Three Minds As One

Chapter 46 - What Power Is This - Continued

"Open the door! Ike!? Anyone! Can you hear me?" Sam screamed on the top of his lungs.
"Come on kids! Please answer us!" Mike yelled next to him with all the employees of the complex surrounding them.
"Break it down! We have to get in there!" Sam bellowed angrily when several men pushed him aside and they threw their weight against the door.
"Again!" Sam ordered hating the fact that only Tom had the key to this door. Don stood against the other wall behind them shaking his head sadly. He was worried the boys didn't make it after hearing the terrible explosion that rocked the complex minutes ago.

Neque sped forward at blinding speed, through the rips with Demi and Haelz behind her. She knew she had to get to the young ones as soon as possible. Pride filled her knowing they didn't let them down. The balance of time and space was now healed completely.
"Almost there!" Neque yelled to Demi and Haelz when suddenly Mayte and Nadroj joined them.
"Are they alright my wiseone? They won't answer my call!" Demi moaned filled with worry.
"There is the rip! Hurry." Neque said as she popped through with the others following.

Neque stood looking around the barren room and fear struck at her heart seeing the young ones laying in the center clinging to one another. Demi bolted over to them as he glowed in a light blue shade and moaned softly. He gently petted Taylor's head lovingly as Neque carefully turned Ike over away from Taylor and rocked him in her arms. Haelz gently lifted Zac's upper body into her arms also as he moaned softly.
Taylor groaned trying to move but couldn't find the strength to even open his eyes.
"Demi." Taylor murmured under his breath, feeling Demi's arms around him.
Suddenly the door to the room burst open as the men fell in onto the floor. Sam and Mike ran into the room stopping when they saw the aliens holding the boys.
"Are they okay?" Sam asked fearfully running up to Demi who was holding Taylor.
"They are alive, but very weak." Demi answered looking deeply into Sam's eyes.
"Where is Tom?" Don asked walking up behind looking stunned when he looked around the room.
"Hole." Zac mumbled while Haelz petted his forehead.
"Went into the hole." Ike added in a whisper as he opened his eyes weakly looking up at Neque.
The whole room was silent as the men stood in awe. Neque looked around at the men as she lifted Ike into her arms and stood up. She opened a link to all their minds so they could hear her.
"These young ones have saved time and space. What you have put them through is a terrible crime among you! Look at them! They are the innocent. Without them all time would have collasped onto itself. They have saved our world and yours. You never realized the distruction that you were causing. Tom has paid for that as he is now lost in time and space forever. Please I beg of you to let them go home and help them now!" Neque crooned as the men bowed their heads in shame.
"Let's bring them to the infirmary. I promise you I will take care of them." Don swallowed hard watching Haelz and Demi lift up Taylor and Zac and then stood next to Neque. Mayte walked up behind with Nadroj clingling onto to her feeling scared for his friends.

They quietly walked down the hallway as Don led them to the infirmary. Everyone followed as they opened the door and the aliens gently laid them down onto the beds with Taylor in the center bed and Zac to his right and Ike to his left.
"Demi?" Taylor groaned fearfully as some tears slid down his face.
"I am here young one. You are going to be alright." Demi cooed in a soothing voice, petting his head gently.
"The... the balance?" Taylor began wanting to know that everything was alright.
"It is fine. You did it my sweet Taylor. You and your brothers saved the dimensional time balance." Demi assured him as Taylor smiled slightly and drew in a shaking breath of air.
"Tom? What about Tom?" Zac asked turning his head weakly and looked up into Haelz's loving eyes.
"I'm sorry young one. He is lost now in time. In the end he did the right thing. He sacrified himself to correct the damage that he had done." Haelz told him while she smoothed back his wet hair from his forehead. Zac's bottom lip trembled as he tried to hold back the tears.
"I'm so tired. Is Tay and Zac okay?" Ike asked weakly while Neque glowed in bright shade of white.
"You will be just fine my Ike. Just rest now my young one." Neque pleaded petting his cheek with her thumb as he nodded his head and closed his eyes sucking in a deep breath.
"Friends heal!" Nadroj yelled looking down at Taylor as Mayte still held him in her arms. Mayte reached out and petted Taylor's head as he looked up at her and Nadroj.
"We'll be okay Nod..row. Don't worry." Taylor said trying to lift his arm to touch him, but was to weak as his arm dropped back down onto the bed.
"My mates we must heal them now." Neque stated as they all walked away from the sides of the beds and stood directly in front of them. Ike, Taylor, and Zac looked at one another weakly with one question forming in their minds. Tearfully they all looked into the eyes of everyone surrounding them.
"We... we want to go home!" They said in unison.
"You will my young ones. You will!" Neque assured them when she suddenly closed her eyes and cast forth the healing light with her mates connected to her as everyone in the room gasped when a golden light surrounded Ike, Taylor, and Zac and their bodies were lifted into the air, floating over their beds.
"What are they doing to them Sam?" Don whispered next to him.
"Healing Don. This is how they heal. It's really amazing." Sam exclaimed smiling at him.
"Unbelieveable." Don said feeling totally in awe watching the tiny white lights floating around the room.
After a few minutes they slowing lowered back onto the beds. Don cautiously walked up to them and then looked at the aliens feeling still in awe by what he had just witnessed. He noticed the boys seemed to be in a deep sleep.
"They will rest now. Their bodies were totally exhausted." Neque informed Don as he nodded his head.
"Please everyone go back to what you were doing. They need to rest now!" Sam ordered as he started to push the men out of the room.
"They are going to be okay? Right?" One guard asked with his eyes darting back and forth as he stepped backwards towards the door.
"Yes! They are going to be fine." Sam assured him nodding his head finally shutting the door.

"Don I need to speak with you." Sam stated walking up next to him. Don looked at the aliens as they hovered staying close to the boys.
"What?" Don asked pushing up his glasses wondering what Sam wanted.
"I am going to contact their parents. The only way I know how is through the mind. We have to give ourselves up."
"I agree Sam. This was never right from the beginning." Don added swallowing hard.
"Okay. I don't want to let anyone else know what I am about to do."
"Sam I never realized that you changed. What happened?"
"I just came to my senses Don. Those kids are special and I am going to see that no more harm comes to them." Sam explained as Don looked surprised to hear those words coming out of his mouth.
"But how are we going to explain them?" Don asked pointing at the group of aliens around the beds.
"We can't tell anyone about what has taken place here. No matter how we are questioned we must say we kidnapped them just for their psychic abilities. Okay Don?" Sam smiled with begging eyes.
"Don't worry Sam. That is all they will get out of me." Don smiled back nodding his head in agreement.
"We will say Tom died in a accident and his ashes were thrown into the ocean." Sam said seriously feeling sorry for the man who had so many dreams of fame and now all he ended up with, was to be lost in time. Sam shuddered thinking of Tom's fate.
"Yes." Don whispered under his breath.
"I am going to ask Que.... the one standing next to Ike to help me contact their parents." Sam told him as he walked up next to her. She glanced up watching him approach.
"Ummm...Que? Can you help me?"
"Sam I know what you want. We heard you and yes I will help you. I want to see them go home." Neque droned softly and petted Ike's forehead watching him sleep. She felt a intense love for him and knew soon she wouldn't have his company anymore. Sadly she stepped away from the bed and followed Sam to a corner of the room.

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