Three Minds As One

Chapter 7 - Where Are They? - Continued

Hours had gone by and Walker and his family were surrounded by the FBI which set up in the Hanson's living room. Phones were installed waiting for the kidnappers to call. Walker and Diana had called to ask relatives to watch over the rest of their kids, while the FBI stayed here to help them find Ike, Tay and Zac. They found Ike's car still parked at the mall with his package of music sheets laying next to it. They also noticed tire tracks around the area. Several people said they heard a commotion outside, but thought nothing of it. Just after Walker called the police a neighbor called telling them they saw Zac being chased by a white van and then just suddenly disappear. No one saw what happened to Taylor.
Walker sat on the couch holding onto to Diana who was shaking with fear for her sons.
"Mr. and Mrs. Hanson? Everything is ready. Don't worry we will get them back home safe and sound. Usually it takes awhile before a kidnapper calls." Tim, the FBI agent, gently said to them.
"But the question is... will they call? This man who was bothering them said he wanted them for some special project of some kind." Walker stated sadly.
"We are doing everything in our power to find them. We are checking everywhere and blocked off all roads out of Tulsa. We have the description of the vans from your neighbor."
"I know you are trying to help. But I feel that this whole setup is a waste of time."
"Why? What do you mean?"
"I..I just feel they aren't in Tulsa anymore. Don't ask me why. I am very afraid for them. You don't know how scared they were of this man. It affected them for days. Like I told you, he somehow tiggered this psychic ability in them. There has to be a reason for that. Somehow he wants to use them because of it. Oh God I want my sons back!" Walker suddenly said desperately feeling so helpless.
Diana looked into her husband's sad eyes and the tears started to flow down her face again. She gently cradled Walker's face into her hands and kissed his forehead lovingly. He hugged her back wanting to never let go.
"I love you Diana!"
"I love you too Walk." Diana said looking up at Tim, who cast his eyes down, hating this part of his job. He hated child kidnappings the most. And on top of it these children were famous. The media were all over the front yard. He felt sorry for the Hanson's. They were going to go through days of hell, not knowing where their sons were. He hoped that they were okay wherever they were. He went back over to the window and looked outside watching the media hounds sitting and waiting like vultures for any news on the Hanson's. He shook his head sadly hoping it wouldn't take to long to find the boys. But he knew in his heart that this kidnapping would take awhile. He turned around and saw the two Hanson parents still clinging to each other. He wished he could somehow comfort them in their time of need. He sat down by a table and stared at the phones sadly.

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