Three Minds As One

Chapter 45 - The Moment Of Truth - Continued

Taylor felt himself drift with his brothers. The sensation overpowered their bodies. He envisioned the room where the dimensional tube was in. Somehow they seemed to bypass the tides of time. They floated in a sea of color and lights which surrounded them. He felt the confidence flow through him. Ike could hear the humming of the machine in the distance. He felt his brother's with him knowing for once none of them would do this alone. Every particle of them, of every cell and molecule were mixed together as one. Zac felt the surging force run through them. A power he felt that was beyond their understanding, but yet they seemed to be in control of the forces around them. Every muscle fiber and nerve were finally working together as one. Taylor balanced the center of the being that they had become. Ike brought up the protecting shield that enveloped their exsistence. Zac held the forces together among them. They were close to the point of entrance moving together as three minds as one. All knowledge came to the forefront which Neque put there to guide them.

Tom bent over the chair watching the levels on the monitor screen of the computer. He noticed no change in the waves since last night. He sat down and started typing in the commands to increase the level of the power. He wanted to forget the alien and the past few days. If he could only reach out into time and space and capture a link. Suddenly he saw a spike rise on the screen.
"Got something." Tom thought to himself as he licked at his lips feeling a surge of excitement fill him. The spike was getting stronger. He typed in another command to increase the power even greater. Suddenly he felt a breeze on the back of his neck. He spun around noticing the room was starting to take on a bluish glow. He fearfully got up watching a bubble form near the opposite wall. He gulped hard seeing Ike, Taylor, and Zac appear before him looking angry.

"Turn it off Tom!" Taylor bellowed as Tom stood frozen in place with his mouth open not believing his eyes. The three boys were encased in some kind of light that emanated off them. They looked separate but seemed to also be together. He blinked several times trying to focus his eyes.
"Get out! Don't try to scare me with this illusion." Tom exploded as he reached toward the keyboard.
"You are doing it again. You are causing a disruption in the time balance with that contraption you built." Zac informed him as they all moved forward a step. Tom stepped back almost tripping over the chair.
"Stay away from me. I am not doing anything wrong. This is the greatest invention of mankind! And I will use it however I please!" Tom growled angrily at them pointing his finger in warning.
"You can't do this. You don't realize what you are doing. Listen to us. If you don't shut that thing down, all time and space will close in upon itself. Please don't make us force you." Taylor pleaded trying to reason with him. Tom ran his hand through his sweaty hair and frowned at them, puffing out his bottom lip.
"You betrayed me! You ALL did! I will have my glory. You won't take that away from me. Not YOU or anyone!" Tom screamed on the top of his lungs and hit the keyboard key to release the highest level of magnetic waves as possible.
"NO!" Ike, Taylor, and Zac shouted together. The tube next to Tom started to vibrate and shake. Tom fearfully looked toward it and then suddenly smiled.
"There... try to stop me! I will now discover how to travel and control time. These computers will take in all of the information and the knowledge will be mine." Tom gleefully laughed.
"You're insane!" Taylor yelled and looked toward his brother's knowing there was no way to reason with this man. Ike nodded his head slightly. They knew now what had to be done.

Neque felt her body receive another jolt of energy as she tried to desperately close another broken rip. Feverishly she and her mates were working to repair the damage that the machine was causing again. She looked around her watching for the next one.
"They are in Neque!" Demi proclaimed, feeling the young ones working as one.
"I hope they can stop him. I wanted to be with them when they went in. I hope our Taylor is strong enough." Neque moaned when another wave hit her. She could sense a rise in the disruption suddenly take hold.
"He increased the power my wiseone!" Haelz screamed feeling the pain cover her body.
"Stay in control my Haelz." Neque pleaded reaching her hand out when she saw a rip form just in front of her. She threw out a bolt of power healing it quickly.
"At least my Mayte and Nadroj are safe." Demi crooned, knowing they made it home safely when Neque insisted earlier that they go, when the unbalanced rips started to form.
Neque suddenly threw up a wall around them, sensing the magnetic waves were suddenly increasing in strength.
"We can't keep up! He is doing it again my Neque." Demi shouted as they huddled together in the protective wall.
"It is up to them now to heal the broken tides. We can't do no more my loves." Neque sadly proclaimed with fear racing through her. Demi and Haelz moaned softly bowing their heads with dread overwhelming them. Neque watched the tides turning into sickly colors that swirled all around them.
"Courage my young ones! They will save us! They are as one! They know what to do!" Neque bellowed wrapping her arms around Demi and Haelz lovingly, knowing their fate was in the hands of the three young ones.

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