Three Minds As One

Chapter 8 - Where Are We? - Continued

"Tay... don't try to stand up!" Ike warned, catching Taylor as he stood behind him when he saw him start to fall forward. Zac bolted around the bed and grabbed the pail quickly, bringing it near Taylor who suddenly threw up, while Ike held onto him, when Taylor's legs started to collaspe from under him. Ike still had his arms around his waist and slowly let himself and his brother go down to the floor together, making sure Taylor wouldn't fall and hurt himself.
Tay it will be alright. I got you." Ike said still holding him while Taylor kept throwing up. Finally Taylor took a deep breath feeling exhausted and started to cry. Ike rubbed Taylor's back trying to comfort him. Taylor sat back onto the floor and rested his head against Ike's chest, who was sitting on the floor just behind him, with Zac staring at him tearfully in front of him.
"I feel so dizzy." Taylor whispered softly.
"Just sit here and take it easy." Ike expressed with understanding, holding his brother in his arms as he leaned up against his bed. Zac got up and looked in the drawers by the sink looking for a towel or something. He finally found one and turned on the faucet, wetting it down and brought it over to Taylor and wiped his face gently. Taylor closed his eyes and swallowed hard, while Zac patted the wet towel over his face and neck. He sat down next to his brothers wanting to stay near them.
"That... that feels good Zac. Thanks." Taylor said cracking a small smile as beads of sweat still formed on his forehead. Ike felt Taylor's forehead and noticed he felt a little warm. He kissed the top of Taylor's head tearfully as Taylor leaned against him for support. They sat there on the floor feeling helpless when Zac suddenly burst into tears. Taylor reached out knowing how scared his brother was and grabbed Zac's hand pulling him close to him. Zac hugged onto Taylor when Ike reached his arms around both his brothers, wanting to protect them against these people who kidnapped them.
"Dad must be looking for us." Ike claimed sadly.
"But where are we Ike? How long have we been here?" Zac asked still sobbing against Taylor and feeling angry. Taylor rubbed Zac's shoulder softly.
"They'll find us." Taylor attested weakly feeling afraid, with his eyes darting from side to side.
"Tay? I should have listened to you. You said we shouldn't be going out so soon." Ike admitted.
"I thought we were safe too Ike. He tricked us in to believing he gave up on us. We all made the mistake of feeling safe again." Taylor said licking his dry lips.
"I'm scared. What do you think they want with us?" Zac asked, finally taking control of his emotions again.
"I think it has something to do with this psychic thing that man tiggered in us. What else could it be?" Ike pondered starting to feel angry.
"I want to go home guys!" Zac angrily shouted and then started to shake when he heard the door to their room starting to open.
They all turned fearfully around. Zac and Ike helped Taylor up as they all sat down on Taylor's bed and watched the man, they all feared, come into the room smiling from ear to ear.
"Well how are my boys doing?" Sam chuckled, watching all their faces grow wide eyed with fear and confusion.
"We... we are not your boys you jerk!" Ike yelled angrily.
"Watch your language KID!" Sam bellowed as Ike jumped back a little, when Sam took a seat across from them on Ike's bed. He stared into their faces trying to read their thoughts.
Taylor jumped grabbing his head.
"Please don't! Stop it! YOU'RE hurting me!" Taylor screamed, when Ike immediately put up the block around him and his brothers.
"You have to stop doing that Ike. Ike? Is that your name?" Sam asked looking very angry.
"Then stop hurting my brother. He doesn't feel good as it is." Ike exclaimed boldly, putting his arm protectively around Taylor, who leaned into him.
"Tay, Ike and Zac? The Hansons. Well this is going to be your home for awhile, so you better get used to it. You're here for a very special purpose. I am going to train you to use your abilities. Then we will introduce you to someone very special." Sam said grinning.
"What? What are you talking about? You can't keep us here. OUR family is probably looking for us right now. You have to let us go home!" Zac yelled, pounding his fists onto the bed.
Sam started to laugh as they sat there thinking this man was insane.
"Well like I told you on the plane... this is your HOME! You will all do as you are told. You have many days ahead while I teach you how to use those psychic powers of yours. So get used to your surroundings. We tried to make this room as comfortable as possible for you and even provided some entertainments too. You have all the comforts of home here. We stocked the fridge with food and over there is a bathroom with a shower and all the necessites you need. So feel free to walk around in here and get familar with the place. This is your room and I expect you to keep it neat, including yourselves. Tomorrow you will meet the head of this complex called The Project." Sam explained, watching their faces growing with disbelief.
"But what happens if we don't cooperate? I mean, you can't force us to do what we don't want!" Taylor expressed boldly throwing Sam a defiant look.
"If you don't cooperate with us... then this is what is going to happen!" Sam exploded with rage as he squinted his eyes in anger. Taylor and his brothers suddenly felt intense pain overcome their minds. They all screamed out in agony grabbing onto their heads. Ike couldn't seem to block this power that painfully shot through them now.
"Don't ever! I mean EVER underestimate me. I have more power then all of you put together!"
"Okay! Please stop!" Taylor begged tearfully, feeling the pain finally subside, when Sam released the link of pain that he caused them. They all breathed a sigh of relief staring up at Sam fearfully. Sam got up and turned around facing them again watching them shake with looks of terror covering their faces.
"Oh... and welcome!" Sam stated, while he chuckled leaving the room and locked the door behind him. Sam felt satisfied that he scared them into submission for the time being. He lied when he said he had more power then them. A jealousy rose up inside of him. He knew these kids were important to The Project, but he hated them at the same time. He didn't like the thought that someone was better then him. For the time being he knew he had to make them believe he was more powerful. A evil smile formed across his face loving the thought of causing them pain. He looked toward the room where their guest was trapped in and smirked as he saw him gazing at him through a window.
"Very soon we will know your secrets." Sam smiled watching the being stare at him hatefully.

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