Three Minds As One

Chapter 4 - Were Scared!

Ike, Taylor and Zac sat at the breakfast table picking at their food as their little sisters and brother left to go play videos in the living room. Diana went to go change Zoe's diapers. Walker sat at the table noticing his sons looked very tired and drawn. Taylor kept looking up, then down at his plate of food looking frustrated. Zac looked anxious and he also saw his hands were shaking while he pushed the food around on his plate. Finally Ike looked up at his dad and cleared his throat.
"Dad? Can we talk to you about something?" Ike asked looking nervous while he swallowed hard, not knowing where to begin.
"Sure Ike. What is wrong with you guys lately?" Walker asked looking concerned.
"Umm... I..I don't know how to put this. You see..."
"We're scared!" Zac said cutting in, as his eyes filled with tears. Ike turned giving his brother a sad look.
"Scared? About what?" Walker asked gazing into all their faces.
"This man is bothering us. He keeps harassing us and we don't know how to stop him." Ike informed him, fearfully looking down at his hands.
"What man, Ike? Does this have something to do with when we were at the airport the other day? I noticed all of you changed your moods and looked shook up about something. Lately all you guys have been doing is arguing for the last several days."
"Well, when we were at the airport we..we heard someone yell 'Can you hear me?' and..and noticed this man was looking at us. He was the one who asked the question, but what is really weird is we heard it in our minds, Dad. Ever since, he has been following us and he keeps doing this.. talking to us in our minds, saying he is going to get us!" Taylor explained nervously, watching his father's expression turn into a look of confusion.
"What? Taylor this sounds crazy. What are you saying here? That you can read minds?" Walker asked crinkling up his brow, not believing what he was hearing. Zac suddenly burst into tears, feeling afraid that their father wouldn't believe what they were trying to tell him.
"It's true Dad! We can! Somehow this man did this to us. I don't know why or how." Taylor expressed sadly, wanting desperately for their father to believe him.
Walker looked into all their faces seeing that they were totally serious. Zac wiped the tears from his face with the back of his hand. He could tell they were scared and jumpy. He sat there silently trying to take in this information. His stomach turned into knots.
"You're really serious... aren't you?" Walker asked with a worried look crossing his face.
They all nodded their heads at the same time.
"Dad I know this sounds crazy. We didn't know how to tell you. For days we have been just holding it in, but last night was the worst." Ike said with his voice shaking.
"What? What did he do to you?" Walker demanded angrily.
"He..he interupted our dreams. He was telling us we had to do a job or something. That he would come for us soon! We're really scared Dad. We don't understand what he wants with us. He hurt Tay." Ike continued, desperately grabbing onto his father's hand.
"How... why did he hurt Taylor?" Walker asked feeling helpless, looking directly at Taylor, who cast his eyes down to the table.
"Tay was trying to read his mind but he, that man, stopped him and he passed out!" Zac asserted crinkling his eyebrows together.
Walker looked over to Taylor again noticing he was fighting back tears that were threating to overflow.
"Taylor are you alright?" Walker asked as he reached out for Taylor's shaking hand.
"I..I'm okay Dad. Really. I just can see him. I seem to see him." Taylor expressed sadly.
"Can you read each other's minds?" Walker asked raising his eyebrows.
"Yeah. We found out last night that we could do that. I don't know what this guy did to trigger this psychic thing in us." Ike affirmed seriously, looking into his father's concerned eyes.
"What does this guy look like? Maybe we should call the police. He could be very dangerous." Walker bellowed angrily, standing up feeling frustrated and confused, and headed over to the telephone on the wall. Ike bolted up and ran over to his father.
"No! No Dad! What will they think of us? They are going to think we're crazy." Ike begged stopping his dad from picking up the phone.
"But what else can we do?" Walker pleaded feeling helpless. He didn't know what he could do to protect his sons from this person. If this man wanted to hurt his boys, how could he stop him?
"Maybe we could boost up security around us for awhile. We don't have to say why." Ike suggested hoping his father would agree. Walker nodded his head. He reached out and grabbed Ike, hugging him tightly against him, suddenly feeling afraid. Ike buried his face in his father's shoulder feeling the safe warmth he always felt when he was feeling afraid and alone.
"I can't let this man think he can just take you. I want all three of you to stick close to the house for awhile and try not to be alone. Have someone with you at all times!" Walker declared sternly as he released his hug from Ike and grabbed his shoulders looking directly in his eyes. Ike nodded his head and swallowed hard. Ike hated that they had to worry their father about this whole situation.

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