Three Minds As One

Chapter 44 - The Power Of Love

Demi sadly laid Nadroj down on the mattress as everyone scrambled toward him. Taylor tearfully watched as Mayte moaned in agony looking down upon her young one in a shade of dark blue. Everyone could feel that Nadroj was near death.
"Demi will he..he make it?" Taylor asked gently placing his hand on Demi's shoulder as Demi kept stroking his little boy's head. Mayte rubbed her hand gently across Nadroj's belly looking painfully down at him.
Ike and Zac walked up to Taylor behind him with saddness filling their hearts. Taylor felt dizzy and sat down heavily holding his head.
"Tay? Are you alright?" Zac asked squatting down next to him.
"He's so sick. Nodrow. Oh Nodrow." Taylor cried when Neque came up behind him and gently grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up and led him to where Nadroj was laying. He crinkled his eyebrows together wondering what Neque wanted him to do.
"Sit here my Taylor and place your hands on his head." She instructed and led everyone in the room to Nadroj instructing each of them to touch a area of his body.
"Now go in and heal him with your power." Neque demanded.
"But I..I don't know how Que." Mike stated glupping hard.
"I know my Mike, but keep your hands on him. He needs your love." Neque said as Mike nodded his head. He watched as the room suddenly glowed with a blinding white light. Nadroj's body lifted into the air as everyone followed with their hands still on him. He heard a humming sound emanating from the group surrounding him.
Nadroj suddenly jerked and flung out his tiny arms, letting out a mournful cry.
"My young one!" Neque cooed in a soothing voice and the room was filled with a golden light.
Mike was amazed as he still held onto Nadroj's right foot and looked into Sam's eyes noticing he was in some kind of trance like everyone else. He wondered what they were doing, but followed every move with all of them. It seemed to be helping the baby who was now a light shade of green. He slowly lowered onto the mattress when everyone released their hold bowing their heads feeling exhausted. Taylor fell back swallowing hard with tears filling his eyes.
"He is healed." Neque affirmed as Mayte gently raised Nadroj into her arms hugging him close as she caressed her cheek against his lovingly.
"That was..was amazing." Sam said with awe in his voice and felt honored to be apart of it.
"He was to young for the Enosa, Sam. This is how we heal our young ones. Thank you so much for helping us save him. Please I would like to talk with you." Neque expressed touching his cheek lovingly.
"You're welcome." Sam said smiling and blushing slightly as Neque took his hand and led him over by a corner of the room.

"Tay? You don't look so good. Are you alright?" Ike asked sliding up next to him.
"I don't know. I just feel so dizzy." Taylor said when Demi slid up to the other side and gently placed his hand on his forehead.
"Your body is still very weak my Taylor. Just rest now." Demi stated as Taylor smiled at him.
"How is Nodrow?" Taylor asked as Zac placed a pillow under his brother's head.
"He is sleeping now. He will be just fine. We got him out just in time." Demi explained running his finger down his cheek lightly.
"He's waking up Emitforecnalab." Mayte crooned watching his eyes flutter open fearfully as Demi quickly slid over to them.
"It's okay. You're safe now." Demi whispered gently petting his head.
"amam!" Nadroj cried and reached out to Mayte who glowed golden and lovingly looked up at Demi.
"He called out to me." Mayte cooed happily and rocked him gently in her arms.
"Ikkke!" Nadroj called out which made Ike jump as he sat next to Taylor. His eyes filled with tears as Demi waved for him to come over by them. Ike slowly stood up and walked over squatting down. Zac and Taylor smiled watching their brother approach the small group that was waiting for him.
"I'm here." Ike said with tears brimming in his eyes.
"He was worried about you young one." Demi told him as he rubbed Ike's back who was filled with emotion.
"I'm sorry Nodrow. I wish I could have helped you more."
"Ike love." He cooed and reached out to him. Ike started to cry and buried his face in his hands.
"What's wrong my Ike?" Mayte asked with concern not understanding his reaction.
"Noth...nothing May. I..I just thought maybe he...he felt like I let him down." Ike said sniffing back and wiping his tears away quickly with the back of his hand.
"No Ike. He knows how much you care for him." Mayte asserted looking into his eyes deeply. Ike nodded his head and smiled. He stood up and walked back toward his brothers.

Neque walked up to Taylor and Zac and sat down in front of them looking serious. Zac wondered what was on her mind. She waited for Ike to come back by his brothers. Ike sat down and looked curiously at her.
"I must speak with you." Neque said as they all looked at her.
"What is it Que?" Ike asked.
"The machine that the evil one built has to be destroyed." Neque informed them looking deeply into Ike's wide eyes.
"And?" Zac asked wanting to know more.
"You three must destroy it!"
"How? That thing is..." Taylor began slowly sitting up gaining his balance.
"All of you do not realize how powerful you are. Your minds work as one. To many times you have used your powers separately, never working together. You don't really know the potential of your psychic abilities. You are three minds as one my loves. Together you are as powerful as I am. I want you to know that." Neque exclaimed as Ike, Taylor, and Zac listened with wide open eyes.
"We are?" Taylor asked swallowing hard.
"Yes my Taylor. You are the center of the power. You balance everything out. My Zac links and moves whatever is needed. And my Ike you are the protecter and healer of all things around you. And so much more that you all share equally." Neque explained to them as she gently caressed each face at a time.
"Que we want to go home!" Ike moaned deeply as Neque nodded her head.
"You will my Ike, but first you have to make sure that they... can never rip or destroy the balance ever again. I will show you how to work as one. We do not understand how your technology works." Neque said knowing that they felt unsure of themselves.
"We want to help. Really we do, but..." Taylor expressed sadly when Neque grabbed his hand that he flung out and pulled him gently forward. Taylor blinked looking up into her eyes as she placed her hand on top of his head.
"Shhhh... my Taylor and see." Neque stated going deeply into his mind. Taylor jumped with his eyes wide with wonder. Ike and Zac slid up forward as she waved her hand to them to approach.
"Touch and link with his mind." Neque said as Ike and Zac did as they were told. She showed them all the power that they held inside. And quickly put the knowledge into their minds. They bowed their heads finally understanding the range of power that they held inside of them. She slowly took her hand off Taylor's head and slid back watching them hoping they would not fear the power that was awaked inside of them.
"I..I don't know what to say." Ike declared as he smiled up at Neque.
"We can do this." Zac said looking at Taylor who nodded with his eyes darting back and forth.
"So much happened here that was beyond our control. But now we must make things right again." Neque emphasized turning into a shade of deep yellow.
"I have discussed this with Sam. He told me that the one called Tom Shane has created this evil machine with dreams of fame and fortune. He doesn't realize the damage that he causes to the balance of time. His ignorance is astounding to me." Neque sadly said searching Ike's eyes.
"There are many on this world that think that way Que. They use something without thinking about how it may cause damage in the long run. They only see what is in front of them at the moment, not the long term effects." Taylor explained raising his eyebrows slightly.
"That is sad to know my Taylor. But we must make sure that this can never be used again."
"I know." Taylor answered looking at Zac who nodded his head.
"We will prepare you for this task. But first you have to eat something to gain your strength, especially you my Taylor." Neque said as Ike smiled looking at his brother who frowned slightly at the remark.
"What?" Taylor asked looking at Ike who was grinning at him.
"She's right Tay." Zac stated as Taylor nodded his head and smiled also.
"Okay. Well let's eat and then get started." Taylor smiled leaning against Ike.
Neque glowed golden with the lights floating around her feeling proud of these young ones knowing they were going to test their abilities against great odds. She hoped they would find the strength that was within them. She knew they didn't know yet what they would be up against, but for all that they had been through she knew she could count on them. She knew these young ones had great courage deep within their souls.

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