Three Minds As One

Chapter 9 - Why You Are Here - Continued

"Tay? Are you alright?" Ike asked out loud. Taylor still sat transfixed as if he was suddenly in a different world. Ike pulled his chair up close to him and touched his arm gently. Still there was no reaction from him.
"Tay? Answer me!" Ike demanded feeling his stomach turn into knots. He turned and saw Zac looking fearful at Taylor.
"Taylor? Can you hear me?" Ike pleaded shaking Taylor's arm a little harder, that was laying on the table. Taylor raised his arm up signaling Ike to stop shaking him. Zac got up and walked around the table standing next to him, while Ike stared into Taylor's face. Taylor crinkled up his eyebrows and suddenly snapped out of the trance and slowly turned looking into Ike's concerned eyes.
"I could see where we are. We're on some island I think." Taylor exclaimed.
"How did you see that?" Ike asked.
"I went into Sam's mind. It is like I was seeing through his eyes." Taylor said looking shyly down at his hands that he placed onto his lap.
"You did? Doesn't he know that you did that?" Zac asked looking concerned.
"I think he knew. I guess he doesn't care or I did it without him knowing it."
"Cool! Can you see anymore?"
"Zac I didn't want to stay to long. I don't want us to get hurt again. If he knew what I did... maybe he would get angry and try to cause us more pain. I couldn't do that to you guys." Taylor said reaching out and grabbing onto Zac's hand and swallowing hard. Zac nodded his head understanding and squeezed his hand back.
"Tay? Try to connect with him again later on. Maybe you can learn more of what is going on and why they need us so much." Ike said sternly.
"I will... but what happens if he finds out? I really don't want to get this man pissed off. I can feel that he hates us very much and I don't know why." Taylor said with a worried expression covering his face. He looked into Ike's eyes deeply. Ike then looked down at the table.
"Tell me when you are going to go in again and I will put up the block. Maybe that will help." Ike stated grinning slightly. Taylor nodded watching Zac walk over to the TV set that was mounted into the wall. Zac picked up the remote that was placed on a small table just under the television.
"Wonder what channels we can watch." Zac questioned, pressing the on botton. The TV switched on and there was nothing but static. He flipped through the channels noticing that nothing came in. Zac tried again, but still nothing.
"Hmmmmp! Some entertainment." Zac droned in a sarcastic tone of voice.
"Maybe they don't want us to see what is on locally." Ike said.
"Then why give us a TV to watch? I mean... I don't intend to watch snow on a screen for fun." Zac asserted while Taylor and Ike smiled at Zac's remark. Then Taylor noticed a cabinet was below the set.
"Zac? What is in there?" Taylor asked pointing at the cabinet. Zac bent down and opened the doors. Inside the cabinet there was a whole line of videos of movies, that were on the shelves.
"Cool! This is what they probably want us to watch." Zac exclaimed browsing the titles.
"Zac, are you really going to watch a movie right now?" Ike asked crossing his arms over his chest.
"Well... there is nothing else to do. I can't just sit here. I have to do something guys." Zac said feeling frustrated as he pulled up a chair and popped one of the video's into the VCR, that was connected to the TV at the bottom.
"I'm really not in the mood myself." Taylor mumbled sadly, slowly getting up off his chair. He walked to the door and tested it. Ike watched him still feeling a little concerned for his brother. Ike got up and walked over by Taylor, who was trying to see what kind of lock was attached to the door.
"This is a weird lock. I think you need a card to open it or something." Taylor commented looking up at his brother.
"Yeah... it's a pretty secure door." Ike added, feeling the sturdiness of the door with his hands.
"Guess there is no way out, except for here." Taylor began, looking around for any other exit such as vents in the walls.
"I wonder if we could somehow get out."
"Doesn't look that way. I guess we just have to sit tight and look over the place when they bring us out of this room tomorrow." Ike declared looking determined.

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