Three Minds As One

Chapter 47 - Going Home

Diana and Walker sat nervously in the back of the helicopter looking out of the window as they saw the island getting closer and closer.
"Walker? I see the boys! I can see them!" Diana screamed as tears flowed down her face.
"Yes... I see them too!" Walker said swallowing the lump in his throat.
"Remember Mr. and Mrs. Hanson before you get out of the helicopter we have to secure the area first. So stay put until we tell you that it is okay to come out! Okay?" Tim yelled over the noise.
"We will Tim! Don't worry!" Walker assured him nodding his head.

Ike, Taylor, and Zac stepped back as the helicopters started to land in the area around them. Suddenly the doors on the sides of the helicopters slid open with men piling out and running in all directions shouting orders, as every man from the complex stood up with their hands raised in the air. Taylor spun around as several men grabbed Don and Sam roughly by the arms and dragged them over to where they were surrounding the others. Zac saw Mike look over at him and smiled while his hands were being handcuffed behind his back.
"Mom! Dad!" Taylor screamed as the men swarmed around him and his brothers.
"Please? Where are our parents!?" Zac fearfully looked around as the men were pushing and shoving them. He had a urge to use his powers, but remembered what Sam told them and thought better of it.
"Stop it! We're alright!" Ike grumbled angrily, reaching and pulling his brothers close to him, not wanting to get separated from them.
"Man it looks like the whole army is here!" Zac yelled looking up at Ike and Taylor.
"Is the area secure?!" A man bellowed next to them. They heard several other men answer him that everything was secured in the area. They swallowed hard as they saw a man approach them from one of the helicopters with a serious look on his face as he viewed his surroundings.
"Boys? Are you okay?" The man asked as they nodded their heads squinting from the bright sunlight.
"Yeah we are fine sir. Can we see our parents now?" Ike asked with his heart starting to race with a deep yearning inside. Taylor felt a little dizzy and leaned against Ike.
"Please." Taylor whispered as everyone stared at them. The man nodded his head to another man.
The area grew silent as Mrs. Hanson was helped off the chopper first looking fearfully around, followed by Mr. Hanson. Diana scanned the crowd suddenly spotting her sons who stood frozen to the spot looking straight at her. Ike, Taylor, and Zac blinked almost thinking it was an illusion before them.
"Ike!" Diana yelled as she ran with her arms out in front of her, with their father running close behind.
"Mom! Dad!" Ike, Taylor, and Zac broke down crying as they bolted toward them. Ike reached her first desperately clinging unto her as Zac was swept off his feet by their father as he spun him around in the air. Taylor collasped falling to the ground, a few feet away from them, as his legs gave out from under him falling face down on his hands and knees. He gasped for air feeling weak trying to get up off the ground wanting desperately to hug his parents.
"Taylor!" Walker screamed as they all ran to him.
"Dad! Mom!" Taylor yelled cracking a smile as his father went down on his knees in front of him and then raised his upper body up into his arms. He hugged onto to him desperately with Diana petting his head.
"Tay are you alright?" Walker asked feeling worried noticing Taylor still couldn't stand.
"I'm fine Dad. Really!" Taylor answered as the tears spilled down his face.
"My babies!" Diana moaned burying her face into Zac's shoulder.
"It's alright Mom! Oh God I love you!" Zac exclaimed holding her tightly in his arms.
"Well let's get you home!" Walker announced petting Taylor and Ike's faces as they sat on the ground.
"Home! I want to go home!" Taylor rocked his head back smiling up at the sky.
"Why are you so weak Tay? What did they do to you?" Walker asked with great concern searching his eyes for a answer.
"We can't tell you here. We'll explain it all when we get home. Okay?" Ike whispered as Walker nodded his head. Ike and Walker helped Taylor up off the ground, walking him slowly over to the helicopter helping him in as Zac and Diana followed behind. Tim came up behind them and slid the door securely shut. He signaled for them to take off.
"Dad? What is going to happen to them?" Taylor asked looking out the window at Sam and Mike who stood together among the others.
"They will be arrested and then prosecuted for kidnapping and various other crimes." Tim stated when they turned and looked at him.
"But... but one of them became a good friend and helped us." Zac informed him choking back his tears, thinking of Mike.
"Well if that is true young man the courts will probably go easy on him. Okay?"
Zac nodded and swallowed hard as the chopper lifted off the ground. He rested his head against his mother's shoulder as she lovingly placed her arm around him.
"Can anyone of you tell me where Thomas Shane is? We couldn't find him." Tim asked noticing the question made them suddenly look nervous.
"Ummm... he...he died sir." Ike answered looking down at his hands.
"How did this happen son?" Tim asked gently not wanting to upset him seeing how nervous he had become.
"It was an accident. The room where he had built this machine suddenly blew up about a day ago and killed him. They threw his ashes into the ocean." Ike explained remembering every word Sam told him to say.
"Was he alone when this happened?"
"Yes. It happened early in the morning." Taylor added in licking his lips.
"What kind of machine was it that would have exploded like this?"
"It had something to do with magnetic fields or something like that." Zac said in a shaking voice.
"Oh." Tim nodded thinking he had asked them enough questions for now.
"Where is Jessie, Avie, and Makie?" Ike asked trying to change the subject.
"They are waiting at home. They are so excited to see you." Walker smiled when he reached out and caressed the side of his face.
"I want to sleep in my bed again." Zac stated smiling at the thought.
"I want to eat Mom's food again." Taylor chuckled smiling up at her as tears filled her eyes noticing how thin Taylor looked to her. She thought they all lost a considerable amount of weight.
"And record our music!" Ike expressed suddenly making a gesture of strumming a guitar.
Taylor and Zac laughed agreeing with him.
"My boys. I knew I would see my boys again. Wait until you get home and see the mail you have received." Walker smiled squeezing Taylor's hand.
"What are you talking about Dad?" Zac asked crinkling his eyebrows together.
"All your fans have sent letters and cards to us praying we would find you soon."
"Cool! They haven't forgotten us." Zac smiled as Walker teasingly pushed against his arm rocking him slightly to the side.
"Shhhh... Taylor fell asleep." Diana whispered as his head rested on her shoulder.
"He needs his rest the most." Ike mumbled reaching out and ran the back of his hand down the side of his brother's face. Walker, Diana, and Tim looked curiously at Ike wondering why he said that as the chopper carried them finally home.

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