Because The Night

Chapter 14

I reached down and caught his wrist, my other hand over his mouth so he couldn’t squeal out in fright. He looked up at me and his eyes widened.
I was levitating, my feet in the air above my head, and I knew he was shocked. I moved up to sit on another limb, his back to my chest. Yes my chest. I had reverted to what I am now, a 17 year old form of him.
“Shh…I won’t hurt you…” I whispered in his ear.
“You have to stay quiet Taylor or your brother will find us…”
He nodded slowly and I removed my hand from his mouth, wrapping it around his waist with my other arm. He looked up at me as I changed my mind and brought my hand up to run it through his short hair. My action to sooth him only made him stiffen up like a board.
“I won’t hurt you…” I whispered, turning his face so I could look him in the eyes.
“Just go to sleep Taylor, sleep…”
I let myself roll him under and he fell limp. I smiled sadly as I heard thunder rumble in the distance and rain slowly trickled down on the leaves around me. He was so helpless. I hated when I had to take from children. He didn’t do anything to me. He was just an innocent child who was just happened to make the wrong decision at the wrong time and at that moment, I had to take his life. I had scared the hell out of him when I had shifted into my “natural form”. Yes my natural form. I held him in my arms as I sat comfortably on the branch. I looked down at him as he slept. I leaned in and finally, sank my teeth into his young flesh. He didn’t make a sound. He couldn’t. I had put him into a dream state. He wouldn’t feel any pain. That’s how I preferred to take my victims. I drank from his wound slowly, savoring my meal. I finished and looked at him in my arms. Such innocence.
“TAYLOR!” I was shocked out of my dreamy eyed state when I could hear voices. Suddenly, the sky opened up and a flash of lightning ripped through the sky. My body jerked forward as I could feel the essence of him fill me. I snapped my head back uncontrollably and snapped my eyes open fast. Lightning crashed again and I looked down at my body. I could feel myself start to convert into a replica of him. I could feel a rush of energy hit me and then his memories and emotions came with it, washing through my mind. It was the most unforgettable experience. I had taken other’s identities in this manner but their energy wasn’t as intense as his. I growled, letting my teeth show and snapped back. It had ended. It was complete and I looked and felt just like him.
“TAYLOR! It’s starting to storm!” I could hear his mother call. I placed him carefully in the higher branches, hiding him easily amongst the leaves. I clambered down the tree and ran to “my new family”. I smiled as I found the little one and jumped into the car next to him.
“Tay, where were you? I couldn’t find you?” Zac asked, looking at me.
“My secret hiding place.” I smiled.

I looked around the room and back at the paper in my hands. I truly could not explain myself. I put the pen to the paper and began to write.
“I love you all. Tay.” Was all I wrote. I put the paper on the table in the living room and grabbed my backpack and my suitcase. I turned and looked at the room. I could hear “my brothers” in the bedroom, breathing as they slept.
“I love you.” I whispered as I opened the door and left…forever.

I made my way to the airport and looked down at my watch.
“5:00…where is she?” I questioned myself. I looked all round for her but She was no where in sight. I sighted to myself.
“TAYLOR!” She yelled as she saw me. I looked up and could see her running towards me. She fell into my arms and I held onto her. I kissed her on the forehead and looked down at her.
“I thought you weren’t coming.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist.
“I was having a hard time trying to figure out what I was going to write.” She answered.
“So did I.” I said. I grabbed her bag and we made out way to the check in, hand in hand. We walked into the plane and I put our bags in the overhead compartment. I sat down next to her and looked in her direction. She was staring out the window and she looked so sad.
“Huh?” She asked as she turned and looked at me.
“Are you all right?” I asked as I put my hand on hers and rubbed her knuckles with my thumb.
“Yeah.” She smiled hesitantly. I raised her hand to my face and kissed it.
“We’ll have a great time in Paris.” I smiled.
“I know.” She answered and looked away from me, out towards the window again.

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