Because The Night

Chapter 7

“Hey guys! Check out the mask!” Holly called. She had on the same mask that Zac had on previously. Both girls turned their attention towards their friend, away from the rack to my relief.
“Holly! You look ridiculous.” Phyllis laughed.
“What’s your point Phyl, she always looks ridiculous.” Amanda said and burst out into a fit of giggles. I couldn’t help myself, I could feel a chuckle coming on.
“Come on. Let’s go. There’s another shop I heard about down the street.” Amanda said. I pushed some clothes out of the way and watched as Amanda and Phyllis walked away from the rack. Phyllis pulled the mask off of Holly and put it back in the box. I leaned back as I heard the door open and close.
“Oh god.” I sighed. Ike and Zac started laughing at me.
“SHUT UP!” I yelled.
“Why couldn’t you just say hello?” Zac laughed.
“Because…because…just shut up!” I said angrily and punched him in the arm.

“Um...excuse me… but what are you three doing on the floor?” A voice said. I scrambled to my feet and looked at the face. Holly was standing there, staring at me. Damn it, I thought she had left with the other two. I smiled and gritted my teeth.
“I recognize you…” She said, narrowing her eyes as she looked at me. Ike and Zac got up and inched their way away from me.
“I…I don’t think I know you.” I stammered.
“No, I know I’ve seen you somewhere before…” She said, thinking about it. I looked over at “my brothers” awkwardly but they just pretended I didn’t exist.
“You’re in a band, right?” She asked.
“Uh…yeah.” I said, taking a sigh of relief. Actually knowing that she had only recognized me from being in a band was a relief.
“What’s it called…uh…”
“Hanson.” Zac spoke up.
“No, that’s not it.” She said.
“No, we’re Hanson.” He said, moving forward.
“No, that’s not it. It’s something that begins with…with…” She said, raising her head, thinking about it more. I rolled my eyes. What an embasel.
“Aren’t you The Jackson Five?” She laughed.
“I know who you are.” She said and winked at me. I looked at her and laughed.
“So, why have you been following us?” She asked, raising an eyebrow in my direction.
“Following you? I haven’t…I mean…we haven’t been following you.” I stuttered.
“Oh, alright then. Must just be a coincidence than.” She smiled. She turned around and began to head to the door to leave.
“Oh, wait one sec, I need to tell you something…privately.” She said and pointed towards me. I swallowed hard, wondering what it was.
“Why don’t you guys head on out. I’ll catch up.” I said, motioning for “my brothers” to leave.
“All right Tay.” Ike said. Both Ike and Zac left, leaving Holly and I.
“I have a question for you…are you the guy that was making out with my friend?” She smiled.
“EXCUSE ME!” I said shocked.
“You heard me.” She answered.
“I…I kissed her…yes.” I answered, feeling my face turn red.
“Well, that’s all I wanted to know then…” She said and began to leave again.
“Wait! Did she say anything about me?” I asked, walking over to her.
“Why do you want to know?” She asked, not even turning around.
“I…I just do.” I answered.
“Sorry, can’t say. Good bye Taylor.” She smiled and left. I stood there for one second. Wait! How did she know my name?

I left the store in a hurry and attempted to find my brothers. That wouldn’t be that simple. I finally found them sitting on a bench, eating ice cream, waiting for me.
“Are we ready?” Zac asked, looking up at me.
“Yes.” I answered. They finished their ice cream and we headed back to the hotel where I attempted to get some sleep before I would return to her hotel room.

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