Three Minds As One

Chapter 47 - Going Home - Continued

Taylor gulped hard looking into Demi's eyes. He promised himself he wouldn't cry, but he felt the tears welling up in his eyes.
"Well I guess.... I..." Taylor's voice cracked with emotion as Demi lovingly put his hand against his cheek.
"I will miss you young ones. But mostly you my Taylor." Demi cooed as he glowed a light shade of blue.
"I'll never forget you Demi. I lov...love you so much!" Taylor cried breaking down as he desperately flung his arms around Demi's waist hugging onto him tightly.
"You will always be with us." Demi stated pointing to his heart and head. Taylor nodded not knowing what to say as the tears dripped down his face.

"Que.... I... will never forget your kindness and all you have taught us." Ike said with tears brimming in his eyes as she petted at his damp clean hair.
"You are my love Ike. My heart will always be yours." Neque sadly expressed as Ike blushed slightly looking up at her shyly and smiled. He flew into her arms as she reached out to him and squeezed his eyes tightly shut trying to hold back his tears, as his bottom lip began to tremble.
"I love you Que." Ike whispered under his breath.

Haelz hugged Zac tightly in her arms lifting him into the air. Zac smiled at her hugging back resting his head on her shoulder. Tears spilled down his cheeks.
"I won't say goodbye Hazel. Just till we meet again. Okay?" Zac's voice trembled with emotion.
"Yes my Zac! Till we meet again. I will always remember everything about you, from your brown eyes to those soft yellow strings." Haelz crooned petting his hair wanting to remember the feel and touch. Zac smiled through the tears and leaned back as she placed him back down onto his feet.

Mayte stood watching the others say their goodbyes when Nadroj woke up in her arms and blinked trying to focus and orient himself as he turned his head when Taylor walked up to her and smiled.
"May? I hate to say goodbye. You are...." Mayte stopped him placing a finger over his lips as she bent down letting Nadroj stand on the ground next to her. Taylor took her hand away and reached out his arms as Mayte embraced him tightly in her arms. Taylor let the tears fall naturally from deep inside. He turned his head and kissed her cheek gently. She looked at him curiously cocking her head.
"That is called a kiss May. It is a form of affection." Taylor smiled wiping away the tears when Ike and Zac came up to her too and each one gave her a hug.
"My Tay Tay!" Nadroj screamed making everyone jump.
Taylor bent down next to him and caressed the side of his face.
"I'll miss you Nodrow. We all will." Taylor expressed smiling.
"Come with." Nadroj said cocking his head. Ike and Zac squatted down next to Taylor.
"We are going home, like you are." Ike told him noticing Nadroj looked confused.
"Home with Nadroj!"
"No our home is here. Your home is out in the universe." Zac tried to explain, but Nadroj turned blue and a look of fear covered his face. Mayte scooped him up into her arms as he tried to desperately reach out to them not understanding.
"We will one day see each other again. Don't worry my young one." Mayte cooed trying to calm Nadroj down.

They all turned as Neque opened the rip into time. Ike, Taylor, and Zac sadly watched them approach the rip. They could hear the helicopters in the distance.
"Till we meet again my young ones! Stay with love!" Neque shouted as she entered the rip and disappeared with her mates following. Demi hesitated and turned raising his arm and waved. Taylor burst into tears waving back as his brothers waved too. They knew they would never forget this special being and all they have been through together.

Sam was standing next to Don, coming out in the middle of the goodbyes. Taylor turned squinting his eyes and pointed as several helicopters came into view.
"There they are!" Zac yelled filled with excitement.
"Boys? They may come out storming the place. So be careful and listen to everything they say." Sam reminded them.
"We will Sam." Ike assured them watching with anticipation of seeing his parents again.

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