Three Minds As One

Chapter 43 - For The Love Of Nodroj - Continued

Nadroj looked into the eyes of Sam who watched him sadly through the glass. He couldn't understand why these men were making him sick. The vibrations he felt were painful against his skin and when he moved the pain was even worse. The rhythmic movement of the waves were steadily making him weaker. He breathed heavily wanting his mother and father's arms lovingly holding him again. He tried to call out to them but the waves seemed to interfer with his connection. He closed his eyes again trying to rest.

Sam sadly monitored Nadroj's vital signs on another computer feeling not sure of how these beings body functions worked. He felt Taylor and Demi coming and hoped they would arrive soon. The baby was getting weaker by the second and time was running out. He knew Tom and Don were by the entrance to the room waiting impatiently for them to surrender to them. Suddenly he saw the bubble form in the room near the dimensional tube. Demi bolted into the room with Taylor holding tightly onto his hand.

"Nod...row!" Taylor yelled as he ran to the tube going down on his knees and desperately put his hands onto the glass. Nadroj weakly fluttered his eyes open and peered up at Taylor.
"Tay Tay." Nadroj whispered weakly raising his hand placing it against the glass up against Taylor's.
"Oh God! Don't..... don't worry.... we're going to get you out." Taylor said choking back a sob. Demi let out a moan of agony as he put his forehead against the glass remembering this tube from two years ago.
"Taylor? Demi? I can't shut it down. I don't know the code. There are millions of lines here." Sam said angrily looking at the count down of the clock.
"Why didn't you go into his mind and get them?" Taylor appealed walking up next to him looking at the screen noticing there was only twenty minutes left.
"Taylor he will know that I am in his mind. He'll feel me lurking around. I don't know how to stop this thing. It's his invention Taylor. He created this machine. Tom is a brilliant man.... you know. He may be insane and greedy, but he is a genius."
"I can do it! I will find out the code. But do you understand how this stuff works, because I have no idea Sam." Taylor stated seriously watching Demi just staring sadly at Nadroj rocking his body near the glass in a shade of intense blue.
"If you can get it, I can work it out. Do it now Taylor! We don't have much time left." Sam demanded as Taylor nodded his head.
"Where is he?"
"He is waiting by the entrance to the room thinking you will give up to him soon." Sam said watching Taylor close his eyes.

Taylor drifted his mind and saw Tom at the end of the hallway. He quickly entered into his mind as he also formed a block so he wouldn't know he was there. He reached into his memories like Demi taught him and concentrated trying to find the code. Taylor crinkled his eyebrows together.
"I see numbers. Lots of numbers. But I can't figure out what they are." Taylor mumbled feeling frustration fill him.
"Taylor see the image, not the math." Demi instructed as he finally calmed down enough to help his Taylor.
"Yes! I see him at the computer just about two hours ago. He is pressing some keys. Here Sam look at them. I don't understand what he is doing." Taylor implored connecting Sam into his mind.
Sam looked and smiled. He felt proud of the kid and awed at the same time.
"I got it! Don't leave just yet Taylor. Stay in his mind until I tell you to leave. Okay?" Sam declared as he whipped his chair in front of the computer and started to type quickly. He saw the codes working. He reached the final code shutting down the magnetic waves that were hurting the baby and looked up at Taylor who had beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he licked his lips.
"Sam please hurry. I'm finding it hard to hold the link." Taylor pleaded with his eyes tightly shut.
"Now Taylor I know you see the image of what he did. But I have to know which function key to press to shut it down completely. I know he changes it everyday. Look for that. Which key Taylor?" Sam explained looking up at the clock with only ten minutes left to go.
"Ummm..... the key is...is.... oh God...I... I can't....."
"Concentrate Taylor. You can do it!" Sam encouraged him as Demi watched his Taylor starting to shake as he threw back his head.
"Function key..... SIX! It's six Sam!" Taylor screamed and released the bond falling backwards as Demi caught him in his arms. Sam pressed the key and watched as the clock stopped. He flew from the chair feeling joy race through his body.
"We did it kid! We did it!" Sam bellowed running up to the tube.
"How do we open this thing to get him out Sam?" Taylor asked feeling exhausted as Sam's face turned into a frown.
"Tom has the card key for it and no one else has one." Sam said angrily looking at the glass and he raised his fist and hit it feeling totally helpless.
Nadroj groaned sliding to the floor. His body was a deep shade of green. Demi suddenly turned black as the anger built up inside of him. He wanted his sweet Nadroj. He could feel the young one was near death. He grabbed Taylor and Sam pulling them back behind him. He walked up to the tube and with all his strength swung his fists and full body weight at the tube. The glass shattered as Taylor and Sam fell to the floor from the impact that shook the room. Taylor swallowed hard watching Demi gently lift the tiny limp body into his arms and let out a scream of agony.
Sam heard pounding at the door to the room knowing that Tom and Don were trying to get in.
"Sam?! Let us in!" They heard Tom cry out.
"We have to leave now. Let's get out of here!" Sam whispered grabbing Taylor's hand helping him to his feet. Demi formed the rip as Taylor grabbed unto Sam's hand and they sucked into the rip escaping the room as the door burst open with the guards scambling in with their guns raised. Tom walked in and couldn't believe the sight before him. The glass of the tube was everywhere with Sam and the baby missing.

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