Three Minds As One

Chapter 9 - Why You Are Here - Continued

Sam was angry. The being was getting harder and harder to handle. He looked through the window seeing it laying in a fetal position on the floor. He was glad the gas could still knock him out. He wondered how much longer though it was going to work on him. He was developing a resistance to it. It kept getting longer each time they had to put him out when he went into one of these rages of his. His head pounded from a headache brought on by the screaming session the being went through. He couldn't understand why it suddenly flipped out, like it desperately wanted something this time. He turned gazing at the door where the boys were in. He knew they probably heard the commotion out here. He started walking toward it when Tom came around the corner calling out to him.
"Sam I want to see you right now in my office!" Tom yelled in a worried voice.
"Fine... I will be right with you."
"Now!" Tom said angrily as Sam cast him a dirty look. He released the handle to the door and put his card key back in his pocket. He followed Tom down to the end of the hall, where his office was located. Tom opened the door with Sam following behind. Sam sat angrily down in a chair in front of Tom's desk. Tom went around his desk and plopped down heavily into his chair.
"Well? What do you want?" Sam asked feeling annoyed.
"We can't keep doing that to him. What happens if he dies? I want to communicate with it." Tom said pulling out a cigarette from the pack he had laying on his desk. He lit it up nervously and inhaled deeply liking the effects it gave him. It calmed down his nerves.
"Don't worry. He is stronger then you think he is. Besides we now have the boys here. I know they are capable of connecting with it."
"But the question is... when will you have them ready?"
"I don't think it will take that long to train them. They already know how to use some of their psychic abilites. I feel that they will catch on quickly."
"But will they listen to you? I mean we did bring them here against their will. I hope they cooperate with us!"
"I'll get them too. Don't worry about that." Sam said grinning a little.
"How? Through fear?" Tom asked feeling a little perturbed.
"If that's what it takes... yes!"
"Well I hope they learn fast. When do you think we should tell them about our guest?" Tom asked searching Sam's face for an answer.
"I don't want them to know about him for awhile yet. I want to keep them in the dark about it, until I am sure they are ready."
"Hmmmm... yes that is probably the best way to go for now." Tom agreed, taking another drag off his cigarette.
Sam looked down at his watch noticing it was getting late. He was hungry and wanted his supper.
"Well I'm going to my room and have dinner. If anything comes up just holler." Sam stated standing up and headed for the door.
"Yeah... me too. I guess I should get someone to take the boys their supper to them too. They must be hungry." Tom said.
"I'll get Mike to take them theirs." Sam said as he left the room.

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