Three Minds As One

Chapter 7 - Where Are They?

Walker cheerfully walked out to the backyard and felt the warm rays of the sun touch his face. He looked around the corner of the house expecting to see Zac and Taylor roller blading on the sidewalk near the house. He crinkled up his eyebrows and made his way to the front and looked down the street both ways. He glanced down at his watch noticing it was getting late and lunch was almost ready.
"ZAC! TAYLOR!" Walker yelled feeling a little frustrated and angry, because he remembered he stated to his sons to stay near the house. When no one answered he started feeling a little scared. He went back to the yard and jumped noticing Taylor's journal was laying on the ground opened, next to his roller blades. He walked up to where his son had been and picked up his journal. He looked around desperately. He knew Taylor would never just leave his journal outside like this.
"Taylor!?" Walker yelled again hoping his son would respond to his call. His hands started to shake feeling that something bad must have happened to him. Why he felt this way he didn't know. He ran into the house to check and see if Zac and Taylor were in their bedroom. He opened the door and noticed they weren't in there either. He went to the front door of the house and opened it looking down the street again. He blinked back the tears that were forming in his eyes. He could feel a helplessness overcoming him.
"TAYLOR! ZAC!" Walker yelled again sounding more desperate this time.
Diana came out to the living room from the kitchen and noticed Walker had a sick look covering his face.
"Walker what's wrong?" Diana asked with concern.
"Taylor and Zac are missing. Do you know where they are Diana?"
"I thought they were outside roller blading. Taylor said he was going to join Zac after he wrote some stuff in his journal about an hour ago. Why?" Diana asked suddenly feeling a little scared looking into her husband's frightened looking eyes.
"Well they aren't any where to be found. I told them to stick near the house... because of that man. Is Ike home from the mall yet?"
"No. But he should be home pretty soon." Diana stated swallowing hard.
"Actually Ike should have been home by now. Pete called just before and asked to speak to Ike. I told him he should be home soon, but Pete sounded surprised that he wasn't home yet."
"Because that was about fourty five minutes ago. That's when I went outside and I couldn't find the boys out there either!" Walker said desperately rubbing his forehead with his hand.
"Walker what are you saying?" Diana asked fearfully.
"I don't know. But I have this strange feeling something happened to them." Walker mumbled still holding onto Taylor's journal. He went into the living room and sat down on the couch with Diana following him.
Walker lovingly ran his hand across the top cover of the journal looking helpless and scared.
"Walker maybe Ike is coming home now and maybe Taylor and Zac went to a friend's house." Diana professed hopefully.
"Di... they wouldn't do that without informing us of where they were going. I know them." Walker proclaimed firmly, looking into Diana's eyes as she took a seat next to him with a worried expression covering her face.
"Why? Why did I tell them it was okay that they could leave the house? We should have waited longer like Taylor wanted." Walker said sadly starting to shake a little.
"I told Taylor this morning that everything probably was alright too. That he had nothing to worry about. Maybe I was wrong!" Diana moaned as she bit her bottom lip trying to hold back her tears.
"I..I think we should call the police! We have to call someone."
"But Walker... maybe we are jumping to conclusions here. Let's wait a little longer and see."
"Diana if anything happened to them, we shouldn't waste any time. We have to do something now! I hate to worry you Diana, but I think they were kidnapped... like what Taylor was so afraid of."
"Noooooo!" Diana screamed bursting into tears of heartache and extreme fear. Walker grabbed her and hugged her close feeling her body start to shake with uncontrollable sobs. Walker felt his worst nightmare was coming true.
"We'll get them back. Whoever took them won't get away with this." Walker expressed bravely rubbing Diana's shoulder lovingly. He got up and took the phone into his hand and dialed the number to the police station.

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