Because The Night

Chapter 8

For a second night, I had made a perch on a tree limb outside her room. I just sat there and stared at that face. I desperately wanted to touch her again. Just…be in her presence. I had never felt that way before. She turned over once more and took a deep breath. I watched her as her chest rose and fell with each sweet breath she took. I knew I shouldn’t do it but everything inside of me cried out for her. Her touch, her smell, her everything. I jumped onto the balcony and opened the window. This time I made sure to close it afterwards so as to not let in any suspicious draft. I walked over towards her bed, totally oblivious of the fact that the other two girls were still asleep in the room. I sat on the bed carefully and leaned down, taking off my boots. I climbed under the covers, next to her and lay down. With her back towards me, I reached my hand carefully and caressed her upper arm with my fingertips. I moved in, putting my arm around her waist. I laid my head on the same pillow as her and stared at her, her body curled up like a cat. I smiled to myself and leaned in, smelling her hair as it brushed against my cheek. Finally, as of some unspoken agreement, she turned, facing me. She was still asleep. I reached my hand to her face and played with a few wild tendrils surrounding her face. I loved the curl to her lips as she slept. I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand. I moved in and pressed my lips to hers. Then, suddenly, I could feel her kiss me back. She moved n, pressing her body to mine and leaned her head on my chest. I closed my eyes and could feel myself drift off to sleep in her bed.

“What the hell…” I woke up suddenly out of my sound sleep. Standing above me was Amanda, looking down at me coldly. Her eyes were wide with shock. I scrambled out of the bed and looked all around for a route to escape. No luck, the window was closed all the way. I looked down at Phyllis and noticed she was still asleep.
“Who the hell are you!” She said angrily.
“Shhh…” I pleaded.
“You’re that guy whose been following us! How did you get in our room? “ She demanded.
“Be quiet!” I said angrily. I grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her out to the balcony. I closed the window and stood there, looking at her.
“God dam it, tell me what’s going on!” She said, gritting her teeth.
“What do you want to know.” I sighed.
“Why the hell you were in bed with my friend! How you got in here! Who you are…Do I have to go into more before I call security on your ass!” She yelled.
“Shhh…” I pleaded again.
“I…I got in through the balcony window…”
“We’re on the second story!”
“I climbed the tree.” I explained.
“Answer me! Why were you in bed with my friend!”
“I…I…I can’t.” I said and hung my head low.
“I…I just can’t explain.” I answered as I could feel the heat rise in my face.
“I know what you are!” She said, narrowing her eyes at me angrily.
“Huh?’ I said shocked.
“I could smell you a mile away! You’re a va…”
“Why? It’s the truth. That’s why you’ve been following her. You want to kill her, is that it! Well, you won’t cause I’ll kill you before you ever have a chance!” She yelled.
“I’m not trying to kill her! I…I…I love her.” I said. I gasped hearing the words come out of my mouth. How could I feel those things. I don’t even know her. It was just my infatuation. My sick infatuation. Stalking the one that got away. But it wasn’t. It was definitely more that that. Amanda’s eyes went wide.
“You what!” She said in a shocked tone.
“I love her.” I repeated, letting tears fall down my face.
“I don’t believe this! Is this some sort of sick joke! I know what you’re planning!” She said. I watched as she walked back in the room, locking the window. She stared at me, clenching her teeth and closed the curtains. I could no longer see Phyllis, sleeping peacefully, totally unaware of my feeling and what was going on.
I turned my back o the window. I couldn’t stand there any longer. I jumped to the tree and made my way down. I walked slowly away from the hotel, stopping once to look up towards her balcony. I sighed once more and headed back to “my family.”

I got in my room and immediately went to sleep without even undressing. I felt so miserable. I wouldn’t be able to see her without seeing Amanda, staring back at me, clenching her teeth. I’d never be able to touch her again. It all just didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t even bother to feed that night. I just didn’t care.

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