Three Minds As One

Chapter 40 - A Time To Heal - Continued

Taylor woke up again from another nightmare and looked over at his brothers. They seemed to be in conversation with Neque.
"What time is it?" Taylor asked yawning and then rubbed his forehead.
"It's nine o'clock Tay. About time you woke up sleepy head." Zac chuckled as Taylor smiled back.
"Oh....what are you guys talking about?" Taylor asked curiously suddenly noticing that Mayte, Nadroj and Demi weren't in the room.
"Where are...?"
"They went into the rips again. They wanted to teach Nadroj some more stuff." Ike explained trying to sound truthful. Mayte took Nadroj away not wanting the young one to be involved in what they were about to do. They knew it would probably upset him greatly.
"Oh." Taylor said and stood up when they all turned noticing a bubble forming in the center of the room. Taylor thought that his friends were coming back.
Demi appeared with Sam in his arms. Taylor could see only his back and wondered why he looked as though he was carrying someone. He crinkled his eyebrows together noticing everyone was suddenly looking over at him.
"Demi? Guys? What is...?" Taylor began when Demi turned around placing Sam down onto his feet. Taylor backed up as the blood drained from his face. His eyes grew wide with fear as he started to step backwards. Sam sadly looked over at him.
"Why? Why is he here? What did you bring him here for?!" Taylor shouted as Ike and Zac started to run toward him.
"Tay you have to face him and your fears!" Ike pleaded watching his brother, who was still backing up with a look of disbelief covering his face.
"Nooooo! No!" Taylor cried with anguish, when he suddenly ran toward the hall knowing he had to get away. He ran straight down the hallway toward the storage room as fast as he could.
"Tay! Please Tay!" Taylor heard Zac calling after him. Tears started to flow down his face thinking they all betrayed him. Suddenly he felt something hit him from behind at blinding speed, as Demi lifted him up off the floor from the waistline, wrapping his arms around him tightly. Taylor screamed kicking and lashing out desperately as Demi carried him back to the room.
"Oh GOD! LET ME GO! NO! I don't want to see him! Demi PLEASE!" Taylor screamed throwing back his head, trying to fight Demi's strong hold around his waist. Taylor started to pant when he saw Neque holding onto Sam's shoulders while they sat on the mattress waiting for him.
"LET GO OF ME!" Taylor screamed as he burst into loud agonizing sobs, still struggling wildly, while Demi carried him onto the mattress. Demi sat down, flipping Taylor down in front of Sam, that was about two feet away from them. Taylor stared fearfully at Sam, as he leaned heavily against Demi, trying to backup away from this man. He drew his legs up to his chest, huddling into a ball against Demi.
"My Taylor calm down. Sam is here to help you." Demi pleaded as Taylor sucked in shaking breaths moaning pitifully against him.
Sam bowed his head hating the reaction he was putting the boy through. He never realized the pain that he caused.
"Why? Why are you doing this to me? Don't let..let him touch me! Please don't let him touch me!" Taylor rasped pulling his arms over his face shaking uncontrollably against Demi.
"He isn't here to hurt you Taylor. You need to understand his mind and why he did this to you." Neque said with concern. Taylor shook his head from side to side.
"Please I don't think I am helping with..." Sam began when Neque squeezed onto his shoulder warning him to remain silent. He swallowed hard starting to feel angry. He felt totally helpless and wondered how in the world was he suppose to help this boy after what he did to him. He knew in his heart he would never trust him again and he didn't blame the kid.
Demi released his arms from around Taylor's waist, when he felt that Taylor was calming down a little and just stared with tears rolling down his face.
"Ike? Zac?" Taylor murmured fearfully, wanting his brothers.
"They aren't here my Taylor. Haelz brought them into the rips." Demi stated petting his damp forehead as Taylor shook.
"I want my brothers. Please." Taylor rasped pitifully watching Sam's face turn into a frown.
"Taylor go into Sam's mind." Neque demanded when Sam jumped not liking the suggestion.
"No way! Oh no! I don't want to go into his mind. He..he'll trap me there." Taylor cried out angrily not understanding why everyone was doing this to him.
"It's the only way you will heal Taylor. You have a gift of really knowing how someone truly feels inside. Only then will you understand why he did the things he did to you." Neque informed him. Taylor gluped hard and still refused shaking his head.
"No! I don't want anyone to..." Sam cried out suddenly feeling afraid himself. He couldn't fathom the idea of anyone getting that close to him.
"Sam you need to face your fears also. For too long you have buried your anger. You took it out on an innocent child and now you must heal him, so he will understand. Look at him. That isn't your enemy sitting there. That is how you treated him and his brothers." Neque yelled as Sam sucked in a shaking breath.
"Okay. He can go in. I won't stop him. Taylor I know you don't believe me, but I won't hurt you anymore. Please don't be afraid. I'm so sorry for hurting you." Sam pleaded when he felt the alien's grip loosen from his shoulders. Taylor blinked back more tears and looked up at Demi as he huddled against him.
"I..I'm afraid." Taylor whimpered softly as his face twisted into a look of agony. Sam slid himself forward toward him.
"No!" Taylor pushed back into Demi. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly as he felt Sam's hand gently caress the side of his face.
"See I'm not hurting you. Now am I? Give me your hands Taylor." Sam gently asked while Demi and Neque sat watching in amazement and not stopping him in what he was trying to do. They could feel his concern for the boy. Sam reached out and took Taylor's hands pulling him to his knees in front of him. Taylor moaned with fear, opening his eyes. Taylor's bottom lip quivered as Sam placed Taylor's hands onto his head.
"Go in. I won't touch you. I promise." Sam said dropping his hands onto his lap and closed his eyes.
Taylor fearfully looked to Demi and then at Neque. Neque nodded her head slightly watching him looking confused. Taylor looked into Sam's face and swallowed hard.
"Please don't hurt me." Taylor whispered as tears fell down his face.
"I won't hurt you Taylor." Sam assured him in a gentle voice.
Taylor closed his eyes and slowly entered his mind. He noticed Sam didn't do anything to him.
"Go to his memories Taylor. Like I showed you." Demi instructed.
Taylor went deep into Sam's mind still feeling a little scared that any second he was going to turn on him. But he kept going as Demi wanted. Finally reaching the area of the mind he stopped and swallowed hard. He gently went in and jumped when he saw images flash before him. Sam groaned. Taylor couldn't believe what he was seeing. He saw the pain of Sam being picked on. The persecution of being different. He saw a image of Sam's father beating him. His brother laughing at him. His mother looking fearful at him and calling him a freak. Tyler calling him a freak. More images flashed. Sam's life flashed before him at blinding speed. Sam's remorse for hurting him. Suddenly Taylor couldn't take it anymore and pulled back dropping into Demi arms.
"Oh God Sam! Why? Why did they treat you that bad?" Taylor moaned covering his eyes with his hands.
Sam bowed his head and began to cry. He never in his life felt anyone or let anyone get this close to him before. He opened his eyes and saw Taylor looking into his eyes full of understanding. He knew he couldn't stand it if he saw pity, but none was there as Taylor looked at him.
"I..I don't know. They just did. They couldn't understand or should I say they all feared me for my psychic powers. Sometimes I made sure they did." Sam expressed with saddness in his voice, looking down at his hands nervously.
"You enjoyed the pain I was suffering. I saw that. I felt that. Why?" Taylor tearfully asked.
"Because you are so perfect Taylor. You and your brothers have what I could never have. A family that loves you. Talent. And I knew you were more powerful then I was when it came to psychic ability. I resented and hated you for that. I always thought that at least I had that over everyone and then you three came along, showing amazing powers, when I tiggered them in you that day in the airport. I guess I took it out on you the most, because you remind me so much of Tyler. You look very much like him." Sam confessed and actually felt relieved to finally let out his deep emotions.
"But I'm not him Sam and I'm not perfect. I..I can't hate you. Not after seeing into your mind." Taylor said sucking in a shaking breath of air.
"I'm really sorry Taylor." Sam mumbled when Taylor suddenly came forward and put his arms around Sam's neck hugging onto him. Sam jumped a little and wrapped his arms desperately around Taylor's waist.
"Oh man! Oh man! Please forgive me Taylor!" Sam moaned bursting into tears rocking Taylor in his arms.
Taylor burst into tears also finally not feeling afraid anymore. This time he knew Sam meant it.
"Sam... I..I forgive you." Taylor whispered softly as Sam hugged onto him tighter, loving the feeling of someone actually showing him affection for once in his life.

Ike, Zac, Mike, Mayte, Haelz and Nadroj came back into the room. They watched the whole scene take place while they were in the rips. Mayte opened a window so they could watch. Ike walked up quietly near his brother and Sam with tears misting in his eyes. He gently petted Taylor's head as Sam still held onto him.
"It's okay Ike. It's okay now." Taylor smiled at him as he rested his head on Sam's shoulder looking at Ike watching them with concern.
"Thank you Taylor." Sam rasped pulling Taylor in front of him as he smiled at him.
"Thank you for helping me too Sam." Taylor said casting his eyes shyly down as he sniffed back his tears and cracked a smile.
"Wow! They are smiling at each other." Zac exclaimed feeling weird that they didn't have to hate or fear this man anymore.
"Umm... I should really apologize to you two also." Sam began as Ike lifted up his hand.
"No need. We saw the whole thing in the rips. We know Sam. It's okay." Ike assured him with Sam smiling up at him.
All the beings glowed golden with lights floating around the room. Sam was astounded looking around him feeling excited and at peace with himself for the first time in his life.
"I am glad that we finally made peace with one another. Soon we will be bringing them home." Neque proclaimed.
"We should have never kidnapped you in the first place." Sam muttered wanting to make things right.
"But first these young ones must gain more of their strength. They need more food. Their bodies are still too weak." Neque asserted as she tenderly gazed over at Ike who smiled at her.
"Can I stay awhile?" Sam asked hoping they would say yes.
"Sure. Have breakfast with us." Mike said when Sam jumped looking at him.
"How? How did you get here Mike?" Sam asked looking surprised to see him.
"Well Zac here saved me. They are my friends." Mike stated wondering why Sam cracked a smile.
"We thought you escaped. We had everyone searching the entire island for you. Tom is shaking in his boots, thinking you are going to bring the whole US government down upon us!" Sam laughed picturing the fear in Tom Shane's face.
"Really?" Mike chuckled as Ike, Taylor and Zac smiled at the thought.
"Yep! And the whole time you were here with the boys. Amazing!" Sam chuckled shaking his head.
"Well I think I am going to make us a big bunch of scrambled eggs and bacon for all of us. How does that sound guys?" Mike said, feeling like celebrating.
"Yeah. Sounds great!" Zac answered licking his lips.
Taylor sat quietly looking at Sam. He was happy all the fear finally drained from his body. It seemed strange to see him sitting with them as a friend. Taylor smiled as he leaned against the wall feeling exhausted. Sam turned and slid up next to him.
"Yes? What Sam? This is weird actually talking with you." Taylor said pulling his hair behind his ears.
"Yeah I know. I don't like to tigger any bad memories, but I know I hurt you very bad the last time. How come you're...?"
"They healed me Sam. Demi and Mayte did it in a thing called a E..no..sa. It's hard to explain. If they wouldn't have done it... I think I would have died." Taylor explained noticing Sam's face turned into a frown.
"Oh God... I'm so sorry."
"It's okay Sam. I'm fine now."
"What is a E..Eno...?"
"It is some kind of healing cocoon that they put me in." Taylor explained watching Sam's face turn into a look of interest.
"I can't stay in here. I have to act like I am still against you guys. But I want you to know that I'm not Taylor." Sam pleaded searching the boy's eyes. Taylor nodded understanding.
"But why not stay here with us?"
"I think it would be better until you are ready to go home. Then I am going to teach Tom a lesson he will never forget." Sam chuckled.
"Sam... please don't hurt anyone anymore." Taylor implored as Sam turned and looked at him.
"Oh don't worry Taylor. I am not going to hurt him in that way."
"Then what do you mean?"
"This whole complex is going down. I am going to turn myself in and explain to the government about everything that was done here. I am just going to ruin the man with his stupid dreams of fame!" Sam chuckled, when Taylor smiled and started to laugh.
"Wish we could be there to see it." Zac interupted, letting them know he was listening into the conversation the whole time.
"Yeah to see him sweat, trying to explain his actions to the FBI! That would be something to behold." Ike added in smiling.
They all could smell the delicious aroma of food drift into the room.
"Boy... I'm hungry! It sure smells good." Taylor expressed happily, with Sam smiling at him, wishing in his heart that he never hurt this boy.
Nadroj ran up to Taylor glowing gold when Sam jumped wondering where this one came from and Taylor noticed Sam looked shocked that he had blue eyes.
"He's Demi and May's child." Taylor told him, reading Sam's questioning look.
"He was born in this room a couple days ago after they healed me." Taylor explained.
"Why does he have blue eyes?" Sam frowned, when he noticed they looked the same as Taylor's.
"Umm.. well... this is hard to explain. Because of me. When I was with them in the Enosa thing, that I told you about, none of us knew May was pregnant. And when they perform this healing cocoon you become sort of melted together and somehow my genes got mixed with the child and that's why he has blue eyes." Taylor explained with Sam looking astounded at the news.
"You mean you are apart of him?"
"In a way yes. But only because of the gene mix up. He's not my child Sam."
"This is so... amazing. He's really cute." Sam smiled.
"Yeah, he is." Taylor agreed as Nadroj ran back over to Mayte who scooped him up into her arms.
Sam watched the room filled with aliens and felt strange to suddenly be apart of it. He knew now how special these three boys were. And he promised himself to help them in anyway he could.

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