Three Minds As One

Chapter 6 - Fear - Continued

Taylor sat writing contently in his journal, when his head started to throb. Taylor stood up dropping his journal onto the ground. Fear bolted through him. His heart started to race. He looked toward the street where he knew Zac was.
"Oh God! No!" Taylor yelled fearfully, seeing Zac in his mind being grabbed into a van.
He started to run toward the house, when he felt a arm grab him around the waist lifting him into the air from the back. A hand slapped over his mouth as he tried to scream. Another man came to the front of him grabbing his legs up in the air. They carried him quickly to a white van parked near the house, with the motor still running. Taylor started to fight hard, trying to kick his legs free of the man who held them. The side door slid open and they stepped inside while he struggled hard against them. They placed him down on a bed, trying to hold him down as best as they could. Taylor suddenly got an arm loose and lashed out catching one of the men with his fist, striking him in the face before they grabbed his arm again holding it down onto the bed.
"Ahhhhhh!" The man screamed and covered his bleeding nose with his hands.
"Hold him! Stop fighting so hard." One man yelled at Taylor as he started to shake, wanting desperately to get away. The man with the bloody nose grabbed the case with the hypodermic needle and pulled it out, blinking back the pain he felt from the blow.
"Hurry Dave. He is starting to bite my hand." The man who covered Taylor's mouth shouted.
"Yeah... yeah. Stupid kid!" He yelled angrily grabbing Taylor's arm and crudely stuck the needle in causing him pain on purpose. Taylor jumped and the needle dropped to the floor of the van.
"Man... I didn't get all of the sedative injected in! Now what?" He moaned pulling out another needle.
"Dave you can't do that. That might be to much." One man declared watching him bring it toward Taylor's arm again.
"Hold him down this time. It is not going to kill him!" Dave growled angrily as Taylor started to cry.
"Be careful. Remember, Sam said not to hurt him."
"Do you think I care? Now hold still or I am really going to make it hurt real bad this time!" Dave grumbled threating Taylor as his eyes grew big from fear. Dave sniffed feeling the pain throb in his nose. He noticed the kid didn't struggle to hard this time when he injected the drug into his arm. Taylor groaned and closed his eyes as the tears spilled down the sides of his face. He tried to fight the effects of the drug. He felt his world spinning around and felt extremely sick to his stomach. Everything started to turn black with a ringing sound buzzing in his head.
"There! He's out!" Dave declared gently touching his nose and cringed.
"Get the clothes off and dress him in the white sweats. Sam wants us to hurry to the warehouse. He said they are coming up on the other one at the mall now." The driver yelled, picking up speed heading for the warehouse, where they were to bring the boys.
"Did they get the other one who was rollerblading?" Dave asked.
"Yeah at the same time you grabbed this kid."
"Great. Let's go!" Dave yelled sitting down next to the kid while he helped the others get his clothes off and into the sweats. He started to feel a little fearful noticing the boy was breathing funny. Sam was probably going to be angry that he might have overdosed the kid, but he thought what else could he do, defending his actions in his mind.

Ike waved to his friend in the parking lot watching Pete get into his car and drive away. Ike sauntered slowly toward his car looking down at his watch, noticing the time. He reached for his keys in his pocket when he jumped hearing the screeching sound of tires behind him. He spun around quickly and saw three men jump out the side of a white van running toward him. Ike dropped the package, with the music sheets he bought, onto the ground and started to run, desperately looking around for his bodyguard, wondering where he was. He could hear the footsteps of the men running behind him.
"Noooo! Help me! Somebody help me!" Ike bellowed running toward the mall noticing no one was around.
Suddenly the van cut in front of him and he tried to turn to the right when he felt a hand grab his arm and pull at him roughly. Ike swung his body around lashing out at the man who held him, but another man caught his arm and held on tightly.
"Leave me alone! Let go of me!" Ike screamed angrily with fear starting to overwhelm him.
Another man came up behind him and grabbed him around the waist lifting him a little off the ground and covered his mouth as Ike stuggled to be let go. They dragged him over to the white van and threw him in roughly onto a bed, face first. He felt someone's knee come down onto his back and felt his arms being held down next to his sides. As he tried to scream he could feel a sharp pain enter in his left arm.
"Please... don't do this!" Ike cried desperately finding it hard to breath with the man's weight coming down onto his upper back. He started to shake feeling dizzy and disoriented. The world started to turn black as the drug made him feel weaker by the moment. He heard muffled voices as he fought to stay awake.
"Yeah we got him! We'll get there as soon as possible. Did you get the other two?"
"Hurry up and get the white sweats on him. The other two are being driven to the warehouse now."
Ike could feel them taking off his clothes. Fear coursed through him knowing they kidnapped his brothers also. It frustrated him that he could barely move his body now. The men flipped him over onto his back and dressed him up in some other clothes.
"The kid isn't out yet. He is fighting the drug."
A red headed man bent close to his face as Ike struggled to clear his vision. Tears started to flow down his face remembering how Taylor didn't want them to go away from the house so soon. He now wished that he listened to him. He started to sob wishing the face of the man would go away, that was so close to his.
"Don't fight it. Just go with it. Don't make it so hard on yourself." The man said gently petting Ike's head softly. Finally he closed his eyes losing the fight and drifted off into a deep slumber.

They pulled into the parking lot and drove the van into the open doors of the huge warehouse. The other two vans were already there and the driver pulled up next to them. The doors opened on the side of the van as they gently lifted Ike and carried him over to the three beds, they had set up for the boys and placed him down on the third one, next to his brothers. Sam smiled while he gazed down at all three of the sleeping boys. Don strapped Ike's hands and feet down securely like he did with the other two eariler.
"Well we did it! The plan went smoothly. Told you it would. And not a scratch on them!" Sam smiled with a smug look covering his face.
"I don't like the looks of the middle one there." Don said pointing at Taylor.
"Why? What's wrong?" Sam asked his smile dropping from his face.
"I don't know. His breathing is somewhat labored... like he was overdosed or something."
"What? I instructed them how to administer the drugs without hurting them." Sam growled angrily, noticing that Dave suddenly slunk back into the crowd of men that surrounded them.
"DAVE!! Come here!" Sam yelled angrily reading the man's guilt covering his face.
Dave started to back up with fear as Sam came toward him. Sam noticed that Dave looked like he had a broken nose. He grabbed him around the neck and slammed him into a wall knocking the breath out of him.
"Hey!" Dave groaned in agony, grabbing onto Sam's arm that leaned against his neck.
"What did I tell you? I said not to hurt him! He is very important to The Project!" Sam screamed next to his face. Dave struggled against the hold.
"Well... he hit me and moved his arm and the first needle fell. And..and not all of the drug was in yet. So I gave him another. I..I didn't know what else to do!" Dave pleaded fearfully, feeling Sam's grip getting tighter around his neck.
Sam read his thoughts and grew more angry.
"You wanted to give him more pain. Didn't you?!"
"I..I..." Dave squeaked suddenly feeling faint.
"Just get out of my face! You're lucky I don't..."
"Sam! Stop it! I gave him something to counter act the drug. The kid will be okay. Sam?" Don began cutting in.
Sam released Dave, who slid down the wall till he sat on the floor, shaking with fear and rubbing his neck, looking relieved. Sam walked over to Taylor and bent down next to him and placed his hand on his forehead. A slight smile cracked onto his face.
"He's dreaming." He said out loud.
"Well we better get them onto the plane now and take off, before their family starts noticing they are missing." Don instructed looking at the men urgently.
"Is everything else loaded and ready?" Sam asked.
"Yeah. Let's get them onto the plane then." Don ordered, motioning for the men to lift up the gurneys with Ike, Taylor and Zac. They carried all three onto the huge plane and placed them down in an area with Doctor Conner. He was going to watch over them during the trip to the island, out in the Pacific ocean, where The Project was stationed. The plane took off as scheduled. Don Conner sat next to Taylor monitoring him closely. He turned and looked at the other two boys and noticed they were sleeping peacefully. Now the real test would be to see if they could achieve what they wanted out of them.

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