Three Minds As One

Chapter 10 - Time To Learn

Sam looked around the room which he had set up specifically for teaching the boys. All the equipment he had ordered was finally unpacked and installed. He walked around the room testing to make sure that everything was working and ready. A smile formed across his face as he sat down in a chair and pulled out some flash cards from a drawer in the table that was placed in the center of the room. The table was walled off into three sections so when the boys sat down they couldn't see each other. Feeling finally satisfied he got up and left the room slowly sauntering down the hall toward the kids room. It was time to wake them up and start their day. Tom called him earlier and said he was ready to meet them. He turned and saw a flash of a face go by the window of the being's room.
"Man that thing is fast. Guess he finally woke up after I forced him to take a nap yesterday." Sam thought chuckling to himself.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out the card key.

Taylor fitfully kept tossing and turning. His headache was gone but all night long he kept having strange dreams. Flashes of weird images kept going through his mind. It was as if someone was looking and lurking around in his head. He opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling feeling depressed. He quickly wiped away a tear that escaped down his cheek. He wanted to go home so bad. He missed his family so much. He wondered what his parents were doing at this moment. He hated the thought of how desperate they must be feeling right now. He turned his head looking at Ike who was still sleeping peacefully in his bed. He wondered what time it was. Being in this room made them lose all track of time.

Ike lay with his eyes closed wishing this whole mess they were in was just a nightmare. He could hear Taylor moving around. He noticed all night that his brother was fitfully sleeping. Sleep was hard to come by in this place. Several times during the night he tried to get into Taylor's mind but all he could sense was muddled thoughts with Taylor. He just didn't want his brother to go through any more pain. Feelings of protecting his brothers from these people overwhelmed him. A few times during the night he felt as if someone or something was lurking around in his head. A shiver went up his spine remembering. He wondered if it was Sam fooling around with them again. He felt hate for this man who caused him and his brothers so much fear. He just wished he could find out what they wanted from them. Why were they so important to this so called project?

Zac stared up at the ceiling with tears silently running down his face. He knew Taylor was awake but didn't want to say anything not wanting his brothers to know that he had been crying for the last hour. Fear woke him up. A odd sensation as if someone was walking around in his head scared him. He hated this place and all he could picture was the worried expressions of his parent's faces, probably desperately trying to find them. He wished he could use this psychic thing to contact them. But it seemed like it was only between him and his brothers. Taylor he noticed could travel around to different minds. He thought maybe later today he would ask his brother to try and see if he could try to contact them through this psychic ability they seemed to be now gifted with. He slowly rolled onto his side feeling very depressed. He stared at Ike's back watching his older brother sleeping and hoping he would wake up soon. Even though this whole place scared him, he was glad that his brothers were with him. He knew he couldn't face this without them.

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