Three Minds As One

Chapter 46 - What Power Is This?

Ike, Taylor, and Zac watched the dimensional tube that was still shaking and filling up with powerful magnetic waves.
"It's not going to hold!" Zac yelled, as Tom threw him a evil look.
"Yes it will. I know it will." Tom smiled when suddenly he felt himself lift off the floor as he gasped, looking directly into the eyes of the boys. They pinned him against a wall.
"No! Leave me go. You can't do this!" Tom screamed, struggling to break free as the boys ignored him when they approached the computer that was near the tube.
"Which key? How do we shut this thing down?" Ike asked when Taylor turned and threw his mind into Tom's searching for the answer. Tom shook his head feeling the sensation of the boy searching around in his memories.
"I won't let you see! Get out of my head!" Tom bellowed filled with anger.
"Do you see it Tay?" Zac asked with his fingers ready over the keyboard.
"Press... the.... the...."

Ike grabbed onto his brothers pulling them back roughly.
"It's gonna BLOW!" Ike shouted as they watched with fear raging through them.

The tube shook violently and a screeching noise filled the room. They covered their ears as the glass exploded around them. A strong wind whipped across the room throwing them all against a wall knocking the air out of them as they quickly stood up again taking control of the power between them. Tom slid down the wall he was pinned to and was stunned as they released their hold on him. He rubbed at his face feeling glass particles drop to the floor.
"I can't move!" Tom screamed in agony as the wind pinned him against the corner.
"Oh God! Look! What is that?" Taylor yelled pointing at a small black hole forming where the dimensional tube was before it shattered into a million bits. They tried to move forward but the strong waves of energy were pushing them back filling the air around them.
"Tay?! It's... it's growing!" Ike hollered over the screeching sound of the wind.
"It's looks like some kind of hole!" Zac yelled as fear raged through him.
"Oh God! What are we going to do?! It's a black hole guys! We have to close it!" Taylor bellowed as his hair flew into his eyes.
"How?!" Zac screamed feeling like they were losing control again. Tom stood and swallowed hard not believing this was happening.
"As ONE! Like Que showed us!" Taylor shouted remembering. Zac and Ike grabbed Taylor's hands and they reached deep within themselves and released a power directed at the hole. The energy flew out of Taylor's body as he jerked being pulled forward. He groaned in pain feeling the energy take hold of him. Ike and Zac held him securely in place between them.
"Tay! Stay with us!" Ike demanded holding onto Taylor's hand feeling the agony surge through him as he threw back his head.
"It's getting bigger! More! More power!" Taylor screeched as their minds worked together. His body felt the force grow stronger. A beam of swirling white light emanated suddenly from all three of them as they threw back their heads and it formed into one in the center. It hit the hole at full force. A bright blinding blue light exploded when the opposing forces came together.
"CLOSE! Oh God help us!" They cried together as one. Tom shook standing near them, watching them with amazement. He never dreamed these boys had such power. Suddenly the objects of the room started to shake and move toward the hole.
"It's sucking everything in! More power!" Taylor screamed in fear.
"Tay! Can you take it!?" Ike yelled with concern knowing Taylor was weakening between them.
"Don't worry! Just do it! We have to do this! Don't worry about me!" Taylor shouted reasurring his older brother.
The hole still grew fighting their power. The computer next to the hole was suddenly sucked in and disappeared as chairs and tables flew in next. Tom gluped when he felt a force pull at his body and he started to be pulled toward the hole also.
"Help me! Please!" Tom shrieked as he fell to the floor desperately trying to grab onto anything around him while he was being dragged across the floor by the sucking force of the hole that screamed with the magnetic waves surrounding it.
"Tom!" Taylor shouted watching the man slowly slide toward the hole with his eyes wide with fear and pain.
"We're doing it! It's starting to close! Don't lose the connection Tay!" Ike demanded as their beam of energy grew stronger. Tom flipped up into the air and spun out in front of them. Taylor reached out his left hand and caught his hand in mid air. Tom desperately held on, with his body still being sucked by the force of the magnetic pull coming out of the hole.
"I got him! Hold on Tom! Don't let go!" Taylor screamed, feeling like his arm was going to rip out of his socket at the shoulder.
"Ike! Zac! Help me pull him in!"
The hole grew smaller as the seconds ticked by. Zac reached his arms around Taylor's waist holding on tightly as he saw his brother struggling against the pull as he held the beam of power at the same time. Ike squeezed Taylor's other hand casting a bolt of energy to him to give him more strength.
"Please! Please pull me in kid!" Tom cried as he looked back at the sickly black hole that was slowly sucking him in.
"Oh God! I..I can't hold on much..." Taylor screamed shutting his eyes concentrating when he felt Tom's hand slipping from his.
"NO!" Tom shrieked looking desperately at the boys as the wind whipped at their hair. Tears started to flow down his face. He knew they wouldn't be able to pull him in. He knew now he had made a terrible mistake. The only way to save the balance of time and space was to sacrifice himself in order to close the hole completely.
"Hold on Tom!" Taylor demanded when suddenly he felt the force of the hole pulling at him too.
"No! Let go of me kid! You have to do it! The hole is almost shut! I'm stopping it from closing!" Tom yelled knowing that half of his body was already through the hole.
"No! We'll save you!" Zac shouted as beads of sweat rolled down his face and he hugged his brother tighter against him. Taylor started to shake uncontrollably not wanting to let go. Ike reached out with his right hand to try to help Taylor pull him in.
"Just let go! You have too! You did it boys! You ARE truly amazing! I was wrong! I was so wrong! Save yourselves!" Tom shouted and twisted his hand to release himself from Taylor's grip.
"NO!" Taylor cried as he felt Tom lose the hold on his hand. They watched in terror when Tom's body was suddenly sucked in. The hole screeched and then shut completely. The beam of energy slapped back into their bodies knocking them off balance. The air was dead silent around them. They all rocked backwards together collapsing onto the floor. Sweat poured off their bodies as they breathed deeply still clinging to one another. All that was left of the room was just a few pieces of broken tables and chairs scattered about the area. They heard pounding at the door as they lay to exhausted to move. They closed their eyes with tears pouring down their faces.
"Tom." Taylor whimpered softly.

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