Because The Night

Chapter 12

Her eyes flew open, and she bolted up, grabbing my shoulders as her teeth sank into my neck. I hissed as I felt her tongue work over the puncture, and my blood flowed through her. I could feel her power rise, and then burst fee as she pulled away and screamed.
Thunder rolled and lightning struck around us. She broke out laughing hysterically and tilted her head to look up at the now dark sky. The rain started to pour down as another roll of thunder elapsed and I saw her eyes glow bright green.
She pulled herself to my chest and slowly calmed her laughter. I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms around her waist. I felt the wound in my neck close and smiled.
“And they all think vampires and witches are enemies…” She laughed, which to me was the most beautiful sound in any world.
“Then they obviously didn’t know about us, did they?”
“Obviously not…thank you…”
“For what?” I asked.
“Saving me…for loving me…claiming me…and all of that.”
“Well, then, you’re welcome. What do you say we get out of here?”
“Mmm…what about Holly?”
“We’ll drop her off at your hotel.”
“And we get to run away together huh?”
“If that’s what you want, but I don’t think our ‘parents’ would approve of our ‘union’.”
“True, okay, we can run away, but we have to explain it to them…”
“I think it would be best just to let Amanda and Holly tell your parents and I’ll tell Zac…he’d be the first to understand.”
We stood up, and I picked up Holly. Phyllis smiled at me and we walked back to her hotel.

“Okay, she’s all ‘tucked in’.” I said, walking into the makeshift living room.
“I’m done. I’ll leave this by the coffeepot. Amanda will be the first up, despite the lack of blood. She always has to have her coffee in the morning.”
“All right. Is there anything else you need?”
“Besides you?”
“Besides me…”
“I have a few things to pick up at a store, but other than that, no.”
“Then you go do your shopping and I’ll go leave my note for Zac. We’ll meet at the airport, at five.”
“Okay, later…”
She kissed me before I walked out of the room and made my way towards my hotel, brain working on someway to explain this all to Zac.

I walked into my hotel room and crept in as quietly as possible. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from my backpack and sat down in the living room. What was I supposed to write? It’s not like I could just spill my guts and tell them all what I really was. I couldn’t even really tell them why I was leaving. They would never understand. I felt bad enough about what I had down to their family. I was the cause of all their problems. I’ll explain…

As I have mentioned, I was born a very long time ago and I have experienced living with many families before. It’s all been the same except this particular family. I had recently just left “my previous family” when they found out. I wasn’t really saddened by leaving. I had known that it would happen sooner or later when I found I couldn’t feed because they would keep me around all the time and never let me leave. I ended up taking the life of their young daughter. She was only about eight or nine years old. In actuality, she really was my only friend. I never wanted to do it but it was my only choice.
I had just come in the house from helping “my so-called father” with his beat down truck. At this time, I looked a lot different then what I look like now. I had taken on the identity of their oldest son by the name of Patrick. Patrick had run away, conveniently, and I knew it would be no problem to situate myself in this atmosphere. He was basically treated like total crap. No wonder he left. He was fourteen years old. From pictures, I changed my appearance to match a young man, with black hair, brown eyes and a slight tan. When I came back to the house, I sort of expected to be welcomed back with open arms but instead, it was like an everyday occurrence that he left. But this time, he never did return.

I remember the day Emily found out. That was Patrick’s sister I told you about. I had just come in, like I said, from working on that truck. Emily was in the kitchen making a sandwich for herself. I walked over to the sink and began to wash the grease from my hands when Emily stopped what she was doing and came over to me.
“Yeah?” I asked, turning my gaze towards “my little sister”.
“Can I ask you something?” She asked.
“Shoot.” I smiled as I sat down at the kitchen table next to her.
“Would you be mad if I knew something I wasn’t supposed to know? She asked and looked down at her hands.
“What do you know?” I questioned.
“Something about you.” She said and looked straight in my face.
“Uh…why…why don’t we go upstairs to talk about this.” I suggested nervously.
“Uh…all right.” She said in a very trusting voice as she dropped her sandwich on her plate. She followed me upstairs to her room where I promptly locked the door and closed the windows. She sat down on her bed and I stood there, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Go ahead.” I said.
“Come on.” I said angrily.
“You’re not my brother!” She yelled and quickly put her hand over her mouth, surprised she had just blurted it out.
“Excuse me?” I said angrily as I walked closer to her.
“I saw you the day you came back. You…you weren’t my brother. You...you changed…like you became him.” She stammered.
“So…you know my secret.” I smiled at her.
“Are…are you mad?” She said, with wide eyes. I knew she was scared out of her wits.
“Emily…you are right. I’m not Pat.” I said and sat down on the bed next to her.
“Who…who are you?” She stuttered.
“I can’t tell you that.”
“But…but…” I silenced her, putting my finger to her lips.
“Where’s my brother?” She whispered.
“He ran away Emily.” I whispered back as I leaned in closer to her.
“I…I…”She stammered as I came closer to her.
“I do love you like I was your brother.” I said and with one smooth motion, I sank my teeth into her small neck. She didn’t make a sound. Nothing at all. I finished and looked down at her small body, drained of it’s life. I did feel bad. I didn’t want to do it to her but I couldn’t let her go and tell everyone. I picked her up and pulled back the cover of her tiny bed. I laid her down gently and put the covers up to her neck.
“Sleep well Emily.” I said and kissed “my little sister” on the forehead. I quickly left the room and went into the bathroom to clean myself off. I went downstairs and out the door where “my father” was still working outside on his damn truck.
“Dad, I’m going into town. We’re out of mild.” I said and began to walk away.
“Patrick! I just bought a jug of milk! Where the hell did it go!” “My old man” Yelled.
“I don’t know. I’ll buy it.” I smiled. He shrugged his shoulders.

And that’s the last they ever saw of me or “Patrick” I should say. I “bounced” from “family to family”, and some time down the road I came across the Hanson family. They were just coming out of church, and were happy and laughing. Something about them just caught my attention and I decided that this was my next “family”.

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