tommy all joined forces. Together they were unstoppable, solving 1000's of cases, solved and unsolved. They went down in the history books.

All characters in this story lived there lives to the fullest and died peacefully.

The End!

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