Three Minds As One

Chapter 43 - For The Love Of Nodroj - Continued

Tom sat in his chair as Sam and Don entered the office with curious looks covering their faces wondering why he wanted to see them so badly.
"Please have a seat my friends." Tom chuckled cheerfully.
"What's up Tom? What made you so happy today?" Don asked sitting down and making himself comfortable as he looked up at Sam who sat in the chair next to him.
"I have good news!" Tom laughed leaning forward slightly.
"What?" Sam asked feeling perturbed since he was taking a nap just minutes ago.
"I captured a little baby alien from them this morning. The oldest kid... Ike was with him. I knocked them out with the dart gun." Tom explained watching their faces turn to looks of amazement.
"You did?" Sam asked not liking what he was hearing.
"Yep! Somehow they have a baby one with them. And what is amazing about it is that it has blue eyes!" Tom stated as Don slid to the edge of his seat filled with interest.
"Really? Where are they?" Sam asked knowing he couldn't let them know how he truly felt inside.
"I sent back the boy to tell them to surrender or the baby will die! I placed the little alien in the magnetic tube and he is still in there with the power on at full level. If they don't give up... well the little fellow will die." Tom laughed rubbing his hands together gleefully.
"Do you really think that is a good idea? Now you are really going to get them mad!" Sam yelled standing up and leaned over the desk feeling like slapping the smug look off Tom's face. He couldn't believe he had actually done this.
"Sam it was my last resort. When I saw the alien and the Ike Hanson boy enter the entrance area I knew my prayers were answered. Do you want to see this baby of theirs?" Tom asked wondering why Sam wasn't as happy as he was.
"Yes! I have to see this." Sam bellowed as Tom got up with them following behind.

They entered the room when Tom switched on the lights. Don and Sam sucked in a breath seeing the alien baby laying against the side of the glass tube with his eyes closed. Sam's heart dropped to his stomach hating to see Nadroj in pain. He shook off the feeling to act as if he was happy.
"Well Tom.... you have done good. I wish I would have thought of this." Sam chuckled as he approached the tube and peered inside. The baby opened his eyes weakly looking up at Sam.
"Wow! He does have blue eyes." Don exclaimed in wonder.
"He's green. I think that means they are very sick." Sam stated matter of factly when the little one raised his hand up to the glass recognizing Sam. He pitfully stared into Sam's eyes desperately. Tom looked at Sam, then at the baby.
"Why is he reaching for you?" Tom asked frowning at him.
"Beats me!" Sam said standing up and looked over at the computer.
"His eyes are the color of the Taylor kid." Don added wondering why.
"Yeah I thought the same thing. You think he is the father?" Tom questioned looking at Don staring at the baby alien curiously.
"Don't be stupid Tom! I notice that they have only about a half an hour left according to the clock on the screen." Sam announced and swallowed the lump that formed in his throat.
"Yes and they better give me a answer soon." Tom chuckled wondering what they all thought of his message.
"I want to test the baby Tom. I have to see how this little alien ticks." Sam stated smiling devilishly.
"Why? Who cares? All I want is to take those Hanson kids and make them do what they were suppose to do in the first place. They will be under my control again." Tom explained as he smiled just thinking about the secrets they would discover through those boys.
"I just want to perform a few tests... so leave the room!" Sam demanded making Tom and Don jump back from his outburst.
"Okay! Whatever. Just don't kill him before....."
"I won't Tom. Now leave me alone with the baby." Sam smiled putting on a act of interest. He knew it worked as Tom nodded his head and led Don out of the room leaving him alone with Nodroj. He made sure they were way down the hall and approached the door and locked it. He ran over to Nodroj with tears in his eyes.
"Hey? Can you hear me young one? You're going to be alright. I'm going to save you if I can." Sam gently said as Nadroj weakly turned his head blinking at him. Sam placed his hand on the glass wishing he could go inside and get him out. He stood up wanting to take Tom and knock the wind out of him for doing this. He closed his eyes and reached out to Taylor with his mind. He felt his mind drift trying to locate the boy. He found the link feeling there was fear in Taylor's energy.
"Taylor? Can you hear me?"

Taylor jumped hearing Sam's voice as Neque and the others sat quietly with fear overwhelming them.
"Sam?!" Taylor cried out as everyone turned to look at him.
"I'm here with Nodrow. You have to do something to help him. He is really bad Taylor."
"Oh God. Show me where you are Sam." Taylor asked closing his eyes with tears forming under his eyelids. Demi squatted down in front of him and caressed his right cheek. Mayte moaned resting her head against Haelz who was trying to comfort her. Ike sat up slowly with Neque holding onto to him as Zac rubbed his arm looking over at Taylor and Demi.
"Nod...Nod...row..." Taylor whispered with his voice cracking as he looked through Sam's eyes. Demi placed his hands on Taylor's head and bowed his head in agony when he saw the image of his sweet Nadroj in a deep shade of green. Demi stood up and grabbed onto Taylor's hands pulling him up next to him. Taylor blinked sadly following Demi as he led him to the center of the room.
"We are going to him my sweet Mayte. We will bring him back." Demi expressed as he opened a rip into the dimensional tides and pulled Taylor through as they all watched with fear filling their hearts.

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