Three Minds As One

Chapter 7 - Where Are They? - Continued

Sam walked to the back of the plane noticing that Don was closely monitoring the one named Taylor Hanson. He felt a satisfaction knowing that now he had the boys under his control. Now all he had to do was train them for the job they wanted them to accomplish. He walked over to Don and sat down on the other side of the bed where the boy lay and looked at Don's serious expression.
"How's the kid doing?" Sam asked looking down at the boy, who seemed to still be having trouble breathing yet from the overdose that was given to him.
"He'll be okay Sam. The sedative was a little to much for him, but he is doing fine. Hopefully the drug will wear off by the time we reach the island." Don said pushing his glasses up as he sat up, looking at Sam, who he noticed looked at the kid with a concerned look covering his face.
"Then why is he breathing so funny?"
"It's just a reaction."
"If anything happens to him... I will take Dave... and throw him off this plane! So help me God!"
"Sam! The boy will be okay. Believe me." Don assured him wishing Sam would just calm down. He never saw him act this way about anyone, but he knew that Sam wanted these kids for The Project. He wondered if there was even a ounce of caring left in this man. It would shock him if there was. He knew Sam's reputation for being cold and unfeeling toward everyone.
"Well he better be! I want him ready and able to begin training as soon as possible. We need all of them to perform as planned. I didn't kidnap them for nothing!" Sam grumbled angrily.

Zac jumped a little as he tried to listen to the two men and heard them mention his something about Taylor being in trouble. His stomach was in knots and he kept his eyes closed trying to pretend like he was still asleep. He woke up a few minutes ago and saw a man bending over Taylor looking concerned. He wanted to cry and turned and saw Ike on the otherside of him too. He realized that his feet and hands were strapped down tightly. They were on a huge plane that was in flight. When the odd man came into the room he immediately shut his eyes out of fear. He was afraid for Taylor. He felt that something was wrong with him. He could still hear them talking about his brother, when he heard footsteps approach near him. He could feel someone staring at him even though his eyes were shut.
"I know you are awake." A voice said near him.
Zac could suddenly feel hot breath on his cheek. Slowly he opened his eyes and jumped seeing the intense green eyes of the bald headed man, staring into his face, with a evil grin forming at the corners of his mouth. Zac fearfully stared back at him, balling his hands into fists that were strapped tightly down. He couldn't say anything, but just stare up at the man who smiled back at him.
"Did you have a good nap?"
Tears started to form in Zac's eyes while he cringed with fear and turned his head away, not wanting to look at the man who caused him and his brothers so much anxiety for the last few days.
"Well I think you should sleep for awhile more before we reach our destination." Sam declared as he walked over to a table and grabbed up a needle from a tray. He sauntered back over to Zac, sitting down in a chair next to him. Zac fearfully watched him getting the needle ready for the injection.
"Please... let us go! Please!" Zac cried pitifully, when the man rolled up his sleeve on his left arm.
"Now hold still. I won't make it hurt." Sam said gently injecting the needle into the kid's arm. Zac let out a groan with the questioning look of 'why' forming in his fearful eyes.
"What do you want us for?" Zac asked fighting the effect of the drug that immediately started to take effect.
"You will find out soon enough. Just go to sleep now kid."
"Is Tay alright? Please tell... me." Zac asked feeling very dizzy.
"Your brother is fine. Don't fight it. Just close those big brown eyes of your's and rest." Sam said smiling down at the boy.
"I wan..want to go home..." Zac slurred his words as tears of fear started to roll down the sides of his face.
"Shhhh... the Project is home!" Sam laughed, watching him finally fall back to sleep.

He walked over to Isaac and checked to see if he was awake too, but this boy was still sound to sleep. He slowly made his way to the front of the plane where he set up his desk. He grabbed up his cell phone and dialed the number to Tom. He heard the phone ringing sitting back in his chair, watching the men playing poker around a table some few feet away from him. He stared at Dave angrily. He still felt like he wanted to throw the man off the plane. Dave's nose was banaged now and Sam chuckled thinking he was glad the kid broke it.
"Hello?" Tom asked sounding disturbed and out of breath.
"Hi Tom! Well we are on our way. The boys are coming. What's wrong?"
"Our guest was acting up again. We had a hard time tonight getting him under control." Tom said still shaking at the memory, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his other hand.
"Did you release the gas?"
"Yeah we did and he is growing a resistance to it. But finally it put him out. He is resting peacefully now."
"Good! Soon we will be able to make some kind of contact with him."
"I just hope you are right about these kids Sam. I want to communicate with this being someday."
"Don't worry so much Tom. I know these boys have it in them to do the job. I don't know how they will react when they meet our guest, but we won't think about that till the moment comes. All I am concerned about right now is training them for the job. Their psychic ability is amazing. They have been using it for the past several days and know how to use it. I am just going to enhance it." Sam stated smiling at the thought.
"How much longer until you get here?" Tom asked, sitting down in his big chair while he reached into his front drawer of desk for his Tums. He popped one into his mouth and started to suck on it.
"We should be arriving early in this morning."
"How are they doing?"
"Fine. Just fine." Sam assured him, knowing he didn't want to tell Tom about what happened with Taylor Hanson. He figured by the time they got to the island he would be fine. He knew if he told him about what Dave did to him, it would just upset him and then he would never hear the end of it.
"Great! I am glad that everything went smoothly. I hope you left no trace behind you."
"None! Even the vans we used to kidnap the boys with are here on the plane."
"Good. Well I'm going to go to bed now and get some needed rest until you arrive. I am looking forward to seeing these kids. They don't realize how special they are." Tom said feeling his stomach feel a little better.
"Oh they will Tom! They will." Sam expressed happily.
"Okay then... bye and see you soon."
"Bye." Sam said and hung up. He stared at Dave angrily again as he picked up his cup of coffee and slowly sipped it.

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