Three Minds As One

Chapter 8 - Where Are We?

The plane taxied in on the runway, in the early morning light, near the complex that was built for The Project. The early morning sounds of the island were heard in the distance. Tom was anxiously waiting for the unboarding of the plane. He saw the back side start to drop down and he ran around to watch the door settle to the ground. The first person he saw was Sam smiling at him while the men from the plane started to unload the supplies for the complex. Sam walked down the door following some men who were rolling some boxes on a flat in front of him.
"Well... where are they?" Tom yelled over the noise.
"They will be coming out soon! Is the room ready?" Sam yelled back, walking up near Tom, who was puffing away after running to the plane.
"Yeah. Everything is ready. The room should be quite comfortable for the boys." Tom stated grinning, feeling happy about how everything was going off as planned.
"Well... there they are." Sam said pointing at the group of men who were carrying them out still strapped to the gurneys. One by one they passed in front of Tom and Sam. Tom licked his lips looking at each of the boys resting peacefully.
"They sort of look angelic like. When will they wake up?" Tom asked following the boys into the complex and took the lead showing them where to go down a long hallway.
"Not to much longer. The drugs should be wearing off in about another half hour." Sam informed him, walking next to Tom. Tom led them to a door that was near their special guest.
"How is our visitor doing?" Sam asked looking at the room where there guest was in.
"He is calm this morning. He is just sitting and staring off into a corner. He does look angry though."
"Hmmm... so what? We will get what we want out of him now!" Sam smiled forming a smug look on his face again.
Tom unlocked the door to the room where they were going to keep the boys in for their stay. The men carried them in and unstrapped each one and put them on their separate beds covering them up. Sam walked up to Taylor and gently put his hand on his forehead. He could feel the boy was still under very deeply. He knew it would take longer for him to wake up then the other two. But at least he was okay now. A smile formed across his face.
"Soon Taylor Hanson, you and your brothers will be doing some important work."
"Sam? Let's go and let them rest. I have some stuff I want to talk over with you concerning The Project." Tom exclaimed as he gazed at Zac resting peacefully on the bed. He walked up and looked down at him.
"This one is the youngest one? Sam I still hope they are as amazing as you say they are." Tom uttered looking concerned and feeling they were maybe to young to handle this whole situation.
"Yeah, they are young, but they are able. Their psychic ability is powerful. They don't even realize how much power they really have. Come on... I want to see our other guest." Sam said leaving the room with Tom following behind and shut the door securely, locking it.

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