Three Minds As One

Chapter 4 - Were Scared! - Continued

"Should we tell mom about this Dad?" Zac asked getting up from his chair and walked over to Ike and his father.
"Maybe we shouldn't say anything about this to her right now. I am going to call in your body guards and set this whole thing up today. He isn't going to get away with this!" Walker stated in a angry voice.
Taylor rubbed his forehead feeling another headache coming on. He started to shake a little knowing everytime he started feeling this way the man was always near. He nervously got up and looked out the kitchen window.
"Tay? What's wrong?" Zac asked knowing Taylor was afraid.
"I...I am getting one of those awful headaches again." Taylor moaned with a sick look covering his face. He turned around looking desperately at his father and brothers. His legs started to shake uncontrollably and he sat down on the floor. A image formed in his mind. He could see a blurred outline of a building and the man stood in front smiling. Taylor grabbed his head in his hands and started to cry.
"Noooo....leave me alone!" Taylor cried out as his brothers and father ran up to him. Zac and Ike bent down trying to comfort their brother. Suddenly they could see what he was seeing too. Walker watched his sons as all their faces turned a pale shade of white. Their eyes were wide with fear.
"Soon boys." Sam laughed pointing at the building with a evil grin covering his face.
"Stop doing this! We are not going with you! Leave us alone. Stop hurting Tay! You hear me?!" Ike thought angrily. Suddenly the image disappeared. Taylor noticed the headache he had disappeared too and he let out a sigh of relief resting his head on Ike's shoulder. Ike put his arm around Taylor and hugged him close. He squeezed his eyes shut relieved that Taylor was released from the man's hold that he had on him. He kissed the top of Taylor's head gently.
"Guys? What's going on?" Walker asked fearfully bending down next to them searching their faces for a answer.
"He's gone now Dad. He was showing us something. But when Ike told him to leave us alone it ended there." Zac explained in a shaky voice. Walker reached out and grabbed onto Zac's hand noticing his hand felt like ice. Zac's bottom lip started to quiver and he flew into his father's arms hugging him tightly around his neck. Walker hugged him back rocking him slowly. Walker's eyes looked confused and worried.
"What? What did he show you?" Walker asked still holding Zac in a embrace.
"A....a building. Maybe it is where he wants to take us. I don't know." Taylor exclaimed crinkling up his forehead and slowly sat up into a sitting position.
Zac released his arms from his father's neck and sat back feeling a little dizzy.
"I...I wonder why he suddenly stopped the psychic connection. As soon as Ike told him to leave us alone the image stopped. I saw his face. He looked so angry." Taylor pointed out looking at Ike.
"Ike do you think you stopped him?" Zac asked curiously.
"I...I don't know. I just wanted him to stop hurting Tay! I could see a veil like thing go around us when I said leave us alone. I can't explain it." Ike replied rubbing the side of his face with his hand.
"You should have told me about this right away! Guys don't hold things back from me. This whole situation sounds dangerous. Please tell me if he does anything more. Okay?" Walker scolded as they nodded their heads.
"We just thought we could handle it. We didn't want to worry you. At first we all thought we were crazy. Only last night we realized that all of us are going through this. We're really sorry Dad." Ike said swallowing hard.
Walker reached over and gently caressed the side of Ike's face.
"Ike I am not mad at you. I just love you guys so much. I don't want anything happening to you. That's all." Walker explained smiling a little. Ike nodded and smiled back looking into his father's caring eyes.
"Well let's get up off the floor before your mother comes back and wonder what is going on." Walker said.
They all got up and went back to the kitchen table and sat down. They felt better now knowing that their father understood.
"I am going to make arrangements today to beef up security around the house. No one is going to threaten my boys and get away with it!" Walker stated matter of factly.
Zac smiled up at his dad as did Ike and Taylor. A feeling of relief came over them.

Sam was angry when the connection was broken with the one called Taylor Hanson. He balled his hands into fists as his heart pounded faster knowing it was the oldest one called Isaac Hanson that broke the psychic link. He tried desperately to get it back, but all he could invision was a wall protecting them. The youngest one didn't hold the bond together like before. Even though he was frustrated these boys amazed him. They were growing stronger and didn't realize the power that they held between them. A slight smile crossed his face. He knew now he had to up the date to get them. He couldn't let them start knowing how to use this new found power that they shared. The project needed them. He licked his lips and walked back into the warehouse. He sat back into his chair by his desk and started day dreaming knowing it was going to be a real challenge to train these boys to do what he wanted. He was looking forward to it. He reached for his cup of coffee that was still warm and sipped it slowly as a big smile crossed his face.

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