Three Minds As One

Chapter 43 - For The Love Of Nodroj

Taylor and Zac bolted up into a sitting position at the same time, as their eyes met fearfully.
"Ike?" Zac questioned not understanding why they were suddenly ripped out of their sleep.
"Where? Where is Ike?" Taylor asked looking around the room, knowing he heard Ike call out to him. He knew something was terribly wrong. He turned looking to his right and noticed Nadroj wasn't in his place either next to Mayte. He stood up and started to shake.
"Tay?" Zac asked feeling the same, as Haelz shifted and turned.
"Something is wrong Zac. Nodrow is gone too." Taylor answered with his heart starting to race with intense fear.
"Young one?" Demi asked wondering why Taylor was standing up looking confused and worried.
"Demi? Where is Nodrow? Do you know where he is?"
"Isn't he next to you?" Demi asked looking over at Mayte who sat up looking around for her baby fearfully.
"Ike!" Taylor yelled as he ran toward the hall with Zac following behind. Everyone was awake now and followed the two boys who ran down the hallway.
"Oh God! Oh God!" Zac mumbled catching up to Taylor as they ran at full speed knowing their brother for some reason was in terrible trouble.
"There he is!" Taylor pointed as he sucked in a breath, noticing Ike was laying on the floor just ahead of them, when he suddenly felt and heard a hissing sound brush past him.

Neque bent over her Ike turning him over into her arms carefully and gently brushed the hair back away from his face. She lovingly petted his damp forehead noticing there was no color in his cheeks. Taylor and Zac finally reached them and fell to their knees with tears forming in their eyes.
"Oh Ike! What? What happened?" Zac moaned breathlessly as Demi, Mayte, and Haelz came up from behind.
"My Ike! My precious Ike!" Neque crooned sadly rocking him gently in her arms as she hugged his limp body near her face.
"Where is Nodrow?" Taylor screamed tearfully as he rubbed Ike's arm.
"Something happened here my young ones. Something must have happened to our Nadroj. Let's get Ike back to the room. I don't want to stay here for to long. I feel a sense of danger." Neque informed them trying to gain control over the situation as she lifted Ike into her arms and carried him back to their room as everyone followed.
Mike sat on the mattress and watched as they all came around the corner. He stood up seeing that Ike was passed out in Neque's arms as she gently laid him down on the mattress.
"What is that?" Taylor asked reaching for the letter that was pinned onto Ike's shirt. He pulled it off and shakingly opened it. They all watched as Taylor read the letter silently. His face drained of all color as he rocked backwards with tears forming in his eyes, leaning up against Demi.
"Ohhhh..." Taylor moaned feeling dizzy.
"What Tay? What does it say?" Zac asked ripping the letter from Taylor's hands and began to read it out loud.

If you are reading this letter, you know by now that I have the baby alien under my control. If you don't surrender immediately the baby will die. You have at least one hour left, I think, since I started the count down at approximently eleven o'clock. The alien is in the dimensional tube and growing weaker as you read this. I have turned the magnetic waves to full power. The energy is sucking the strength from the baby slowly minute by minute. So if you don't want to see the baby die, surrender yourselves to me now.

Tom Shane.

Zac shook with anger as he crumpled the letter into a ball and threw it against the wall.
"He can't do this!" Zac yelled when Ike suddenly groaned and jerked his body.
Mayte stood up turning dark blue and screeched on the top of her lungs. Demi grabbed onto her and hugged her tightly to his body turning black with rage.
"My Nadroj! They have my young one!" Mayte cried out in desperate fear.
"NO! Please help me!" Ike screamed flinging his arms desperately into the air.
"You're safe my Ike. You're safe now." Neque cooed soothingly while she petted his head. Ike looked up into her eyes and started to cry.
"I...I couldn't help him. We have to save him! Nadrow! The letter. Read the letter." Ike said reaching for his shirt with his hand shaking.
"We did Ike. We know. What happened?" Taylor asked with tears rolling down his face.
"He..he was curious this morning I guess and I saw him walking down that hallway and went after him. When I caught up to him, I was just about to bring him back to the room whe...when Tom knocked us out with some kind of dart gun. He put him in a tube like thing. Oh...oh God he is so sick. His skin was green Que. He doesn't understand why they are hurting him. I saw his eyes before they dragged me back to this room. He...he...." Ike couldn't finish when he started to sob uncontrollably against Neque's chest.
"Where is the room Ike?" Zac asked wanting to go and save Nadroj.
"I don't know exactly. I was so groggy from being drugged." Ike answered swallowing back the lump in his throat. Taylor put his hands over his face and moaned.
"We have only fourty five minutes left guys." Mike stated hating to interupt but felt like they should know.
"We can't just give up. He is evil!" Taylor yelled out and hit the mattress with his fist angrily.

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