Three Minds As One

Chapter 9 - Why You Are Here - Continued

Ike, Taylor, and Zac sat at the table quietly feeling lonely and confused. They all turned hearing the door open. They immediately got up noticing three men entered the room. They all stood back near the wall, where the TV was mounted in, and fearfully watched one man roll in a cart. The other two stood near the door, while Michael rolled the cart near the table.
"Supper time boys!" Mike announced smiling. He lifted the hotplates and put them onto the table. He noticed they fearfully watched him not moving a inch.
"Take it easy kids. No one is here to hurt you." Mike assured them.
Zac recognized the man, who was the one from the van, who held his hand over his mouth. Zac swallowed hard. Ike stood in front of his brothers as if trying to protect them. Taylor cast his eyes to the floor.
"Can you tell us what time it is?" Ike asked trying to sound bold.
"It's five o'clock in the evening." Mike said looking down at his watch. He uncovered the plates with spaghetti and meatballs steaming on each one. Zac looked hungrily at the food. Mike placed forks, knives, and spoons by each plate and set a basket of garlic bread in the center of the table.
"Pl..please sir, can you tell us how long we have been here?" Zac asked shaking a little.
"You just arrived here today. Enjoy the food guys." Mike expressed cheerfully, getting ready to leave.
"Oh... thanks." Zac said shyly. Mike felt sorry for them as he left the room, followed by the two guards that were with him.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac looked at one another, then the food. They all slowly approached the table together.
"Looks good." Zac began with his mouth watering.
"Well we might as well eat." Ike said hearing his stomach growl.
"I'm starving!" Zac exclaimed, sitting down at the table followed by Ike and Taylor.
"Hope they didn't drug it." Taylor muttered softly.
"Tay? Right now I really don't care. I'm hungry and I am going to eat this meal." Zac declared smiling. Taylor smiled back watching Zac raise his fork and just start to dig in.
"Wait Zac! Let's say grace." Ike stated.
"Oh yeah." Zac said placing his fork back down and bowed his head. They clasped their hands together ready to begin.
"Dear Lord, bless this food and please let our parents find us soon. Keep us safe and give us the courage to face whatever we have to in the days ahead. Amen."
"Amen." Taylor and Zac said in unison.
Taylor still felt weak from the incident earlier and thought maybe the food would bring some of his strength back. He reached out and with his hand shaking, grabbed a piece of bread and bit into it loving the taste that filled his mouth. Ike sadly watched Taylor noticing his brother seemed very weak from everything that was happening so far to them. He knew Taylor seemed to be getting the brunt of the suffering, that they had to endure, since being kidnapped by these people. He vowed to himself that Taylor was not going to be hurt anymore. He couldn't stand to see or feel him in pain.
"At least they are good cooks. They make a pretty mean spaghetti and meatball dinner!" Ike chuckled, enjoying his dinner looking lovingly at his two brothers. He noticed that Zac was gobbling the meal quickly.
Zac and Taylor chuckled as they filled their mouths with more spaghetti.
"And they seem to be treating us okay so far too." Zac stated taking a bite out of the garlic bread he had covered with sauce.
"I keep thinking about Mom and Dad though. They must be going crazy with worry. And I don't think they will be able to find us." Taylor began sadly.
"I know. Well maybe later we can find a way to escape. There has to be a way out of here. Let's just take this whole mess we are in a step at a time." Ike said matter of factly. Taylor nodded agreeing with him.
"That guy seemed nice." Zac said.
"What guy?" Taylor asked looking at his little brother.
"The guy who brought in the food. I don't know. I just think... well like he feels sorry for us." Zac answered, spinning the spaghetti around his fork.
"Maybe you're right. He did seem nice." Taylor agreed smiling at Zac.
They finished their meal feeling a little better with their stomach's nice and full. Taylor went to rest on his bed as Zac went over by the TV again and watched a video trying to take his mind off the situation they were in. He didn't like that the dinner seemed to upset his stomach. Ike found some paper and was writing down his thoughts, caught in his own little world. Taylor felt drowsy and closed his eyes drifting off to sleep. A presence gently entered his mind. Taylor shifted slightly sensing he was not alone.

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