Three Minds As One

Chapter 41 - Tom

Tom Shane stood gazing out the window of his office feeling scared and angry at the same time. He couldn't understand how everything fell apart around him. He thought he had complete control over all the facets of his life. He pictured the three young boys in his mind and frowned. They were the cause of all his problems. He hated them with all his heart. They ruined all his hopes and dreams. He sat down feeling exhausted and ran his hand through his sweaty wet hair. The last few nights were troublesome for him. Sleep wouldn't even relieve the tension of all his worries. He slowly opened a drawer in the center of his desk and stared at the gun he had placed there.
"If only..." Tom mumbled under his breath and then closed the drawer, slamming it shut. He raised his fist and brought it down heavily, hitting the middle of the desk as everything shook on it.
"I HATE them! As God as my witness I will not let them take away everything I have worked for!" He yelled out to no one.
He sat back against his chair swinging it around and stared out the window again. Memories flooded his mind.

"The waves of the magnetic pull are going crazy Sam! What is going on?" Don screamed watching Sam in the chair next to the machine, that he was hooked up too, with beads of sweat rolling down his face.
"I don't think he can hear you Don." Tom answered feeling worried that they were going to lose the only man that could actually use his psychic powers to enter a dimensional universe. Tom licked his lips watching Sam's face turn into a frown. He monitored the activity on the computer as he typed in more instructions. Excitement filled him knowing Sam's mind was in. The first time his invention was actually working for him.
"It... It's so... strange. I'm having trouble seeing. I... I... so many bright colors!" Sam moaned as Don checked his vital signs closely.
"His heart rate is up. I don't like this Tom. Let's pull him out now!" Don yelled, when Sam violently grabbed his arm suddenly.
"NO! Oh my! I don't.... I don't believe this!" Sam bellowed sitting up and breathing rapidly with his eyes still closed in concentration.
"What is it Sam? What do you see?" Tom asked when he noticed the waves on his computer screen were going way off course.
"Some kind of being. He's spinning toward me. I GOT HIM! I'm going to pull him in. Get the tube ready." Sam ordered as his face drained of all color.
"Are you sure about this? We didn't plan on this. What is a alien or whatever doing in there?" Don implored not liking the thought of bringing something alien into this world.
"Just DO IT!" Sam yelled feeling exasperated.
Don ran over to the computer and quickly booted it up and turned on the tube, that Tom invented to capture any kind of object or being from any time balance out in the dimensional rips of time and space. Don couldn't believe they were actually doing it. He spun around and watched intently toward the tube when it suddenly filled up with a white misty cloud. He swallowed hard seeing a form enter the mist. He backed up with fear when two violet eyes stared out at him.
"Oh MY!" Don screamed as Sam fell back into the chair as sweat poured down his face.
"We.... what is he?" Tom excitedly bolted from his chair and ran toward Sam who was breathing deeply.
Suddenly the room filled with a screeching cry, that bellowed out of the being as he hit the glass of the tube. They covered their ears that were instantly filled with pain.
"Oh God! Make him stop!" Don screamed feeling dizzy and squatted down on the floor.
"Knock him out! Don't just stand there. Knock the creature out!" Sam ordered angrily as he stood up and painfully walked toward the tube, still covering his ears as the being hit the tube again. They could feel the room shake from the impact. He reached out and pressed the function key to release a gas inside the tube.
Tom came up next to him as they peered at the creature who appeared in a green shade. The being rocked slightly and stopped his screaming fit as he fell against the glass, sliding down to the floor. Sam smiled at Tom who slowly took his hands away from his ears.
"He's beautiful Tom. Look at him! When I was in there he seemed to be doing something near some odd looking colors. I don't understand why he was there, but then he seemed to spin out of control, when I took hold of him with my mind. I could feel he didn't like it. Well Tom I bring you a present!" Sam laughed looking at the green shaded being laying inside the glass tube.
"I can't believe we did it! We captured something not of this world." Tom happily said, dreaming of all the fame and fortune that would lie ahead when they would communicate with the alien from some different world.

Tom sadly looked down at his hands. The next two years were filled with heartache for him. No one they found could link with the alien until these Hanson kids came along. Now all his plans were failing again and going down the drain. Suddenly a smile formed on his face when a plan was formulating in his head. He vowed to himself that The Project was not going to go down. With Sam's help he would teach those boys a lesson. If he had to force them into submission he would. They were brought here for a purpose and he would make sure they fulfilled it.
"I own those kids! All of them!" Tom yelled as he stood up and walked toward the door.

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