Three Minds As One

Chapter 5 - Are We Safe? - Continued

"Tay? Can you read what I am thinking right now?" Avery asked looking up from her bowl of stew while everyone was enjoying the dinner around the table.
"Avie... stop asking me that question. I'm not going to do that. Your thoughts are your own. I am going to leave it at that. Okay?" Taylor said smiling at his little sister as he shoved in another mouthful of stew.
"But I want you too right now. Please?" Avery begged sweetly looking into Taylor's eyes.
"Oh... okay." Taylor said chuckling at the pleading look covering her face. He could never say no to her.
"Hi Tay! Could you read me a story tonight?" Avery thought closing her eyes tightly as everyone chuckled at her intense look.
"Sure I will Avie. I will read any story you want. Okay?" Taylor answered as he smiled at her.
"Wow. That IS what I was thinking." Avery bellowed out excitedly.
"Now stop this mind reading thing and eat the rest of your dinner honey." Diana interupted looking at her daughter who nodded her head and dipped her biscuit in the gravy.
"How is the music going?" Walker asked Ike.
"Great. We put down a few tracks again today." Ike said as he reached for another biscuit from the basket that was set in the middle of the table.
"Hey that was the last one!" Zac yelled giving Ike a hurt look.
"Well... come on Zac, you ate most of them." Ike chuckled defending himself as he took a bite out of it.
"Fine." Zac said looking down at his bowl of stew feeling a little wounded.
"You can have mine Zac. I am to full to eat it anyhow." Jessica exclaimed reaching across the table handing it to Zac, who took it, as he threw Ike an 'at least she is nice to me' look. Ike chuckled as he ate the rest of the biscuit covered with gravy and licked his finger tips.
"Mama... can I go and play now. I am done eating." Mackie asked pulling on her sleeve.
"Sure. Avie? Jessie? You look like you are done too. You can leave the table also if you want." Diana said smiling at her two daughters. Mackie bounded out of his chair and headed to the living room where his legos sat strewn all over the floor. Avery and Jessica went outside to play in the backyard.
Taylor sat back in his chair feeling stuffed from the meal. Walker looked at Taylor seriously.
"No Dad. The man hasn't tried anything lately. I am fine." Taylor interjected reading his father's thought before he could ask it.
"Oh. Don't do that Tay. Answer my question before I ask. That is just to weird to me. I don't like it." Walker declared as Taylor bowed his head.
"Sorry. I..I can't help it." Taylor mumbled shyly.
"Just let me ask first. Okay?" Walker smiled as he wiped his mouth with his napkin. Taylor nodded his head.
"Dad? Is it okay if I go to the mall tomorrow with Pete? I am sure the odd man has given up on us now. He hasn't been bothering us anymore." Ike asked looking into his father's concerned eyes.
"Well I don't know. It has been a few days, but..."
"Come on Dad. I will be with somebody. If you want I will make sure my bodyguard is with me at all times."
"Well... I guess so. Take your cell phone with you also. And call me when you get there."
"Sure! Thanks Dad!"
"Ike... I really think it is a bad idea to go away from the house just yet. It really hasn't been that long." Taylor announced looking worried.
"Tay I will be alright. We can't stay afraid forever. I just want to pick up some blank music sheets and then I'm coming right back home." Ike explained noticing his brothers had looks of concern covering their faces.
"Just be careful." Zac stated knowing when Ike set his mind to something nothing could stop him from doing it.
"I will. I promise." Ike assured them getting up from the table to go to his room to call his friend and tell him that he could go to the mall tomorrow with him.
"I really wish he wouldn't go Dad." Taylor implored sadly looking at his father.
"Taylor, Ike is right. You can't stay scared forever. I think this person has realized that he can't get away with trying to kidnap you. I still want you guys to be careful though." Walker declared.
"I hope so."
"Tay you worry way to much."
"Dad. Zac is worried too. Right Zac?" Taylor claimed flipping out his hand to get his point across.
"Well yeah... kinda. I really want to go rollerblading tomorrow." Zac expressed not wanting to look into Taylor's eyes knowing he wouldn't approve.
"Fine! Don't listen to me. I ...I just don't want...oh never mind!" Taylor cried angrily and got up from his chair and walked out of the room feeling frustrated by his brothers.
"Dad? Tay needs to get a life!" Zac chuckled as Walker laughed softly at his son's remark.
"Well Tay just cares about you guys. He is just trying to look out for you."
"I know. But sometimes he is WAY to serious. I just want to forget about that creep. I believe Ike. I think he isn't going to do anything to us now. I think he knows he picked on the wrong people. I bet he saw all the security around and that probably scared him off for good."
"I hope so. Like I told Ike. Just be careful and stay near the house tomorrow when you rollerblade."
"I will." Zac said happily and left the kitchen.
Diana turned around from the sink as she was loading the dinner dishes into the dish washer.
"Walk are you going to help me?" Diana asked snapping him out of his thoughts.
"Oh...yeah sure. I hope I did the right thing allowing them to go away from the house tomorrow."
"Walker we can't let this person think he can rule our sons by fear. I wonder if he was just playing with them. I mean sure he triggered this psychic thing in them, but it didn't seem to change who they are very much. I just want everything back the way it was. He is just a sick man scaring our sons the way he did. I think that is all it was. I hope Taylor though gets over this. He seems the most upset about it."
"Well I will talk to him tomorrow about it."
"And Walk? Thanks for sticking me with the dishes tonight. Zac and Tay were suppose to do them. It was their turn. But I guess I will let it slide this time. And now you have to help me!" Diana exclaimed smiling up at her husband who lovingly took her into his arms and hugged her.

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