Three Minds As One

Chapter 5 - Are We Safe? - Continued

Sam was overseeing the loading of the equipment onto the plane as he was talking to Tom on the cell phone.
"Yeah! Everything is near ready for takeoff. All that is left is getting the Hansons. I called in the men who will be here tomorrow for the final instructions about the kidnapping!" Sam yelled into the phone over the noise of the forklifts that were loading stuff onto the huge plane.
"I hate it Sam, when you call it a kidnapping. We need them. They are so important for this Project. Actually I see it as their duty." Tom said matter of factly looking out of his window, watching the thunder storm approaching in the distance over the ocean.
"Well lets get real here. It is just that. A kidnapping. There is no other way of putting it Tom. We are taking them against their will. I haven't bothered them in awhile. I am hoping they are getting more relaxed and thinking I gave up on them. I noticed they have pulled security tight around them, but don't worry. I will take care of them. Nothing will stand in my way." Sam chuckled.
"I believe you Sam, but no killing. I don't want anyone to get hurt!"
"Their security teams will just fall asleep. Weak minds." Sam laughed noticing one of the men on the loading platform was listening in. He threw the man a look and fearfully the man got back to work.
"Well I will see you in a few days. Till then take care Sam. I am looking forward to seeing these kids."
"Okay. And stop worrying so much. Everything is going according to plan. Bye." Sam said hanging up the phone. He walked off the platform that was connected to the plane and placed the cell phone onto his desk. He looked over at the three beds that were lined up for the boys. He casually walked over to the area and saw that the doctor named Donald Conner was attaching the last withholding strap on the third bed for one of the boys. Sam knew he was a old friend of Thomas Shane. He was with him when The Project started two years ago. He was thin and lanky in stature. The complete opposite of Tom. Very highly intelligent with a air of snobbishness about him. Sam though still liked this man, better than Tom who was always worrying about everything.
"Are you ready? Is everything set Don?" Sam asked noticing he made Don jump.
"Yes. I have the sedatives ready. The needles are over there." Don indicated, slowly standing up and pointing at the table where several hypodermic needles were laying in a tray.
"Great! Tomorrow we will bring in the boys."
"Just make sure those men know how to inject the sedatives correctly."
"I will go over that with them tomorrow before we leave."
"How are you going to do it Tom? Isn't it going to be hard getting them all at once?" Don asked pushing up his glasses on his nose with his finger.
"I have three vans ready. One for each. I will locate them before we strike. I will be in constant contact with the teams." Sam explained.
"Sounds good. I don't know how you do it Sam. Sometimes I wish I had some kind of psychic ability in me." Don smiled noticing Sam looked flattered by the remark.
"Just be here at twelve noon tomorrow. It shouldn't take to long with the kidnapping if everything goes according to plan." Sam assured him, as Don nodded watching Sam walk away. He bent down and checked to see if the hand strap was secure. He was looking forward to see these kids that Sam kept talking about. He stated that they were amazing. He sat down on the bed and pulled out a cigarette lighting it as he went into deep thought about tomorrow.

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