Three Minds As One

Chapter 42 - The Capture - Continued

Nadroj rolled to his side feeling a weird sensation tingling his skin. He glanced to the side and fearfully jumped back seeing the evil man looking at him with a wide grin covering his face. He slowly sat up, leaning against the glass that he was trapped in. He felt weak and looked down at his right hand noticing it was green. He couldn't understand why this human was treating him so cruel. The others weren't like this. He looked up and saw his Ike sleeping in a chair next to him. He noticed his hands and feet seemed to have some kind of things around them. He was deathly afraid and started to moan fearfully. He wanted his mother and father badly. The evil man started to laugh as he bent down near the glass.
"And who are you? Don't worry. Pretty soon I will have all of you under my control."
"Tay Tay!" Nadroj screamed, but noticed that the man didn't seem to hear him. He cocked his head fearfully.

Tom sat down next to the computer and pressed several keys, chuckling to himself. He watched the clock count down program appear on the screen. He set it for two hours. He turned and looked at the small being who watched him with fearful eyes. He wondered why this being had blue eyes, when it seemed these aliens always had violet eyes. The color was the same shade as the Taylor kid. His eyebrows raised wondering if somehow the baby alien was apart of Taylor Hanson in some way. Suddenly he heard Ike moaning on the chair. He reached for a paper and pen and started to write a letter. He suddenly thought of a better plan and smiled to himself.

"Where?" Ike moaned feeling disoriented and sick to his stomach. He jumped when he opened his eyes and saw Tom Shane looking down at him again.
"You're going to be my messager kid. So wake up!" Tom yelled, as he grabbed onto Ike's shoulders and shook him several times.
"Stop it! Please!" Ike pleaded feeling dizzy and scared.
"Then wake up! I want you to bring a message to your brothers and friends for me."
"What? What are you talking about?" Ike mumbled still feeling sleepy and hearing Nadroj moan pitfully.
"You're going to tell them that they have only an hour and fourty five minutes to surrender to me completely or the baby will die." Tom explained as he grinned while Ike's eyes grew wide with disbelief. Tom pinned the letter to the front of his shirt.
"You can't. You can't hurt him. He's just a baby!" Ike cried out looking over at Nadroj who had his forehead pressed against the glass moaning with his body in a shade of green. Ike swallowed hard with tears forming in his eyes.
"See that screen over there? That is all the time you have to give up. I have tried every other way to get you to cooperate with me." Tom claimed when he called the guards into the room. Ike fearfully watched them as they unstrapped him from the chair and roughly stood him to his feet, holding his arms tightly.
"Take him back to the room and throw him in. And you better deliver the message kid. You don't have much time. Understand me?" Tom said grabbing Ike's face searching his eyes.
"Please! You can't do this! Please!" Ike screamed as the guards dragged him to the door. He turned back looking at Nodroj who stared at him desperately with his hands pressed against the glass.
"Ikkkeee!" Nodroj screamed with fear coursing through him wondering why they were taking Ike away.
Ike started to weep as he was being dragged from the room.
"No! He's just a baby! He's a baby!" Ike bellowed as Tom laughed hearing him yell as they dragged him down the hallway.

The guards opened the door while Ike shook in their arms. They threw him in as he fell to the floor hitting a wall as he rolled. Ike painfully lifted himself to a crawling position but couldn't find the strength to move forward.
"Oh God... please help me!" Ike thought, trying to will himself to crawl as he sucked in a deep breath. He lifted his right hand trying to move forward, but lost his balance as he fell back onto his stomach. He laid on the floor while the tears dripped down his face.
"HELP! Taylor! Help me!" Ike croaked in a whisper before he passed out.

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