Three Minds As One

Chapter 9 - Why You Are Here

Taylor sat on his bed feeling scared and confused. He still felt slightly sick to his stomach. His headache was finally going away and he looked up noticing Zac and Ike were exploring the room.
"Hey guys? What are you looking for?" Taylor asked rubbing his forehead.
"I don't know. Just looking. Did you guys notice there aren't any windows in here?" Zac asked watching Ike open the refrigerator door.
"Yeah I noticed that. Wow! He wasn't lying when he said they stocked this fridge." Ike stated and grabbed a bottle of orange juice.
"So what! Who cares." Taylor grumbled angrily, flopping down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling.
"Tay I figure if we are trapped here, we might as well know where we're at." Ike claimed knowing his brother still felt somewhat ill. He went to the cabinet and pulled out a glass, pouring the orange juice into it and walked over to Taylor. He sat down on the edge of Taylor's bed.
"Tay I want you to drink this." Ike demanded holding the glass of juice near him.
"No Ike... my stomach still feels upset."
"It might make you feel better, besides I don't like the way you look so pale."
Taylor sat up and reached for the glass of juice. Ike noticed his brother's hands were shaking as he drank the orange juice slowly.
"I hope it doesn't upset my stomach, but it does taste good and I was thristy." Taylor said shyly looking up at Ike. He knew his brother was still worried about him. Ike smiled at him as Taylor handed him back the glass. Taylor flipped his legs out and stood up still feeling a little unsteady.
"Careful Tay. You're still a little weak." Ike stated helping Taylor walk to the table with him. They both sat down on the chairs.
"Zac! What are you doing in the bathroom?" Ike asked hearing Zac banging things around.
"Just checking it out. They don't have my brand of shampoo, but I guess this will do." Zac yelled back to his brothers.
"Zac get out here. I want to talk to you guys." Ike chuckled at Zac's curiosity.
Zac came out of the bathroom and sat down looking at his oldest brother. Tay still looked somewhat pale he thought. He still had a slight headache from what the man did to them earlier. He looked intently at Ike noticing his expression suddenly looked serious.
"What do you want to talk about?" Zac asked leaning onto the table with his elbows.
"I am concerned about this whole mess that we are in. What is The Project? And who is this special being that the man told us about? Are these men apart of the United States? And the big question... where are we?" Ike questioned, feeling immensely frustrated.
"The same questions have been running through my mind as well. I hope they tell us more tomorrow when we meet this so called head of The Project." Taylor stated looking fearfully at Ike, flipping out his hand for emphasis.
"I want to know why they think we are so important to them. And how long do they intend on keeping us here before they let us go home. Mom and Dad must be looking for us. I wonder... how long we have been here?" Zac asked with anger in his voice. He ran his hands through his hair nervously.
"If we were on a plane, we could be very far from home." Ike informed Zac looking at him. Zac looked down at the table and started tracing his finger along a pattern set in the tabletop.
"Guys do you think they are watching us now? I keep feeling like we are under a microscope or something." Taylor said looking around the room for a camera thinking it could be hidden from their view. Ike and Zac started to look also.
"Maybe they are listening in on our conversation.." Zac said.
"Let's talk using our minds." Taylor suggested in his mind to his brothers.
"I still have a headache. How did that guy do that? I mean cause us that much pain. He scares me." Zac thought rubbing his forehead.
"One thing I found out his name. His name is Sam." Taylor thought smirking.
"How did you do it? All I felt was pain." Ike thought looking deeply into Taylor's eyes.
"I don't know. I just suddenly like... heard it. I keep getting images from him."
"Images? What kind of images?"
"Palm trees and a long dark hallway." Taylor thought with a distant look on his face. Ike looked at Taylor noticing he was going into some kind of trance, all of a sudden.

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