Three Minds As One

Chapter 8 - Where Are We? - Continued

Zac groaned rolling his head to the side. Slowly he opened his eyes and immediately bolted upright in his bed. A dizzy spell hit him and he felt the room spin around him.
"Ohhhh!" Zac groaned holding his head in his hands and feeling his stomach turn into knots as his vision cleared. He noticed he was in a room with the walls painted a light gray. In front of him sat a table and chairs. He looked around the room and saw a TV mounted in the wall to the right side of the table. A refrigerator sat to the the left of the TV then a sink with a cabinet above it. He looked to his left and saw Ike in a bed next to him and then Taylor, on the bed, near the wall. The beds were lined in a row. He slowly swung his legs out, to the left, throwing off the covers and noticed he was dressed in white sweats like his brothers. He licked his lips feeling extremely thristy. Fear overwhelmed him. He wanted to wake up his brothers and stood up feeling his legs shaking under him.
"Ike? Ike?" Zac called out to him, collasping near Isaac's bed. He shook him on the shoulder, desperately wanting him to wake up, hoping that he was alright.
Ike groaned rolling his head toward the sound of Zac's voice. He opened his eyes to a blurry vision of his younger brother, looking down at him with a expression of concern. He tried to sit up, but felt instantly dizzy.
"Ohhhh... bad idea." Ike moaned, laying back down taking in deep breaths.
"Ike? Please wake up!" Zac begged fearfully, shaking him again noticing he closed his eyes, hoping he didn't pass out.
"Zac, I'm awake. I just feel dizzy. Where are we?" Ike asked trying to will the dizzy feeling away and opened his eyes slowly with his vision finally clearing. He slowly sat up and swallowed hard looking around the strange room.
"I don't know Ike. I..I just woke up myself. I'm scared Ike. They kidnapped us! What are we going to do?" Zac implored trying to hold back his tears.
Ike took Zac into his arms and hugged him close. Zac buried his head into Ike's shoulder holding onto to Ike fearfully, loving the closeness of his brother. Ike felt a protecting sense overwhelm him, even though fear was filling up his stomach.
"Where is Tay?" Ike asked suddenly looking around for him.
"He is in the next bed. He didn't wake up yet."
Ike and Zac walked around Ike's bed with their legs shaking, still feeling the effects of the drugs that were given to them. Ike kneeled down next to Taylor getting on his knees while Zac went around to the other side of the bed and did the same. Ike gently tapped Taylor on the side of the cheek.
"Tay? Tay? Wake up!" Ike called out loudly, but noticed he wouldn't wake up. His coloring looked bad to him. He gently rubbed his hand along his brother's cheek, hoping to get some kind of reaction.
"Come on Tay... wake up!" Zac pleaded taking Taylor's hand and squeezed it. He noticed his hand felt ice cold. He started to rub it between his.
"What is wrong with him? Why won't he wake up?" Ike moaned sounding upset and scared.
"On the plane they were talking about him and..."
"On the plane?"
"Yeah... I woke up and we were on a plane and I heard them talking about Taylor. The bald headed guy was asking if Taylor was alright." Zac explained with tears misting in his eyes, looking at Ike's concerned expression covering his face.
Ike swallowed hard and looked down at his brother as he slapped him gently again on the cheek.
"Tay! Come on wake up!" Ike yelled firmly feeling worried for his brother.
"Zac let's see if we can read his thoughts."
They tried, but all they saw was darkness. Fear bolted through them. They looked at one another tearfully when Taylor suddenly turned his head. Ike felt relief overcome him watching Taylor move.
"Ahhhhhh... nooooo please let me go!" Taylor suddenly screamed out, flinging his arms into the air almost hitting Ike in the face with his right arm. Ike grabbed out and caught it, holding onto his brother's wrist. Taylor started to fight him feeling terrifed. He felt disoriented and terribly dizzy.
"Tay! Tay! It's me, Ike!"
"Ike! Oh God. Why? Why?" Taylor cried desperately, feeling sick to his stomach and shakingly brought his hand to his head running his fingers through the front of his hair.
"We don't know where we are Tay. We are in some strange room." Ike crooned gently, when Taylor suddenly burst into tears.
"He hurt me Ike. That man gave me two shots. I..I don't feel so good. My stomach feels very upset." Taylor groaned, feeling nausated looking into his brother's worried eyes as he rubbed at his stomach, trying to calm it down.
"Are you going to be sick?" Ike asked.
"I..I think so." Taylor murmured feeling very weak. He tried to sit up, but couldn't.
Ike looked around the room and slowly got up trying to find something for his brother to throw up in. He saw a garbage pail near the sink and grabbed it, bringing it over to his brother.
"I..I..." Taylor tried to sit up again, but he felt very weak.
Ike and Zac helped him gently to sit up. The room started to spin around him and he held his head with his hands and moaned. He flipped his legs out from the bed toward Ike and tried to stand up.

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