Three Minds As One

Chapter 9 - Why You Are Here - Continued

"Ike? What's that sound?" Taylor asked hearing a low forlorn pitch coming from outside the room.
"I don't know. It sounds strange." Ike said listening hard while he looked up at the ceiling.
Taylor and Ike noticed it was getting louder. It sounded as if someone or something was in pain. Zac suddenly turned around hearing it too. He bolted up and headed over to his brothers feeling confused.
"What is that?" Taylor questioned, when they heard footsteps running outside in the hallway. Suddenly a siren went off and they heard people yelling just outside their door. The screaming sound was getting louder and higher in pitch. They covered their ears trying to block out the pain that was overcoming them.
"TAY!? Try to see what is going on!" Ike yelled over the noise. Taylor nodded his head and searched for the link to Sam. Finally he found him and could see they were just outside their door across the hall. Men were looking into a room trying to get some equipment set up that had a hose like thing connected to it. They were running it into a hole in the wall of the room directly across from them.
"What are they doing Tay?!" Zac asked.
"Here... look!" Taylor said as Zac connected the link so they could see what Taylor was seeing. They all watched the men gazing into the windows of the room. Sam had a angry look covering his face. He reached out and turned on the machine. The scream became louder and angry sounding. It sent shivers up their spines. Zac shook from fear and stood closer to Ike still holding his hands over his ears. Zac then ended the link not wanting to see what was going on anymore. Whatever or whoever that was screaming didn't sound human to him. Ike could see the scene drop from his mind. He looked over at Zac and grabbed him close sensing his fear and feeling very afraid also.
Taylor was still watching the commotion when his mind drifted to the room. He wanted to see who was in there. Curiosity got the best of him even though he felt afraid. Suddenly blinding flashes of light entered his mind. Images raced to fast to see anything clearly. Taylor stumbled backwards feeling off center. Something was trying to latch onto his mind desperately. Pure terror raged through him. He couldn't understand the blinding images of light. It was all coming in too fast. He flung out his arms trying to stop the bond that took hold of his mind.
Ike and Zac noticed Taylor was suddenly stumbling backwards. Taylor's eyes were turning up into his head. His arms flew out like he was trying to block something out desperately.
"Noooooo!" Taylor screamed dropping to the floor as he caught his foot on the leg to Zac's bed and then tripped backwards. Ike and Zac ran over to their brother who was in some kind of silent agony from an outside source.
"Tay!" Ike screamed lifting Taylor's upper body into his arms. Taylor was gasping for air as his body shook uncontrollably. Ike went into his mind and tried to put up the block to protect his brother, but something was to strong to hold back. An odd sensation came over him. Every hair on his body stood on end.
"Please stop!" Ike pleaded to whoever was hurting his brother who started to shake violently in his arms. A look of agony covered Taylor's face.
Zac backed away a few steps and then stood frozen with fear. He watched Ike trying to help Taylor release the bond that was causing him so much pain. Zac suddenly heard the screams dying down to a low pitch. He also noticed Taylor's body was relaxing at the same time. Taylor fainted in Ike's arms.
"Tay! Oh God... please be okay!" Ike yelled as tears spilled down his face while he hugged Taylor's limp body up to him, rocking him gently. Zac ran over to them and sat down petting Taylor's head softly. Ike slowly looked up tearfully and gazed pitifully into Zac's eyes.
"Why did he go in there? I..I couldn't stop it!" Ike said angrily.
"Where Ike? Where did Taylor go?"
"In that room... I think. Whatever is in there is very powerful. I could feel it through Taylor."
Zac swallowed hard looking toward the door.
"Do you think they know Taylor tried to see what was going on?"
"I hope not. Let's get Tay on the bed." Ike said as Zac grabbed onto Taylor's legs. They carried him over to his bed and gently put him down.
Taylor groaned rolling his head to the side.
"Tay? Are you alright? Can you hear me?" Ike asked petting Taylor's forehead. Taylor turned and looked up at Ike feeling totally confused.
"I... I can't see!" Taylor yelled fearfully reaching out his hands. Zac grabbed onto Taylor's left hand for comfort.
"You can't see Tay?" Ike asked with concern.
"Everything is so bright! So many lights! Turn down the lights Ike!"
"Taylor the light is the same as before." Ike stated feeling worried.
Taylor squeezed his eyes shut as he placed his hand over them, shaking with fear.
"What was in there Tay?" Zac asked.
"I..I don't know. I tried to see and then something attacked me!" Taylor rasped in a shaking voice, biting at his bottom lip nervously.
"Don't ever do that again!" Ike declared sternly. "You shouldn't have done that anyhow."
"I'm sorry Ike. I just wanted to know what or who was in there." Taylor moaned, opening his eyes again, noticing his vision was finally clearing.
"It is probably who they want us to meet. But who is it? What is it?" Ike implored fearfully looking into Zac's concerned filled eyes.
"It's scared Ike. I could feel that. Whoever it is..is very angry too!" Taylor gluped hard, starting to cry. Ike rubbed Taylor's shoulder trying to comfort him.
"Taylor? Don't tell that man what you did. And don't try to connect with whoever that is until we know more about where we are and who it or he is." Ike insisted as Taylor nodded his head, still blinking rapidly to clear his vision.
"I wo..won't. I couldn't get away from it. I think it passed out like I did. They did something to it... or him." Taylor pondered remembering as he stared up at the ceiling taking in deep breaths of air. Ike and Zac sadly bowed their heads each taking a hold of one of Taylor's hands. They all desperately just wanted to go home.

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