Three Minds As One

Chapter 45 - The Moment Of Truth

Neque and her mates gazed down lovingly at the three young boys sleeping soundly after eating their dinner. She insisted that they get some sleep, even though they said they were ready to destroy Tom's dimensional machine. She wanted Taylor to gain more strength. She reached out and gently caressed the side of his face. Taylor groaned and smacked his lips, clutching onto his pillow tighter.

"Are you worried my wiseone?" Demi asked watching Neque glow in a light shade of blue.
"I just want Taylor to be strong enough when they have to face these evil ones. He is the center of all the power that they hold between them." Neque expressed with concern flowing from her voice. "I know his brothers will take care of him." Haelz added in, lovingly looking at Zac, watching his eyes move under his eyelids.
"They are amazing human beings. They have gone through so much because of us. I have confidence in them." Mayte exclaimed as she glowed a light golden shade as Nadroj slept in her arms.
"Today is the moment of truth for them. And I want them to be ready to face the odds." Neque added still petting Taylor's head softly.
"My Taylor will be ready my wiseone! I know he will." Demi assured her, looking proudly down at him.
"I hope so. He has suffered so much at the hands of the evil ones. His body has been weakened due to all the abuse he has sustained for the past few days. I want to check him over before we send them through the rips." Neque concluded as she stood up wanting her mates to follow her into the tides. She wanted to check the balance of the dimensional waves. A fear was nawing at her and she didn't understand why.

Taylor stirred rolling over and bumped the wall next to him.
"Tay? You awake?" Zac asked watching his brother roll onto his back as Taylor stretched his arms over his head.
"Now I am." Taylor smiled, looking up at his brother who smiled back.
"Where is everyone?"
"Huh?" Taylor wondered as he sat up and looked around the room noticing it was just him and his brothers.
"Ike?" Zac prodded, shaking his shoulder to wake him.
"What?" Ike grumbled looking up at both his brothers.
"Do you know where everyone went Ike?" Taylor questioned, with a worried look on his face.
"Maybe they just went into the rips for awhile." Ike said watching Taylor turn and lean against the wall.
"Yeah.... maybe."
"But then where is Mike and Sam?" Zac questioned as he stood up walking off of the mattress.
"Don't worry so much guys." Ike stated, now feeling a little concerned himself.
"Ike I can feel you are just as concerned as I am." Taylor expressed.
"Why would they just leave us without telling us where they are going? ANYBODY HERE!?" Zac yelled out hoping someone would respond. They all sat quietly watching when suddenly Demi came into the room through a rip. They all breathed a sigh of relief.
"What is it my young one?" Demi asked looking at Zac smile up at him.
"Just thought you abandoned us." Zac chuckled shrugging his shoulders.
"We were just in the rips checking out the activity of the dimensional tides."
"Why? Is there anything wrong?" Taylor asked jumping up.
"They are fine my Taylor. Neque is just concerned due to the fact that... that machine was used again and almost killed our Nadroj. I have to go back to them now young ones. We won't be too long." Demi assured him as Taylor swallowed hard nodding his head, watching Demi go back into the rip.
"Where is Sam and Mike?" Ike asked licking his lips, when Mike came around the corner munching on a cookie while Sam followed behind him.
"Hey guys! Finally the sleeping beauties are awake." Mike chuckled as he sat on the end of the mattress.
"Very funny Mike," Zac stated rolling his eyes. "You didn't bring any cookies back for us? How rude."
"Sorry kid this was the last one."
"What are you going to make for breakfast?" Taylor asked smiling at Mike as he turned to look at him.
"What are you hungry for? There are some eggs and bread left. A little bacon too. I could scramble the eggs and put the bacon in with them. How does that sound Tay?" Mike asked brushing the cookie crumbs off his pants.
"Sounds great. I'm starving." Taylor said as Mike stood up and walked toward the hallway.
"I'll start the breakfast now. It might take a few minutes." Mike informed them as he walked away.
Sam walked over by Taylor and sat down next to him, with a worried look covering his face.
"What's wrong Sam? You look kind of worried about something." Ike asked sitting down in front of him.
"I'm concerned about Tom. Last night when everyone was sleeping I went to his room and saw him sitting there with my mind. He is really angry. I could read his thoughts. I know he is planning something. I didn't want to go in to deep or he would know I was there." Sam explained looking down at his hands sadly.
"But what could he be planning? He can't really expect to get away with anything." Taylor said as Sam looked into his eyes.
"Taylor why don't you try to see what he is up too?" Sam asked.
"Well I... I... "
"Tay? Do it. I don't want anymore surprises happening to us." Ike declared, touching Taylor's leg.
"Okay. Where is his room Sam?" Taylor asked as Sam opened his mind and threw him a image. Taylor nodded his head. He closed his eyes leaning his head against the wall clearing his thoughts. He let his mind drift and found Tom sleeping in bed.
"He's sleeping." Taylor whispered under his breath.
"Go in Tay." Ike instructed sliding over in front of him watching Taylor closely.
Taylor went into Tom's mind and saw muddled dreams and images. He went in deeper to find the memories. He frowned crinkling his eyebrows together.
"He fixed the tube. He replaced it with a new one! He is planning to......" Taylor began as his heart started to pound rapidly with dread filling his mind.
"Tay? What? What is he planning?" Zac asked crawling up next to Ike.
"I... I can't..... he wants to test it!" Taylor jerked opening his eyes fearfully.
"Tay don't lose the connection! Hold on. When? When does he plan on doing this?" Ike demanded trying to calm his brother down. He reached out and took his hand squeezing it gently.
"I don't know. He doesn't know yet. We can't let him guys! We have to tell Que!" Taylor yelled breaking his link and stood up looking around him fearfully. Ike and Zac stood up with him.
"He will disrupt the balance again if he turns that machine on!" Zac fumed balling his right hand into a fist.
"Tay connect with Demi. Tell them to get out of the rips." Ike said watching Taylor walk off the mattress.
"Demi?" Taylor reached out with his mind trying to locate him.
They all waited for a response watching the center of the room hoping to see them come out of the rips.
"He doesn't answer!" Taylor moaned as he tried again.
"Maybe they are busy in there." Zac broke in looking up at Ike.
"Tay? Anything?" Ike asked.
"I can't find them! It's like they are not there." Taylor frowned looking up at Ike with tears forming in his eyes.
"Breakfast is ready!" Mike announced coming around the corner pushing the cart. He stopped and wondered what was wrong.
"Mike? Breakfast can wait." Sam said, watching Mike roll it next to the wall.
"What's wrong? What is happening?" Mike asked swallowing hard.
"They can't contact our friends. We have to get them out of there. Tom is planning to turn on that blasted machine of his again Mike! Tom should be getting up by now." Sam explained rubbing at his forehead nervously looking up at the clock.
"Oh no." Mike whispered looking over at Ike, Taylor, and Zac.
"What are we going to do?" Taylor questioned searching Ike's face for a answer.
"We can't just stand here. We...."
"Guys? Just calm down. We have plenty of time yet. Just sit down and eat some breakfast. Maybe they will be back by the time you are done." Sam exclaimed trying to take control of the situation.
"But... but..." Taylor began with his eyes darting back and forth. Sam ran up to him placing his arm gently around Taylor's shoulders.
"Tom isn't even in the room yet. He is just getting up himself. So guys.... let's just eat some of Mike's great breakfast he made us and hopefully they will be coming back soon." Sam said smiling a little and led Taylor to the mattress to sit down.
"I guess you're right Sam. We just are scared." Ike agreed sucking in a nervous breath of air. Zac and Ike sat down next to Taylor. Mike served them the eggs and toast and then grabbed a plate for himself.
"I wish they would come back. I don't understand why Demi didn't respond to me." Taylor stated picking at his food nervously, with his fork.
"Tay eat something. Remember what Que said. She wants you to gain back your strength." Ike pleaded, watching his brother put a mouthful of eggs into his mouth and swallowed hard.
"We're almost finished here and still they aren't back. Why do I feel scared?" Zac groaned running his hand through his hair angrily.
"Something is wrong. I know there is something wrong!" Taylor moaned standing up looking nervously around.
"I agree Tay. I feel it! I can feel it too." Ike commented rubbing at his forehead wishing the knot that formed in his stomach would go away.
Taylor suddenly rocked backwards with his eyes wide with fear.
"Oh GOD! NO!"
"Tay?!" Ike yelled as he stood up and reached out grabbing his hand.
"What?" Sam exclaimed wanting to know what they were feeling. Mike swallowed hard watching the boys.
"Sam.... he... Tom had the machine on all night at low power! They are trapped out there! Time is ripping again. They are in trouble!" Taylor cried, feeling Demi trying to reach out to him.
"Idiot! Tom is crazy!" Sam bellowed angrily hitting the mattress with his fist.
"We have to destroy it Ike! We have to do it now!" Taylor screamed as his body started to shake with fear overwhelming him.
"Yeah I know. Taylor calm down. We can do this." Ike declared grabbing Taylor's shoulders.
"Let's go to the room and bring it down!" Zac bellowed standing up near his brothers.
"Taylor are you ready? Tay?" Ike asked shaking Taylor a little who just stared up at him.
"Yes." Taylor suddenly answered, snapping out of his fear and pulled away from Ike's grip. He reached out taking Ike's hand and reached out his other one to Zac who took it.
"As one." Taylor boldly expressed closing his eyes and sucked in a deep breath calming himself. He let his mind drain of all fear as his brothers did the same. Sam and Mike stood back in amazement as a light started to surround them.
"What is going on?" Mike whispered fearfully.
"I don't know. They are getting ready I think." Sam stated watching when Ike, Taylor, and Zac seemed to be fading before their eyes.

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