Three Minds As One

Chapter 5 - Are We Safe?

Taylor sat by his keyboard reading the music for the next song they were going to put down on the next track. A smile crossed his face remembering the last few days were peaceful for him and his brothers. The odd man wasn't bothering them anymore. Security around their house was tight. Their father explained to their mother what was going on when she became curious as to why he wanted their bodyguards around suddenly for the last few days. At first she was amazed by their new found ability to read each other's minds, but accepted it. Life was getting back to normal again for everyone. The frustration and fear they felt before were gone. Taylor felt Ike stopped this person from hurting him that day in the kitchen. The headaches this man caused were terrible. A shiver ran down his body remembering the pain that he felt.

"Tay? Stop thinking about that. Okay?" Zac asked smiling at his brother.
Taylor looked up from his music sheet and smiled back.
"Zac stop reading my thoughts. I deserve some privacy."
"Sorry, but I just was wondering what you were thinking and thought I would pop in and find out. Now when you zone out on us I can always find out why." Zac laughed teasingly noticing Taylor made a funny face.
"That's no fair." Taylor protested throwing his brother a nasty look.
"The only thing is I can't seem to do it to Ike." Zac pointed out looking at Ike who chuckled to himself as he ran his fingers lightly over his guitar strings, waiting for Taylor to finish reading the music, so they could start the next song.
"That's because I can block you out Zacman. I have the power!" Ike laughed in a devilish voice as he smiled at Taylor and Zac.
"How do you do it? I would love to know so Zac won't know what I am thinking anymore." Taylor asked with a pleading look covering his face.
"Actually I don't know how I do it. All I know is if I don't want anyone to cut into my mind all I have to do is invision a wall of some kind and you can't get through. It seems though the only way I can see images is through you Tay. It's like you can take in anyone's mind and read it. That guy always seemed to hit you first when he wanted to communicate with us. I know I can't seem to do that with other people, just you guys."
"But what is my power?" Zac asked Ike and thumped on one of his drums with his hand.
"I think when we talk with our minds, you seem to hold the link together." Taylor stated matter of factly.
"Huh? How do you know that?" Zac asked curiously.
"Well the other night when we were eating dinner and we were talking to each other with our thoughts and you had to go to the bathroom, Ike and I couldn't do it anymore without you, when you left the room."
"Cool! I can stop the link." Zac exclaimed laughing and happy to know he had a power over his brothers.
"Hey don't get to big headed there." Taylor cautioned smiling at his brother reading his thought.
Zac grinned as he picked up his drumsticks.
"Has he ever tried contacting you again Tay?" Ike asked with concern.
"No. Maybe you blocked him out for good. I thought of trying to see him, but I am too scared to try. I wonder what he is up too. I mean is he really giving up on us? He seemed so intent on using us for something. I mean why would he start this thing in us and just disappear?" Taylor said as he swallowed hard.
"I know what you mean. I have been worried about that too. But maybe he sees all the security around us and figured it was useless to even try to kidnap us. I think he has given up. Look he hasn't bothered us since that day when we told Dad about him." Ike attested trying to reassure Taylor to make him feel better. He knew Taylor was still scared and could feel it from him whenever they were going to bed at night. Taylor nodded his head wanting to believe Ike, but still had his doubts.
"Guys... I think we should get back to the music and stop talking about this." Zac pleaded hating when Ike and Taylor brought up the subject of the strange man. He just wanted to forget him.
"Yeah... I think we should too. Are you done reading the music Tay?" Ike asked throwing Zac a warm smile, knowing the fear his little brother felt inside whenever they talked about him.
"Yeah. Lets do a run through and see how it sounds." Taylor said, shrugging off his thoughts about the man. He hated it when his mind drifted to him. He just wanted to forget too like Zac.
"Okay?! One-Two- Three!" Zac yelled out, clicking his sticks together and the music filled the room.

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