Three Minds As One

Chapter 42 - The Capture

Ike woke with a start and rolled over bumping the wall. He sat up and looked at the clock and smiled.
"Ten o'clock." He murmured to himself looking around the room. He noticed everyone was still sleeping. He looked down at Neque who was resting peacefully. He smiled again feeling a bond somehow with this alien. He gently ran his hand through his hair and quietly stood up, stepping carefully over all the bodies of his brothers and the aliens till he stepped unto the floor. He walked toward the hall and turned right to go to the bathroom.

Nadroj woke up looking into Taylor's face watching his eyelids twitch and felt amused. He turned toward his mother and noticed she was still resting too. He sat up bumping Taylor slightly on the arm. He watched as he groaned and rolled onto his side toward his father. He felt curious looking around the room and wondered what was down all the hallways that led in different directions. He was always stopped before by everyone and now he felt since everyone was sleeping he could go explore on his own. He stepped over his mother's legs and ran toward the hall stopping. He looked right, then to his left wondering which way to go. He turned left as he happily walked down the hallway looking around him intently to see if any new or exciting things would pop up around him.

Ike came out of the bathroom and yawned, stretching his arms over his head. He started walking when he saw the young one running down the other hallway in front of him.
"Nodrow!" Ike whispered loudly as he bolted after him. When he ran past the room he noticed everyone was still sleeping.
"That little scamp." Ike laughed quietly and took off after him.

Nadroj turned around and saw Ike coming toward him. He ran faster not wanting to get caught. He turned into a shade of light gold when he saw a room coming up ahead of him. He had to see what was in there before Ike would catch up to him.

"Nodrow! Come here! You know better then to be running off by yourself." Ike yelled feeling exasperated as he noticed the young one ran faster after he saw him. Fear hit him knowing he was heading toward the room where the entrance was. Finally he caught up to him and grabbed onto his arm spinning him around. Nadroj looked up fearfully and bowed his head.
"What do you think you were doing?" Ike whispered in a scolding tone of voice. He squatted down in front of him and then suddenly felt a little sorry for the young one.
"Ikkke." Nadroj moaned turning a light shade of blue. Ike was shocked a little hearing him say his name for the first time.
"You shouldn't be in this room. Okay? Now let's go back." Ike said softly as he smiled at him. Nadroj nodded his head looking ashamed in a light shade of red.
"It's okay. I know you are just curious about your surroundings, but you can't just take off like this." Ike tried to explain when he suddenly felt a sharp pain sting his right shoulder. Nadroj backed up looking fearful. Ike stood up feeling dizzy and reached for his shoulder spinning around as his vision blurred.
"What the?" Ike moaned as he pulled out some kind of dart out of his shoulder and looked up with a shocked expression covering his face, as he saw Tom smiling at him. Nadroj turned a shade of light blue with fear filling him as he stood frozen watching Ike collapse to the floor.
"Well...well.. what do we have here?" Tom declared looking at the small alien who blinked back at him with blue eyes. He raised his gun and shot a dart into the small creature who let out a painful cry before he crumpled to the floor on top of Ike.
Tom slowly walked up to them and fearfully looked down the hallway. He noticed no one seemed to be alarmed or coming after them. He grinned as he waved to the two guards who were with him. They came into the room walking cautiously up to Ike and the small being.
"Hurry up! We'll bring them to the room where the dimensional tube is." Tom ordered in a whisper. He bent down lifting the small alien and carried him quickly out of the room as the guards followed carrying Isaac in their arms. When they entered the room, he ordered them to strap down Ike onto the chair next to the tube, while he placed the small creature inside it, closing the door securely. He walked over to the computer and booted it up so the magnetic power would fill the tube. He smiled watching the little alien sleeping on the floor.
"And where did this one come from?" He asked no one as the guards left. He noticed that Isaac Hanson was starting to wake up. He walked up next to him and waited crossing his arms.

Ike awoke feeling confused and off center. He saw a blurred vision of someone leaning over him. He swallowed hard licking his lips.
"Can you hear me?"
"Ahhhh...who?" Ike moaned trying to clear his eyes as he blinked rapidly.
"Well you're the first. Now to capture your brothers!" Tom cackled feeling amused.
"No! You can't do this. Where is...?"
"Your little friend? Don't worry, he is safe."
"You won't get away with this!" Ike fearfully yelled as he closed his eyes starting to reach his mind out to Taylor. He suddenly felt a hard slap hit him across his face knocking off his concentration.
"Oh no you don't!" Tom screamed reaching for a needle and injected it into his arm.
Ike tearfully moaned feeling the hot sting from the slap on his right cheek.
"Just shut up and keep quiet!" Tom declared, as Ike turned his head feeling the drug take effect. He gulped hard when he saw Nadroj laying on the floor inside of some kind of tube next to him.
"Don't hurt him. He's just a baby." Ike pleaded feeling the dizziness again. Tears fell from his eyes before his world grew dark again.

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