Because The Night


“Hey love.”
“Hm?” I look up from my computer, only to stare into Phyllis’ green eyes. I smile as she puts her arms around my shoulder, kissing my cheek as she looks at the screen.
“What you working on?” She asks.
“My story. I’m almost done, give me a minute.”
“Do you mind if I call Amanda and Holly? I miss them…”
“Phyl, love, you know we can’t talk to them. I know it’s hard, but we have to stick it out for a little while longer. I promise you’ll see them again.”
“All right. I’ll be down stairs…”
She lets go and heads out the door. I turn back to my computer.

“I know you want to see them again, but I can’t all that…”

I put my fingers back on the keys and begin to finish my book.

And that’s where I am now… sitting at my desk, typing this very story. I guess it’s only a reminder of how Phyllis and I came to live together, because I highly doubt that anyone would publish it, but maybe…no, my life is just fine the way it is, I have Phyllis now, and that’s all that matters, but if her friends attempt to take her away from me, I won’t hesitate to eliminate them…because if flows through my veins…because the night…


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