The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 14

He sat at home. He had tried the whole time.
"I got to find her." He said to Taylor.
"Why Zac?" He asked.
Zac had hid it from them. He had the baby's room ready. It was set up and the carpet cleaned. The wall was painted over. Isaac was over also. He had been there to watch him. He closed his eyes.
"If I tell you why.... you CAN'T tell mom...that's my job. You keep it to yourself." He said.
He made them both promise and he pinky promised. They wouldn't tell.
"I need to find her before December." He said.
"Why?" Taylor asked.
"December 14..." He said.
"Zac, why do you need to find her soooo bad? You know she can take care of herself and that Amanda, is trying to her damnest." Ike said.
"I know she can but not now." He said.
"Why not?" Taylor asked.
"If they haven't hurt her yet she's six months pregnant." He said.
It didn't sink in. Just then Taylor looked at him.
"Are you trying to tell us, she's having your baby???" Taylor asked.
"Yes, she is." He said.
He took them up-stairs and let them in the room. Taylor walked in first.
"You're not kidding?" He asked.
"No, I'm not. I knew she had been taken because she was doing red painting. The decorations are hand painted. She was doing the area over there that morning. I saw red paint on the floor and a stripe down the wall." He said.
"Why didn't you tell anyone?" Isaac asked.
"She didn't want to tell anyone for fear it'd be a miscarriage. You know mom… she wants a grandbaby." He said.
"Maybe she'll quit buggin me now." Isaac said.
"I doubt it." Taylor said.
"Yeah, me too." Isaac said.
"You can't tell mom till I know." He said.
"Zac listen? If Adam did get her we need to find her." Isaac said.
"I have been trying to tell ya that for like five months." Zac said.
"Well, you never said she was pregnant Zac." Taylor said.
"Well..." He said.
Isaac walked out and Taylor followed. Zac picked up a teddy bear. He sat down in the rocker and sat there. Taylor knew where he was and left him alone for a little while. Isaac also. They found a few places where Adam could be.

Sabrina looked at me.
"You alright?" She asked.
"Yeah." I said.
"Well, do you want to know the sex of the baby or wait?" She asked.
I thought a minute.
"Go ahead and tell me." I said.
"It's a boy." She said.
"Zac always said he wanted a boy first." I said.
She looked at me.
"This isn't Adam's… is it?" She asked.
"Hell no." I replied.
"Zac's?" She asked.
"Yes." I said.
She nodded and got up.
"All's fine." She said.
All the tests had shown a healthy baby. Sabrina fixed all the meals. She makes sure to go by what I like but also what is good. Sometimes she throws some none likeable food. I had gotten to like her. She keeps me informed on Zac too.
"Jen I want to let you know that he took a lot of classes to ease his mind. One was a birthing class. If he gets here to late or you can't make it… he can deliver the baby with no problems. Okay?" She asked.
"Yeah, I hope someone gets here." I said.
"No offence." I said.
"None taken." She said.
I smiled at her and handed her a letter.
"Please take it to him." I said.
"I will." She said and put it in her pocket.
In the afternoon's she leaves. That afternoon she went to the house and Isaac answered. His face fell into a frown when he saw her. She handed him the letter and walked away. Ike took it to Zac who was still sitting in the room.
"Zac… here." He said and handed it to him.
"Wait one month and he'll be gone." He said.
"How?" He asked.
"Sabrina came by." He said and then walked out.
Zac opened the envelope noting my handwriting. He opened the letter:

September 19th
Mr. Zachary Hanson,

Hi sweetie, I'm fine and so is the baby. You'd be happy to know it's a boy. Sabrina told me today. I trust her. I heard you took birthing classes so be ready. Maybe I'll want you to deliver your son. Adam's big plan is to keep the baby. His father and John have plans for me. Zac, not to be pushy, but please hurry! I know it is six months. Zac, I'm fine. As far as I know he won't hurt me. Zac, I love you. I will always love you. But I need to go now. Hopefully Sabrina gets this to you.

Love always and forever, Jennifer, and child.

He read it a few times. He laid it in the baby bed.
"I'll get you back home baby. Both of you." He said.
He walked downstairs and sat at the computer. He was turning into a good FBI agent. He had a feeling. He didn't want Adam to be gone. He planned it. And he sat wanting Isaac and Taylor to help. They agreed of course.
"No one is to be brought in. Not Amanda, not Amber. We do this one together as Hanson. For the sake of Jennifer and the baby she's caring for." He said.
"What did the letter inform you of?" Isaac asked.
"Its a boy." He said.
"Okay." He said.
They planned it together. Sabrina had also enclosed a layout of the area with the exact location and a time and day to come there. They planned it for the twenty second of October for 11:00. The place was a hundred miles south of Tulsa. It was a good one hour and a half drive.

For one month they planned. Sabrina never told me. She had a reason to because the house was bugged. She couldn't know. It was not tapped. They didn't know when I gave her letters or anything. The house had a simple plan. It had my little room with a desk, paper, pencils, coloring books, and crayons, with just the normal things to do. Also a bed, a chest drawer and down the hall was the room I'd be delivering the baby in. The next room was Adam's, which was across from mine room. It was like a living room. Adam often met John and Andrew in there. The kitchen was next, followed by a bathroom and then a room for the new baby.

October 22nd, 2006. 31 weeks 5 days.

I was resting at 11 pm when Adam came in.
"Come on." He said.
He led me down the hall to the room I was to deliver the baby in. He never used that room. He led me into the room.
"Get up there." He said.
I sat down.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"You'll see." He said.
He sent Sabrina in.
"He wants me to check you. For what I don't know." She said.
"Ok." I said.
She had me change into the gown while I showed her some defiance. I sat back. Once up on the table and feeling comfortable she strapped my feet in the holder.
"Quit." I said.
"I'm sorry. I'm only following instructions." She said.
"Sabrina he's not gonna…?" I asked.
"You're definitely right." Adam said.
"You can't. It's to soon." I said.
He gave me a shot in the side of my leg.
"Awww." I said.
Sabrina stabbed him in the arm and he fell on the floor. She let me go and then ran. I got up and ran after her. I stopped because the pain was very bad. I breathed in a few deeps breaths. Adam grabbed my arms.
"Labor hurts huh?" He asked.
I kicked him.
"You tell me." I said.
I continued down the hall. I heard an explosion and leaned back. I slid down the wall. It hurt. At the other end Taylor had detonated the explosive in the back. The garage opened with only a small amount. Adam had a gun. He fell in the explosion. The gun slid near me. I leaned forward and grabbed it. I pointed it at him as he looked up.
"No, you can't do it." He said.
"I tried to be nice about it. I tried to long." I said.
I pulled the trigger to get him in the shoulder. I heard the noise at the end of the hall. Isaac had gotten the other guy there. I saw Taylor when he got Adam. I closed my eyes. Zac grabbed my hand.
"Jennifer?" He asked as another wave of pain hit. I squeezed his hand.
"Easy." He said.
He helped me up. He and Taylor helped me to the van. I carefully lay down in the back of the van. I felt pain. I tried to breath and I screamed a few times.
"Did that help?" Isaac asked.
"No." I said.
I laid my head on the seat behind me.
"What the heck are they doing?" I asked.
Isaac went in and found Zac.
"Zac, you said she was pregnant right? Is that why she was in the van?" He asked.
"She said her back was hurting so I took her to the van and let her sit down so she could rest." He replied.
He was doing some wiring. They were gonna blow the house up. Taylor was working on the detonation box while Zac placed them. Isaac had done two rooms and the rest Taylor and Zac split. Isaac came back out. He walked to the van door.
"You want any aspirin?" He asked.
"How the hell is aspirin suppose to help?" I asked.
"It could." He said.
"You got 190 of em?" I asked.
"No. I wouldn't give you that many anyway." He said.
I had tried to time the contractions but at thirty minutes I lost the count. He watched me a few minutes.
"You're not okay, are you?" He asked.
I looked at him sternly at that question.
"Does it look like I'm okay?" I asked.
"No." He said.
"Gee, you got it right." I said.
Isaac walked back in.
"Zac how far did you say?" He asked.
"Six months. Anything else?" He asked.
Ike thought a minute. He had been with his mom when she went into labor with Mackie and Zoe. He thought back.
"Zac? Throw the damn material in a room. Forget the wires. Get a lot of towels, blankets, and a pillow. Whatever you can get your hands on and let's go." He said.
Zac got up looking now as tall as Isaac. He could look him right in the eyes.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Why do I need towels?" He asked.
"Zac let me ask ya a question. Six months… is that to early?" He asked.
"Yes." He said.
"Well, if you don't get her to a hospital so they can stop the labor you're gonna be a dad a tad early." He said.
"Isaac?" He said.
"Zac, I'm not joking. She's in labor Zac." He said.
He handed Isaac the wires and the bomb material and he went to the room he remembered seeing towels in. He picked a few things up which was a pair of scissors and a few towels. He thought a minute. He searched through the medicines and all the bottles. He picked up a needle and some painkillers. He took three of them and laid them down. He also grabbed some alcohol. He picked up a few blankets that were lying nearby. He then picked it all up. He had it on a sheet that was lying there. He then went past Taylor who looked very strangely at him.
"What the?" He asked.
Isaac threw the bombs in the rooms and hooked the wires. Sabrina was watching Adam and the other guy, which were knocked out in the back of a car. I got out even though it hurt. She had a needle that would stop it or repress it for a little longer. I walked to the car. I looked in the back. Agent Morris was the other guy. I was going back. Zac came running out. I watched him as he threw the stuff in the back. Then wondered where I went.
"I'm back here." I said.
He walked back toward me.
"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Labor?" He asked.
"Oh." I said.
He motioned me back to the van and I got back in. He had it fixed.
"Lie down. I'll go get Taylor and we will go to the hospital." He said.
"Ok." I said.
I lay back down and noticed the camera in the top. While he was inside I reached up there and flipped it on.
"May need this. Making it back to Tulsa is impossible." I thought.
I laid back down again. Zac explained to Taylor what was going on and he finished the last one. Isaac came running out. He got in and drove away heading toward Tulsa. Taylor came out and got in. He cranked the van up. Zac came out shortly after. He had the remote control. He got in and closed the door.
"Let's go." He said.
He started driving away. He hadn't got to far as I heard an explosion. I looked behind me. The house was gone.
"ZAC!" I screamed.
"What?" He asked.
"Are you crazy?" I asked.
He pondered.
"Yep." He said.
I laid back down.
"It's almost over." I told myself.
Taylor stopped.
"Isaac!" He screamed.
I leaned up and saw there was a car in the ditch. They got out.
"Zac." I said.
I got out going up to the car. It hadn't stopped yet but the pain was bearable.
"Isaac." I said.
He was in the front. He had gone off the road. I checked the back noticing that Adam was gone. I reached in the back and picked up a gun. Morris had had it but it fell out of his pocket. I eased into the woods. I saw him. Taylor and Zachary got Isaac out. He was okay. Dazed but all right. I walked up behind Adam.
"Don't move." I said.
He turned around and smiled.
"You can still walk? You must have a high endurance for pain." He said.
"Yeah I do." I said.
I was shaky with the gun and he knew it.
"Why not give up. You know if you fire it you'll miss." He said.
"No, I won't." I said.
It was beginning to hurt again.
"Adam, I'm tired of it. You're messing with my life. I had nine months planned and you're trying to ruin it." I said.
"No, I'm not." He said.
"Yes, you are. You know it would be a premature baby. I'm not stupid." I said.
"I found out yesterday. Your little boyfriend was gonna walk in and take you... but he wasn't taking the baby. My baby." He said.
"It's not your baby! It'll never be yours!" I screamed.
Zac heard me.
"Where's Jennifer?" He asked.
"Where's Adam?" Isaac asked.
Just noticing I stood in front of him.
"Contractions are getting closer. You need to get medical help." He said.
I watched him closer now then ever.
"You won't harm this family again." I said.
"You can't prove anything." He said.
"My point." I said and smiled.
"What are you talking about?" He asked.
"Adam, to be so clever why didn't you think of it? You hurt me Adam. You took me away from home. Away from my husband and you took the baby. He won't be able to feel him kicking like I did. I never told you but you see you and me are alone. No one will know exactly what happened." I said.
"You will." He said.
"It won't bother me. Come to think of it… I have plans for quite a few people. You gave me the time I needed. The way I wanted it. Alone I had five months to think. To determine exactly what I was gonna do. I knew if they came you'd do something to the driver. I expected it." I said.
Zac waited seeing I had it shortly under control. He didn't care. He'd testify on my behalf anyway. He walked back to the car and he waited just outside the woods. I took a razor blade.
"You see Adam, I can testify you tried to harm me." I said and I cut my arm.
"Now that hurts." I said.
I threw the blade down which scuffed the ground and never moved the ground.
"You attacked. You tried to kill me by slicing my throat." I said.
He looked impressed, even if his image was a bit dark.
"You won't fire." He said.
"Adam, I'm so sorry it had to turn out this way. Good bye." I said.
I shot him. He fell to the ground. I walked over to him. I had missed on purpose.
"I suppose, you're gonna say I can't?" I asked.
He barely nodded. I placed the barrel right at his heart.
"Adam, you could have been a good husband and a great father unlike yours, but I can't allow you to live." I said.
He looked up as I pulled the trigger. I watched him die. I got him square in the heart. I then walked back. Coming out of the woods I handed Isaac the gun. I then walked to the van and sat down.
"You better or do I still need to go at ninety miles an hour?" Taylor said.
"One hundred and ninety would be more like it." I said.
This time Isaac got in and he got in the back. Zac sat at my feet. It was still an hour or so to the hospital. Isaac kept the sweat off my forehead and I kept one towel to kill the pain. Zac called his mom and dad told him to meet us there. They had asked why he gave them a briefing. And Diana called my mother and father. After he hung-up he looked back me. I shook my head no.
"No?" He asked.
"No." I said.
Zac had a sick, disgusted look. He didn't want to.
"Zac," I said.
He came down.
"Think about it. You couldn't be there for five months." I said.
He looked down at me.
"You're right." He said and grabbed the towels.
"What are you doing?" Taylor asked.
"Delivering a baby." He said.
"You're kidding Zac?" Taylor asked.
"Taylor? Just drive and keep it steady." He said.
Isaac got to do the breathing thing and the telling. Zac got the hard work. Zac timed it first.
"Five minutes." He said.
"Now you know why. He's not gonna wait forever." I said.
He laid everything near him that he'd need to have close at hand The towel, the scissors, and the pain killers. He gave me one, which eased some of the pain. He had the breathing steadied in five minutes.
"Listen to me Jennifer. You need to push." Zac said.
I looked into Isaac's eyes.
"He's kidding me right?" I asked.
"I don't think he is." He said.
"Good." I said.
Isaac was a good coach and Taylor was a good driver until I screamed that it was the last time. After I screamed the baby started crying. Then he stopped.
"Don't stop." Isaac said.
"Oh hush." He said.
I relaxed for once. Isaac wiped my forehead off.
"Thanks." I choked out.
"You're welcome." He said.
Zac cleaned the baby the best he could. He timed it and had Taylor write it down. He cleaned the nose and mouth making sure he could breath. He was bloody then handed him to me. As I held him Zac cleaned his hands off. He laid the sheet over me so he could move. Taylor kept driving.
"I want to see." He whined.
I handed Zac the baby.
"Let him see." I said.
He went to the front. Taylor stopped long enough to see his nephew. The urgency struck him then as he sped up quite a bit.
"God Taylor you could do this going?" Zac asked.
"No." He said.
He came to the back. I lay there resting. Waiting one in Tulsa. I swear we had three cop cars behind us.
"Lord... I hope they don't start shooting." I said.
"Only if we shoot first." Zac said.
Taylor pulled into the emergency entrance about fifth teen minutes after he saw the baby. Isaac was inside and back out very fast. The parents were at the other end in the waiting room.
"I thought you said forty five minutes." My mom asked.
"That's what Zac said." She said.
They took me and the baby, with Zac to the back. They led Isaac and Taylor to the front. Isaac had one of the towels .He came in and Mackie saw them first.
"Taylor!" He said.
He ran to him.
"Mackie? Where's mom?" He asked.
"Over there." He said.
The police was done asking him about why he was speeding and saw it was an emergency but still gave him a ticket. They all stood up. Diana thought Isaac was hurt.
"What happened?" She asked frantically.
"It's okay mom. It's not mine." He said.
"Then who's is it?" She asked.
"This is what Zac put the newborn baby in when he delivered him." He said.
"WHAT?" She yelled.
"Mom? It's a hospital keep it down." Taylor said.
She apologized.
"Zac had to do an emergency delivery. Fifteen minutes short of time." Taylor said.
"Who delivered?" My mother asked.
"Your daughter." Isaac said.
My mom passed out in the back. They checked me over. Zac gave them the time he was born. They checked him. Aside from being extremely tired I was all right. They got to do the afterbirth. Zac didn't know that part. So they cleaned him and then had me put a gown on. And they put me in recovery. Zac came in bringing me flowers from downstairs. He made a quick trip. Undetected I smiled seeing him. He came up to the bed and sat down.
"How are you?" He asked.
"Tired." I said.
He leaned down and kissed me.
"The baby's fine." He said.
"Did the doctor tell you that?" I asked.
"Three minutes ago." He said.
"He also said he can go home in two to three weeks .He wants to make sure you and the baby are okay." He said.
I nodded and closed my eyes.
"Go ahead and rest now." He said.
I fell asleep shortly after.

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