Three Minds As One

Epilogue - Till They Meet Again

Several months passed as life was getting back to normal for them. Ike, Taylor, and Zac explained to their family in detail about what happened to them. They found it amazing and promised to hold it as a deep secret that only they would know about. They regained their health with the love of their family and friends. They had to face the court system and testify about the kidnappings and all that had happened to them. All the ones involved kept their vow of slience about the beings and their interaction with them. Mike was placed on probation for several years always remaining the Hanson's friend. Sam had to serve time in prison being sentenced to five years for kidnapping. Don was also prosecuted and had to serve three years. In the meantime Ike, Taylor, and Zac recorded their new album and toured the world once again with their new music. They always held their psychic bond a secret from the world. They missed their alien friends. So many times the subject came up when they were alone with no one else around and wondered what Demi and the others were doing.

The concert went off as planned in Tulsa. It was late when they finally got home after the interviews. They felt tired, but still wanted to finish up on a song they had been working on in the past few days.
"Guys! It's late. Remember you have to catch a plane to New York tomorrow, so don't stay up to late." Walker warned them as Ike, Taylor, and Zac nodded their heads, as they went down the stairs to their studio.
"Ike where did you leave the copies?" Taylor asked looking in a drawer trying to find the new song that they were writing.
"It's on the table over there." Ike said sitting down on his chair and lifted up one of his guitars putting the strap over his head.
"Got it!" Taylor smiled walking up to his keyboard and sat down.
Zac sat next to his drum set and thumped his hand down onto one of the drums.
"Here Zac take one and give the other one to Ike." Taylor exclaimed holding out the sheets to him. Zac got up and took them walking slowly over to Ike reading the sheet on top.
"Okay.... I say that we should start where we left off." Ike said placing the sheet down next to him as he shifted to get comfortable.
"Guys?" Taylor swallowed hard feeling suddenly odd. "Do you feel that?"
"What?" Ike turned looking up when the room took on a golden hue.
They all stood up as their hearts started to race when a bubble formed in the center of the room.
"Demi?" Taylor whispered raising his eyebrows a bit.
They saw a being that was not much taller then them enter through the rip. Taylor backed away and then sucked in a breath when the blued eyed alien looked at him.
"Oh my God! Nod...row!" Taylor bellowed coming forward when Demi followed behind with Neque, Haelz, and Mayte appearing also.
"Demi!" Taylor yelled as he reached out and Demi swooped him up into his arms glowing golden.
"My Taylor!" He shouted joyessly.
"What are you doing here?" Ike asked as Neque took hold of his hands.
"Nadroj wanted to see you. He wanted to see the one with blue eyes like him again." Mayte explained as Taylor was put down and came face to face with Nadroj.
"Wow! Your kind really grow up fast." Taylor chuckled when Nadroj cocked his head staring into his eyes.
"No my Taylor. Time is different here. Many years have passed on our world." Demi expressed as Taylor darted his eyes side to side.
"To us only a few months passed." Taylor said rubbing the side of his face.
"I had to meet you our Taylor. I wanted to see the one who gave me this eye color. And to meet all of you who my world talks about as legends. Who saved the balance of time." Nadroj exclaimed in perfect English. Taylor blushed turning a deep shade of red.
"Legends? We are legends? That is so cool!" Zac gushed in a high cracking voice, as Haelz was amused by his reaction.
"You're still the same my young one." Haelz droned when Ike and Taylor burst out laughing by the look on Zac's face from Haelz's remark.
"Yeah the same crazy Zac." Ike chuckled looking over at him.
"And proud of it!" Zac bellowed matter of factly smiling ear to ear.
"Can we stay awhile Emitforecnalab?" Nadroj begged wanting to get to know these beings better. He had his memories of them, but felt the instant bond that he had with Taylor.
"Sure we can. Is that okay with you?" Demi asked.
"That would be great, but we do have to fly to New York tomorrow to promote our new music." Taylor explained.
"I don't care if I stay up all night. I love being with our friends again." Ike stated smiling at Neque who ran her finger gently down the side of his face with love.
"You all look so well and happy. I am glad." Neque proclaimed sitting down next to Ike's chair.
"Well make yourselves comfortable." Taylor declared sitting back down at his keyboard with Nadroj sitting down next to him.

They talked way into the night catching up on all that had happened to them when they parted on the island. The room bounced with lights of joy surrounding them. They were together again as friends, but this time they were free without the fear and pain that brought them together in the first place. The bond of love was once again established among them. Neque sat back watching her young ones with loving eyes. She knew in the near future, as foretold in her dreams, that once again their paths would cross, but for now they just enjoyed each other's company.

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