Three Minds As One

Chapter 47 - Going Home - Continued

Sam rocked back onto his chair and rubbed at his forehead, looking up at Neque. He smiled knowing now he did the right thing. He felt bad though hearing the desperation in Mr. Hanson's voice.

"Demi?" Taylor yelled as he bolted into a sitting position on the bed. Demi sat down on the side of him and pulled him into his arms.
"I'm right here my Taylor. You're safe now. No one is going to hurt you anymore." Demi assured him as Taylor relaxed against his chest as tears dripped down his face.
"I had a bad dream that you were stuck in the rips and couldn't get out." Taylor mumbled sadly feeling his muscles ache over his entire body.
"Tay?" Zac groaned turning his head toward him weakly.
"I'm here Zac. How are you feeling?" Taylor asked still leaning up against Demi.
"My entire body aches. Where are we?" Zac asked looking around while Haelz caressed the side of his face softly.
"Mine too and I don't know where we are." Taylor answered and didn't really care as long as their friends were with them.
"You are in the infirmary." Don said smiling down at Zac who jumped looking up at him.
"How?" Zac asked crinkling his brow as Don put the blood pressure cuff around his arm with Haelz cocking her head slightly wondering what this man was doing.
"No one is going to hold you against your will anymore. Your parents will be coming and you will be going home. We are surrendering to the US sometime later today." Don informed them as Zac opened his eyes wide, with a surprised look covering his face.
"Really?" Taylor asked as Demi let him lay back down onto his pillow.
"Tom is gone now and what we have done to you was terribly wrong." Sam interupted sitting down in a chair next to Taylor's bed.
"But how are we going to explain all this to our parents and everybody?" Taylor asked as he heard Ike groan next to him.
"Oh man... I...I feel so stiff." Ike moaned while Mayte tried to comfort him.
"Just go slow young one. Take it slow. Your body took on a lot of stress." Mayte cooed, softly touching his arm for reassurance. He smiled up at her seeing Nadroj was asleep with his head resting on her shoulder.
"How is the little guy?" Ike asked reaching slowly out and touched Nadroj's leg.
"He is fine my Ike." Neque broke in sitting on the edge of the bed and started to pet his head. Ike looked up at her and smiled.
"Soon we have to be going home. We must leave you." Neque said noticing Ike's face fell into a frown.
"Ike? Mom and Dad are coming. We are going home!" Taylor exclaimed smiling at his brother.
"They are? Who?" Ike asked casting his eyes up and down.
"Sam has contacted your father. He has told them how to get here." Neque explained when Ike grabbed onto her hand.
"Que I... we are going to miss you all so much." Ike expressed as tears filled his eyes.
"We will miss you too my young ones. But now you must get ready to see your parents." Neque stated glowing gold. Ike nodded his head understanding.
"I want to check all of you over. It will take them a few hours to probably get things set up and travel here." Don began looking from one boy to the next.
"We'll leave you for awhile then... to let this man do what he has to do." Demi said when Taylor desperately grabbed onto his hand.
"No! Don't leave me." Taylor fearfully groaned.
"Taylor? We will be just outside the door. Don't worry." Demi assured him caressing his face lovingly.

Some hours passed as Don and Sam gave Ike, Taylor, and Zac complete physical examinations. Sam explained to them how they were going to give up to the US government and how they were all going to keep what took place here a secret only among them. They helped them to take showers and dress when they finally came out into the hallway looking nervous and excited at the same time.
"How are my young ones doing?" Neque asked looking curiously over at Don for a answer.
"They are still kinda weak from all the stress and Taylor is a little malnourished from the abuse that he has suffered, but they will be just fine." Don declared smiling as they all walked down the hallway to the doors that led outside. The gentle breeze of the island hit them when they opened the door.
"Ahhh... clean fresh air!" Zac bellowed flinging out his arms, with Ike and Taylor laughing at the remark watching Zac breath in the air deeply.
"Gosh that is what the sun looks like!?" Ike chuckled squinting his eyes trying to get used to the brightness.
"Where's Sam?" Taylor asked as the wind whipped his hair into his eyes and he pushed the loose strands behind his ears.
"He's coming out shortly. We have confirmation of the helicopters coming in about an hour away. They are almost here guys!" Don stated stepping back as the aliens approached the boys and he knew they would want to have their time alone with them. The men watched sitting around the area.

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