Three Minds As One

Chapter 6 - Fear

Taylor woke up feeling restless and slowly sat up in his bed. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, while stretching his arms over his head. He looked around the room and noticed that Ike and Zac were not around. He looked up at the alarm clock on the dresser and noticed it was getting late. He got up out of bed and slipped on some clothes and headed for the kitchen. His mother was sitting at the table feeding Zoe, who was having a great time banging a spoon onto the table. Taylor laughed watching his sister, Zoe, and opened up the fridge and started looking around.
"What are you looking for Tay?" Diana asked.
"Umm... the milk." Taylor asked while he turned his head looking at her and lifted his eyebrows in question as he smiled at her.
"It's in the door Tay. Like where it always is." Diana informed him, smiling at her son while he grabbed the gallon of milk and placed it on the counter. He reached for a glass in the cabinet and filled up it up with milk as he yawned. Slowly he put the milk back in the door of the fridge and sat down at the table sipping the milk and smiled at Zoe who started to fling her food onto the floor.
"Zoe! Stop that!" Diana scolded trying to sound stern, but couldn't help but smile.
"Guess she doesn't like her bananas today." Taylor chuckled watching his Mom picking up the food off the floor and placing the food bits back on the table into a napkin.
"She is being a little difficult today. Aren't you?" She cooed lovingly to her daughter while Zoe smiled back and squeeled happily.
"Where are Ike and Zac? Why did you let me sleep so late? It's already eleven oclock in the morning." Taylor asked still sipping on his glass of milk.
"Well Ike went with Pete to the mall about a half hour ago and Zac is rollerblading out front. We thought we would let you sleep in late for once, that's all." Diana explained.
"I still don't think it is a good idea that we are letting our defenses down. I am still wondering what that guy wants with us. I mean... did he really give up so easily? I know Dad talked to me last night about this whole situation, but I can't help feeling like he is still around." Taylor expressed seriously, noticing his mother had a concerned look suddenly cross her face.
"Taylor, it has been a while since this person tried to communicate with you. I just think he was some sick man who was playing with your emotions. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Why don't you just enjoy the day like your brothers. Do something that you enjoy." Diana asserted gently, hoping that her son would try to forget about that odd man that disrupted their lives for awhile.
Taylor put down the glass and a small smile crossed his face. He thought maybe he was worrying to much. He could feel Zac and see he was having a great time outside.
"Yeah... you're right Mom. I think I am going to go out back today and write some stuff in my journal for awhile. Then I think I will join Zac and get my rollerblades on!" Taylor said happily, getting up from the table and walked around to where his mother sat and kissed her on the side of the cheek.
"Well... where did this mood suddenly come from?" Diana asked looking up into her son's happy blue eyes.
"I just realized you're right and I love you too." Taylor said smiling, reading her thoughts as he headed for his room to take a quick shower and then go outside.

Zac loved feeling the wind whip across his face when he picked up speed. The feeling of freedom felt so good. He saw Taylor walk out to the side of the house carrying his journal and rollerblades with him. He felt glad that Tay was finally getting back to his old self again. Having this psychic thing between them was great as he thought to Taylor a good morning and Tay said a little later he was going to join him.
"Hey... I can't see you. Don't go to far from the house Zac, okay?" Zac heard Taylor warn him in his mind.
"Okay MOTHER! I am just at the end of this block. I am turning around now." Zac thought back chuckling.
"Zac? Don't read my thoughts for awhile. I am going to write something private in my journal. Okay?"
"Sure. Closing the link now!" Zac stated as he turned and started to pick up speed again.
He was nearing a intersection and noticed a white van was behind him. He went to the side of the road thinking he would let the van pass him, so he could then go as fast as he wanted. He could see his home just a few houses down. He slowed down as the van came to the side of him. He waved to the driver that he could go ahead, but noticed that the van kept staying with him. Zac crinkled up his brow wondering why the van would not pick up speed. A knot was starting to form in his stomach and he swallowed hard. The side door of the van suddenly opened and three men stared at him. Zac bolted and started to race down down the street as fear engulfed him. The word Project filled his mind. Suddenly he felt hands grabbing at him.
"Nooooo! Taylor! Help me!" Zac screamed as he felt himself being lifted off the ground. He was roughly thrown onto a bed in the van as the men held him down. One covered his mouth with his hand, while another one slammed the door shut. Zac suddenly burst into tears, trying to struggle against them.
"Well that was easy." A blonde man stated as Zac's eyes grew wide with fear watching him pull out a needle from a case that he was holding.
"Hurry up! He is getting hard to hold down!" The man who had his hand over his mouth yelled angrily. Zac tried to scream again when they grabbed his right arm and pulled up his sleeve. Zac started to shake uncontrollably with fear as he felt the needle go into his arm.
"Don't fight it kid. Just go with it. It is only going to make you sleep for awhile." The man whose hand covered his mouth said gently. Zac whimpered as he looked up at him feeling weaker and weaker. He noticed he couldn't see very well and everything around him started to sound muffled. Slowly he drifted off to sleep while his tears dripped down the sides of his face.
Michael took his hand away from the kid's mouth and sighed deeply checking him over, making sure that the boy wasn't hurt. He felt sorry for him in a way.
"Well let's take off his clothes and put the sweats on, like Sam wanted." Michael instructed looking at the others who were recovering from the struggle.
"Man that kid is strong for thirteen."
"You think the others got the one in the backyard?"
"Must have."
"Sam says bring him to the warehouse fast. They are coming up on the one at the mall now." The driver yelled to the back holding the cell phone in one hand, as he picked up speed.

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