Three Minds As One

Chapter 47 - Going Home

Walker and Diana sat on the couch watching the last of the federal agents leave the house. Tim, the FBI agent, who stayed with them through out the last couple of weeks sadly approached them and kneeled down in front of them.
"Mr. and Mrs. Hanson? We will keep the case open. Try to keep positive. We have tried our best to locate the boys. I'm sorry this situation didn't have a better out come." Tim said watching Diana rest her head on her husband's shoulder.
"Tim we know. I want to thank you for all you have done. We couldn't have got through these past weeks without you. You will always be welcome in our home. I don't know why but I know the boys are still alive." Walker assured him as Diana took Walker's hand squeezing it gently.
"Well I will keep in contact with you. Here is my card and I wrote my home phone number on the back just in case you want or need to talk. Okay?"
"Thank you Tim." Walker whispered with his voice cracking with emotion.
Tim stood up and looked around sadly at the room that he had become so familar with. He walked toward the door and watched the men packing up the vans outside as the police kept the press back down the street.

"Walker where are my babies? I want my boys back!" Diana cried desperately as she began to cry. She thought she had no more tears left as she angrily brushed them away with her hand.
"They will come home! I promise you Di. They......."
"Hanson!" A voice boomed suddenly in Walker's head as he jerked forward looking fearfully around.
"Walker? What is it?" Diana asked raising her eyebrows seeing his face lose all color suddenly.
"Shhhh...." Walker gestered raising his hand.
"Are you hearing me?" The voice asked him.
"Yes! What? Who?" Walker hissed thinking he was going crazy. He stood up with Diana wondering who Walker was speaking too.
"This is Sam Rodden. The man who kidnapped your sons. Now listen carefully. They are just fine. Ike, Taylor, and Zac are doing great. I am going to surrender to the US government. I will tell you where we are."
"Oh GOD! My sons! Where?! Where are you?" Walker screamed making Diana jump as she placed her hand over her mouth feeling scared.
"We are on a pacific island. You won't find it on any charts. It is owned by a man named Tom Shane. I will give you the coordinates..."
"Wait! Diana get a paper and pencil." Walker instructed as Diana stood up and ran to the desk, grabbing up a pencil and a pad of paper. She handed it to him.
"Why Walker?"
"Please Diana," Walker pleaded with tears brimming in his eyes. "Okay give me the coordinates Mr. Rodden."
"They are...." Sam explained as Walker quickly wrote them down.
"Thank you! We will be there as fast as we can." Walker shouted feeling the link detach from his mind. He broke down and looked up at the ceiling as he burst into tears.
"Walker!" Diana begged feeling her body start to shake. Walker grabbed her by the shoulders and then hugged her tightly to his chest.
"He told me where Ike, Tay, and Zac are! For some reason he wants to surrender." Walker cried out with joy filling his heart.
"They are alright? Walker are they alright?" Diana pleaded wanting to know.
"Yes Diana! He said they are just fine." Walker smiled down at her.
"Tim?! We can't let them leave Walker." Diana shrieked suddenly breaking away from Walker and ran to the front door.
"Tim! Tim!" Diana yelled as she bolted outside waving frantically in the air. Tim turned his head wondering why Mrs. Hanson was yelling for him. He opened the passenger door of the car and got out.
"Mrs. Hanson?"
"Tim please come back into the house! Now!" She demanded with a smile on her face.
"Wait here David. Don't anyone leave yet. Okay?" Tim instructed as David nodded his head lifting up his cell phone as Tim walked back to the house.

"Diana? What is it?" Tim asked walking back into the living room wondering what was so urgent.
"Tim we have great news! I know where they are!" Walker shouted out joyfully.
"What? Where?" Tim asked crinkling up his brow.
"Here.... they are here." Walker stated jamming the paper into Tim's hand. Tim looked down and read the numbers on the sheet.
"What are these?"
"Coordinates Tim. To the island where they were taken." Walker explained smiling at him.
"How did you get these? I didn't hear a phone ring." Tim asked as his hand started to shake.
"Yes! The man who kidnapped them just called." Walker lied looking at Diana who nodded with understanding.
"They want to surrender Tim." Diana confirmed darting her eyes back and forth.
"They are on some Pacific island that is owned by a man named Tom Shane." Walker stated.
"Who? Did you say Thomas Shane?" Tim asked frowning at them.
"Yes that is what this Sam told me. Why?" Walker asked seriously.
"Mr. Hanson this man is one of the richest men in the world. As a matter of fact a brilliant man. He owns a complex that the US government has been trying for years to find. It is a place called The Project. This man is considered dangerous. We have been looking for him for years." Tim explained watching their faces turn white with fear.
"Dangerous?" Diana swallowed hard.
"I have to call the men back. Are you sure now these are right Mr. Hanson?" Tim asked.
"Yes! That is what the man told me. Tim I want my sons back! Please!" Walker begged as a lump formed in his throat.
"Tim can you tell me why the government wants this man so much? And what is The Project about?" Walker asked as Tim sat down on the couch.
"Please sit." Tim pleaded as Walker and Diana sat next to him with fear covering their faces.
"This Thomas Shane has been conducting experiments without the permission of the government. He works with magnetic fields and lately it has come to our knowledge that he is extremely interested in psychic phenomenon. This all makes sense now Mr. Hanson. You told me about how this so called man tiggered this psychic ability in your sons. We have to go in with extreme caution." Tim seriously explained to them.
"We will follow everything you want us to do Tim. Just get my boys back to me." Walker pleaded wiping a tear away that dripped down his face.
"We'll be on our way in less then twenty four hours. I will take this information that you gave me into headquarters and everything will be set up. Okay? I will have some of my men pick you up when we are ready to go." Tim said rushing out the door and bolted to his car. Walker and Diana stood dumbfounded looking at one another.
"Diana we will see them again. Don't worry honey." Walker boldly confirmed as she fell into his arms and cried.

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